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Halo 4 Review :

Master Chief Returns

by pokemonmasterjustin Dec 20, 2012

In this star-stunning action packed series that has impression tens of millions over the years, this is the franchise's newest hit. Halo 4 brings you back into the suit of Sierra-117, A.K.A., Master Chief, as he awakens to an evil alien threat. So, once again, Master Chief steps up to save the galaxies and to stop this new rising enemy. Halo 4 is a game that will amaze anyone, from the people that have played the game since the original Combat Evolved, or if this is the first Halo game you've ever had, now is the time to become a fan. With the award winning multiplayer and tghe new Spartan Ops mode, the Halo series could have never been better than what it is now.

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10Story line
Master Chief fights off a new alien force, called the Prometheans, as they threaten humans everywhere. The story line is filled with a jackpot of new weapons, abilities, and overall awesomeness. You won't be able to stop playing it.
Most intense graphics the Halo world has ever known. Graphics vary from everything, between realistic shadows and and unreal weapons.
Halo has always had unique sounds and music, especially in Halo 4, where the music in completely unreal. (In a good way.)
The campaign is great, but the multiplayer will make you never want to stop playing, with nonstop action and challenging ways to level up. There is also Spartan Ops, where you can watch cinematic episodes, as well as play co-op missions with your buddies.
10Lasting Appeal
This game, without a doubt, will keep you playing for a long time! You thought the Halo 3 or Halo: Reach multiplayer's were addicting, then you've never played Halo 4.
(Out of 10)


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