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Halo: Reach Cheats :

This page contains Halo: Reach cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 43 cheats in our list, which includes 6 easter eggs, 8 glitches, 29 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Halo: Reach on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

HoW to tell a hologram from a person

by Lazyboys126 Oct 04, 2010

I hate typing this, because i love holograms, but you should know anyway

To tell a Spartan or Elite from a hologram, holograms always walk straight in a line, they are lighter than the actual player who used it, and they have no red name over their head. I hope that I helped you figure out the real from the fake, and I hope you don't get humiliated while trying to kill a hologram.

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EaSy credits

by mchmaster Jan 28, 2011

Ok, fallow these steps

1) go to fire fight

2) set options

3) go to spartan settings

4)goto base player traits

5)go to weapons and damage

6) set damage to highest possible

7)Set melee damage as high as possible to

8) go back

9) go to health and sheilds

9) set your health as invunrible (so you cant die)

10) go back to were you went to spartan settings

11)go to fire fight settings

12) got to wave properties

13) set all waves to hunter kill teams

14)go back to spartan settings

15)go to load outs

16) give youreself a fuel rod gun, rocket launcher, or spartan laser, possibly an energy sword or gravity hammer, maybe a focus rifle, basicly any mass destruction weapon

17) set dificulty to legendary

18) set your number of waves as high as you want.( I generally go 5 sets, takes over 3 hours)


For more credits, dont shoot the hunters, only melee, you should get about 2000 points for each hunter dead.

In total you should get about 2000-3000 credits, do this as many times as you can!

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FoRge World Secret

by Toastdude64 Jan 05, 2011

If you go on Forge World. You will start in a meal open cave, but there is somewhere cool that you can go. Directly north, there is a large island. If you started a new map of forge world, go into edit mode. Fly to the far side of the island. When you land. If you are still looking north, turn east 90*, you might see a small river of pooling water. Run through it, if you don't fall to your death, you should see a tunnel opening. go through it and you will end up at a gigantic land mass with many caves. This is way bigger than all the other islands combined.

Please do not comment badly on this cheat, even if you have already been there, just try it yourself. :)

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SeCrets in Halo: Reach Beta

by naruto90 May 05, 2010

Secret #1: If you throw a grenade at a player and it's a direct impact it kills them.

Secret #2: When using a jet back, and you're about to fall crouch and you won't get any damage.

Secret #3: You can redirect a Rocket with a Plasma Rifle

Secret #4: When you're standing on a enemy and even a team player and you have the guard class on, press it and it makes you and the character go really fast.

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GeT points for doing nothing

by Custard Dec 17, 2010

Although not the richest way to mine credits in Halo: Reach, I have found a useful and unskilled way to gain them for those of you who want to level up the 'easy way' without putting in the work. It's pretty simple really. When you're taking a break from the Xbox 360 just turn on Halo: Reach, go to the Forge(any level, any settings), and leave your character standing there without pausing it. That's it! The Forge mode will gain credits for time spent in the map. You can expect at a rate of +3000 an hour, which can really add up if you leave it there overnight or something.

IMPORTANT: If the game gets paused it won't be gaining anything for you, so if you're planning to leave it there for ages you had better make sure that [1] your controller isn't going to go flat. [2] People aren't going to be messing with it. [and 3] You're console isn't set to turn off when it's idle for a certain time limit. You also won't get credits if you fail to end the forge session properly; that just means you have to go to the pause menu, select "end game", and view the match results screen(which is where you're assigned the credits).

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HoW to counter "teabagging"

by yoshi114 Feb 27, 2012

when your online in Halo, and you see a person that you know is going to teabag you, throw a grenade just before you die, so if they come over to teabag you, you will blow them up! HAHA (this does not work all the time)

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GeTing Credits fast

by needhelp2 Mar 31, 2011

When playing Halo reach I have about threes main ways of making Cr for Xbox live

1st) Target Locater run

2nd) Matchmaking fire-fight

3rd) Weekly challenge

With the Target locater run there are around 7 steps.

- Start the Mission Sword base on normal or heroic difficultly

- When the mission starts head to the right and your see a elite standing there shooting at the marines, sprint towards him and then neutralize the hostile but be careful when your sprinting don't let him do his Kung fu back kick.

- if you now where the target locater is sprint to get it but stay on the right side dodge the grunts then stay on the right and get past the skirmishers (WARNING: sometimes you can get stuck on a light)

- Pick up the target locater and then hide until the screen says Checkpoint reached on the left side then aim and shoot

- After 3 seconds of explosions press start then go down to restart from last checkpoint

There is one disadvantage ones you get silver or gold commendation your Cr gathered from each kill with it goes down to 0 Cr each kill

Match-making fire-fight

This is a bit tricky and annoying but its great for making Cr

- The best way to do this is to go on score attack, grunt apocalypse because if you keep on getting head shots you can get 1500 - 2000 Cr per game.

