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Halo 3 Review :

Halos Review

by DarkCharizard Nov 02, 2010

Halo 3 well this game was Awesome, when it came out because it fallowed along with what happend in Halo 2. Not to mention that you are team mates with an Arbiter, wich makes the game even more fun since if you play Story mode, with another player then your friend gets to be the arbiter. Because in halo 1 & 2 you are the same people wich did not make the game all that fun. The thing that made the game even funner for me is that the flood, has new species, and it really makes it think that you are in a Zombie game. So while you are playing the mission when you are killing the flood, you got the exact same fun when playing Left 4 Dead or any other Zombie related game. Halo 3 was an awesome game, and i will always remember it when i am killing Zombies on Left 4 Dead, or any other halo game.

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10Story line
The story mode was extremely awesome, yet really fun, you have to fight the Aliens, while you are killing the flood.And when the story gets really hard get a team mate to help you, and when you have a teammate then the game gets fun.The thing that is cool is that how everything fits like a puzzle
The way master chief looks in this game is really top noch, the weapons he holds, look real, and the blood graphics may need some adjustment, and the faces, may need some work, but the Weaponry, and the vehicles, are awesome, they make you feel like you are actually with the marines
The gun shots in this game are so unique, each gun has a diffrent sound even the planes weapons have diffrent sounds.The voices, are all diffrent, but the marines all have the same voice wich stinks. But some of the characters had some good voices such as Cortana, and the arbiter
Gameplay is really fun, the things you are able to do like crouch, and hit are really cool.some things you do don't always need to be in the game play, some of them can be on online, wich you can have fun with people, and talk about the gameplay, so either way you get a win win.
10Lasting Appeal
When you first get this game you dont want to put the controler, down you don't want to blink you don't want to open the doors, or let light in all you want to do is play all day, and when you finish all you want to do is play some More, so this game is a great game to play, and to keep playing.
(Out of 10)


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