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Halo 3: ODST Review :

"Prepare to drop..."

by Swiftstar Oct 25, 2010

Overall, I think this game excellent value for money, even if you have Halo 3 with all the DLC maps like I do. The campaign is very enjoyable , if a little on the short side, but with all the other things, such as achievements, Firefight, multiplayer. To keep you entertained, this is a definite yes from me. The lack of matchmaking for Firefight, poor face graphics. So yeah, just buy the game and try it out. I don't know what to really say but it's actually a good game. You wouldn't think that just by watching videos on youtube. So yeah, go for it. But, if you're not the listening type then buying this game is not good for you. It's actually kind of tricky, so listen to what they say.

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9Story line
The storyline is pretty good, but even though I don't like to put the game down, it's nothing special. There are occasionally epic, entertaining and exciting moments but they're all too seldom amongst poor dialogue and pointless chatter. As I say, it's decent but I don't think it compares to the mai
ODST runs on the same graphics engine as Halo 3 (released in 2007), so it's nothing new or ground-breaking. It is, however, still bright and beautiful as ever. The cutscenes look brilliant (save for the characters faces, which look like they've been lifted from the first Halo) and the levels are rea
The game has brilliant music, fast paced beats for when the action is really starting and slow tunes for when something massive is happening. The sound effects are pretty much the same as in Halo 3, which are pretty awesome. I love them and I certainly can't fault them for what they are. The grunts
If you've never heard of Halo before, then wow! Welcome to the father (or the uncle, or the cousin, whatever) of FPSes (first-person shooters). As you are no longer playing as Master Chief, you have to be slightly more careful when approaching enemies. You are now an ODST (orbital drop shock trooper
5Lasting Appeal
Once you've completed the campaign, you can go back and do it again on a higher difficulty (the range goes like this: Easy > Normal > Heroic > Legendary). You can also do it cooperatively either online or offline. You can go for a highscore in Firefight, or try to unlock some tough achievements like
(Out of 10)


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