Now weekly challenge

- I look for the challenge where you have to complete 16 Daily challenges because when i was Captain I did this one and in four days i had got the Weekly challenge and i had got to Commander rank

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AcHievement Unlocked: If They Came To Hear Me Beg 25G

by Lazyboys126 Oct 04, 2010

To Get the Achievement If They Came To Hear Me Beg (assassinate an elite from a fall that would've been fatal) You have to make it to the ninth and final mission of the campaign (besides Lone Wolf). When you start, there should be a little walking and you should walk to a large cliff with Emile. When you get to it, look down and there should be an Elite as well as a few grunts and jackals down there. You have to get a running start, jump off the cliff, and try to land on the Elite and assassinate (not beat down) it. Once you do, you should get the achievement. It could take a little while, but follow the steps, and you should get it eventually.

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HaLo reach walking armorlock

by RUDElonewolf Jun 21, 2012

First in forge make two armor locks then pick one up. then go armor lock and when in sheilded position without releasing go forge ball. then go to the other armor lock and press delete all of these go out of forge mode and VIOLA you are invincable to anything but going out the map or into water

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RaNdom hints and tips.

by yoshi114 May 30, 2012

-Armor lock can take out an enemy's shield at close range, allowing you to breack out and kill them in one melee attack.

-Holograms dont have text above their heads, makeing them easy to notice.(see the other cheat.)

-Halo Reach is actually the first game chronilogically, but the last made by date.(and by Bungie for that matter.)

-In the campaign, Jun, is the only spartan on Noble team to survive.

-Master Chief, the main character, in all the other halo games, does not appear in game.

-with the grenade launcher, you can hold down the trigger to make the grenade not explode right away. release to detonate.

-Halo 4 will be released Holiday 2012,

-Recon helmet can also be unlocked upon reaching the rank of Colonel. you did not have to pre order the game to get it. however you will not have access to the 3rd attachment to the helmet if you got by rank.

you probly already know this stuff but there are noobs out there who dont

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WeApon effectivness

by yoshi114 Apr 23, 2012

Covenant weapons are more effective in taking down shields. while Human weapons are more effective in depleting health.

It is wise to use a combination of a Covenant weapon(Plasma Bullets) and a Human weapon(normal tiny bullets).

Example: Plasma repeater + assault rifle. Use the plasma repeater to kill your foe's shield, then take out the assault rifle to finish him quickely...

or take out his shield with the plasma thing and then smack him with R1 at close range.

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DaTa Pad Locations

by jamalibigboy Dec 14, 2010

Below is a quick-reference list for all of the Data Pads in Halo: Reach. Pictures, videos and more for the Data Pads are on the way!

Datapads are not collectibles, but read-able iPads/Kindles that shed light about the Halo universe.

Winter Contingency. Any difficulty. After driving across the first river, stay right and you will approach a group of buildings with Convenant in them. The datapad is hidden amongst those structures.

Winter Contingency (Legendary). Found only on Legendary difficulty. At the very start of the level, a cloaked Covenant Elite will run, from left to right, across your field of fire. To intercept the enemy, you need to move quickly downhill and shoot/kill the enemy before it flees the field. You can restart the mission if you miss it.

ONI Sword Base. Any difficulty. This pad is inside Sword Base, near the end of the level. Go into the big room with the walkways connecting its opposite sides. The pad is under the stairs on the third level.

ONI Sword Base (Legendary). Found only on Legendary difficulty. You head up a multi-tiered base (or tower) next to a comms antennae (this is outside). At the top of the base, go over the railing facing the surrounding cliffs; jump across a broken bridge between the base and rocky surroundings (it's at the top of the ramp to the top level), and explore the rocky plateau beyond for this datapad.

Nightfall. Any difficulty. At the start of the level, in the cave to your right.

Nightfall (Legendary). Found only on Legendary difficulty. After you regroup with the troops, head for the riverbed and follow the green beacon/lights; make a count. At the 5th beacon, get on top of the rock ledge above you, and follow the cliffside path (hop across the river to the other side). You cross back over a low stone overpass; continue following the cliffside trail back (upriver) after the overpass and you will locate the pad.

Tip of the Spear. Any difficulty. This pad is located after your first encounter the Zealot. Drop in the ruined facility and navigate a path to the room adjacent to the one you dropped into (before heading back outside). The pad is in there.

Tip of the Spear (Legendary). Found only on Legendary difficulty. You may want to take a vehicle along, to serve as a jump-pad (like the deployable shield in Halo 3). Locate the second Covenant anti-air gun emplacement and locate the drop off where the bridge was. Use your vehicle to get onto the broken bridge supports, and jump to the... 

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ArMor lock hint.

by inowhatimdoing Jul 26, 2012

When a ghost is boosting towards you, use armor lock and the Ghost will get destroyed.

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GaMe, Set, Match & Heat In the Pipe

by pokemonmasterjustin Sep 15, 2011

For Heat in the Pipe, you need to get 1,000,000 points in Firefight. Game, Set, and Match requires you to finish a game one legendary without dying. Both of these achievements seem really hard to get, but you can get them easily by doing as such.

First, go to the Firefight menu on the main screen. Go to Custom Skull Options and go to Shield and Health. Change Shield to 'invulnerable', and turn that skull on, you can also turn on other skulls if you wish to get more points. Then just set the game to Legendary, and start the match. If you turned the custom skull with infinite shield on, and you shouldn't die. After you complete three rounds PLUS a bonus round on legendary, you should get the 'Game, Set, Match' achievement'. Then you just have to play the game until you reach 1,000,000 points, and you should get 'Heat in the Pipe'. It would make the game a lot faster and easier if you invite a friend or too to join.

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by killer 707 Dec 15, 2010

Earning Credits is the only way to increase your rank in Halo: Reach, but there are many, many ways to do this. One of the most reliable ways to earn Credits is to just play online matchmaking games as much as possible. You will be awarded for all sorts of things in matchmaking, from kills to medals. Another great way to earn Credits is to complete daily and weekly challenges. You'll can even see how many Credits you'll earn for each in the challenge menu. Finally, commendations are another great way to earn Credits and rank up. Check out your commendations menu and work towards the goals in all your campaign and matchmaking sessions. Earning a silver rank lands you a few thousand Credits!

Here are the Credit amounts you need to attain for each rank in Halo: Reach

  • Recruit - 0 cR
  • Private - 7,500 cR
  • Corporal - 10,000 cR
  • Corporal Grade 1 - 15,000 cR
  • Sergeant - 20,000 cR
  • Sergeant Grade 1 - 26,250 cR
  • Sergeant Grade 2 - 32,500 cR
  • Warrant Officer - 45,000 cR
  • Warrant Officer Grade 1 - 78,000 cR
  • Warrant Officer Grade 2 - 111,000 cR
  • Warrant Officer Grade 3 - 144,000 cR
  • Captain - 210,000 cR
  • Captain Grade 1 - 233,000 cR
  • Captain Grade 2 - 256,000 cR
  • Captain Grade 3 - 279,000 cR
  • Major - 325,000 cR
  • Major Grade 1 - 350,000 cR
  • Major Grade 2 - 375,000 cR
  • Major Grade 3 - 400,000 cR
  • Lt. Colonel - 450,000 cR
  • Lt. Colonel Grade 1 - 480,000 cR
  • Lt. Colonel Grade 2 - 510,000 cR
  • Lt. Colonel Grade 3 - 540,000 cR
  • Brigadier - 1,400,000 cR
  • Brigadier Grade 1 - 1,520,000 cR
  • Brigadier Grade 2 - 1,640,000 cR
  • Brigadier Grade 3 - 1,760,000 cR
  • General - 2,000,000 cR
  • General Grade 1 - 2,200,000 cR
  • General Grade 2 - 2,350,000 cR
  • General Grade 3 - 2,500,000 cR
  • General Grade 4 - 2,650,000 cR
  • Field Marshall - 3,000,000 cR
  • Hero - 3,700,000 cR
  • Legend - 4,600,000 cR
  • Mythic - 5,650,000 cR
  • Noble - 7,000,000 cR
  • Eclipse - 8,500,000 cR
  • Nova - 11,000,000 cR
  • Forerunner - 13,000,000 cR
  • Reclaimer - 16,500,000 cR
  • Inheritor - 20,000,000 cR
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HaNds-Off Fast Forward in Theater Mode

by redhawk Dec 15, 2010

Annoyingly, fast-forwarding your replays can be slow and hard on your trigger finger. To make getting to the end of an hour long film easier, hold RIGHT TRIGGER, press START and then let go of the RIGHT TRIGGER and press START again. Your game will fast-forward automatically until you pause it or hit the trigger again. Smoothie time!

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JaCk a Wraith

by Cena147 Dec 15, 2010

This is a tough maneuver and you should be packing a Plasma Pistol before attempting it and some sort of scoped weapon -- and a Sprint armor ability if possible. First, find some cover near the Wraith and use a scoped weapon to eliminate the gunner behind the Wraith's turret. Now, shoot the Wraith with a charged Plasma Pistol shot and approach it as it becomes temporarily disabled. You may want to use Sprint to do this! Jump onto the front of the downed tank and you will see the turret area open. Press X when you see the prompt to operate the turret. As you take over the turret, the Elite piloting the Wraith will hop out. Shoot him and the Wraith is yours! Exit the turret and jump onto the top of the Wraith and enter the pilot's seat.

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EaSy "First strike" medal on Firefight Matchmaking

by Lazyboys126 Oct 11, 2010

To easily get a "First Strike" medal on Firefight matchmaking, with you sniper or rocket launcher, aim for the gun on the front of the phantom or spirit that drops enemies, shoot it, and you get an easy first strike medal. This works on any level.

An easy way to get first strike medal on Corvette is to get jetpack, turn left when you first spawn, and jetpack up to the first ledge and there are 2 grunts sleeping. Kill them for an easy first strike

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FaSter Melee

by cGub Sep 06, 2010

(Unconfirmed) In the Reach Beta you can perform a reload/melee trick straight out of Halo 2: Press RB then quickly press X + RB. You have to hit X and RB at nearly the same time to do the trick.

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ReDucing fall damage

by cGub Sep 02, 2010

Go into a crouch approximately two thirds of the way down from a high fall.

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LeAve boundary in Boneyard map (beta version)

by cGub Aug 31, 2010

In the Boneyard map on the ship, there is a staircase with two flights that leads from the ground to the ship. This staircase is on the right side when you are looking at the Elite spawn on Invasion. Walk onto the upper flight of stairs, and look at the fence keeping you from falling off the ship. Jump to the lower part of the fence, and turn to the open area. Jump onto the part of the ship that hangs over the edge to leave the level boundary. If there is only one person on the console and you look at the indicator of where you are (bulkheads, under the ship, bridge, etc.), it will read "out of bounds". This is a very good location to pick off the Elites in Invasion with a DMR. Note: You can only walk so far over before you fall off the ship and die.

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EaSy cR

by breakurmama Jan 05, 2011

Start the mission Sword Base on whatever difficulty you please, depending on skill level and turn on all skulls but iron and cloud(you can turn on cloud if you want, but if you turn on iron you can restart at any checkpoints!). MAKE SURE YOU TURN ON TEAM SCORING(WILL BARLEY WORK WITHOUT IT!!!!!!!)

As soon as you start, run through everyone until you reach (hahaha......reach.....) an airtight sealed doorway. crouch in the back till the"CHECKPOINT...DONE" comes up, the sprint(or not) across the room and grab the target locator. blast the crap out of some cov's then go the start menu and select "restart at last save". Rinse and repeat until you can't take it anymore.

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3 Diferent types of playing styles

by ckjkj Dec 08, 2010

RUSHING: Building up a army and attacking immediately as you can
BOOMING: Expanding your economy/supplies and collecting crates
TECHING: Attempting to reach a higher tech level ASAP
TURTLING:Creating a quick strong defensive position to fend of enemies
Cutter: i best at rushing because of his elephant
Forge: Economy building because of his heavy supply pads
Anders: Turtling or upgrading because her upgrade are half price

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HiDden Skulls

by ckjkj Dec 08, 2010
There are 15 skulls hidden throughout the Halo Wars single player game. To make a skull appear, you have to do the bonus objectives where you have to kill a certain amount of enemies. Then a blip will appear on your mini-map where the skull is located.
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CrEdit Farming Made Extremely Easy

by coolguy100 Dec 15, 2010

While there are many ways to earn Credits, or Credits, in Halo: Reach, this is the easiest strategy we've discovered so far. Choose the Mission Start ONI: Sword Base and turn on the "Free For All" option under scoring options. You can set any Skulls you want but you probably want your difficulty to be Normal -- it's hard to do this on Legendary. Basically, you want to skip the first fight entirely. Run up the ramp to the west and jump onto the little wall to the north that wraps around to the road leading south. Sprint to the gate and grab the Target Locator from the suitcase along the western wall. Next, you'll want to set a Checkpoint -- this matters quite a bit, so don't ignore this step. Move to the south end of the gate and aim your locator north as the enemies approach. As you tool around by the closed southern door, you should get a Checkpoint. Now, aim the Target Locator at the street to the north and pull the trigger. Try to catch as many enemies as possible in your blast. This will earn you Credits -- probably about 100, based on your Commendations and Medals from the blast. Now, revert to the last Checkpoint and repeat the Target Locator blast infinitely. You get Credits for earning Medals Commendations, so the exact amount will vary for each blast depending on your Commendation progress. You should be able to work towards Commendations like Leadership Element and Splash Damage, while also gaining a set number of Credits for the Medals you win in each Target Locator strike. Using this method you can safely rack up Credits at the rate of several thousand each few minutes!

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