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Halo: Reach Review :

A Beginning and an End

by Custard Dec 15, 2010

The last game in the Halo series, but the first chronologically. A tragic but inspiring fight for the survival of humanity, and the demise of the fierce and noble breed of warrior known as Spartans. Fight! fight to the end!

As one of the leaders in the sci-fi video games department on the Xbox 360, ever since the very first Halo game was released, Halo: Reach is just the cherry on the top. After a poor substitute for a sequel was knocked out of the "big expansion pack", Halo 3: ODST, Bungie decided to wind it back before the storyline made famous by the iconic Master Chief. It's a time when Spartans are many, and the squad "Noble" needs your help. The game manages to capture the feel that you're in a time before the other titles in the series, even while improving features from them. Subtle details such as vehicle and weapons design are key to maintaining this masquerade, and Bungie pulled it off meticulously. Some sequels(or in this case, a prequel) don't manage to feel very much different from the previous game. From the moment I heard that there would be another Halo game after Halo:3 ODST I was a bit nervous, I was worried it wouldn't be able to escape the huge reputation of Halo 3. Yet, Halo: Reach has managed to make a name for itself, and it can stand alone beautifully. It's kept the features that make Halo great, yet added enough into the mix to give it a different flavor. I had a high expectation of the game that usually leaves me disappointed, but Reach managed to excite me many times. Especially when it would throw at me things that I wished were in Halo 3 but never were. The character customization now has many more levels of depth, a whole new array of objects and areas to edit my heart out on with forge mode, and they even included a race game mode. No more trying to organize a warthog race with friends but never knowing where to race to! As great as the multiplayer is, it still doesn't manage to overshadow the campaign. As a big fan of co-op I was already excited before it had started, staying true to the trend Reach has the ability to play split-screen in the campaign, a feature I love. As the story progressed I found myself getting a sense of pride that many games don't seem to offer. The Spartans are great characters to play as and with, which makes the final conclusion even more touching as the inevitable unfolds. Well, I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't played through it yet, but I really did find it an immersive and brilliant story, even as short as it was. Halo: Reach is defiantly in the top 4 games of 2010. To all those who are fans of the Halo games but fear that Reach is a series milker: I'd like to allay your worries, for it's a brilliant work of art from Bungie, and you should have more faith in them as they have show to me they have love for their fan-base. Also, to all those who haven't played this game and don't really know about the Halo series: If you're out looking for a new game, you should give Halo: Reach a look. Especially if you're looking for an amazing multiplayer on the Xbox 360. As a closing note I'd like to say it's been a great time playing the Halo games over the years. Bungie has declared Reach as their last Halo game, and I'd like to thank them for doing it and all the great stuff they've made for us. Well, that's it for my review. Have fun playing!

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9Story line
Might get a bit tedious at a few points, but only if you set your expectations to near-perfect. It really is a testament to the legacy of Halo, and Reach for that matter. With near full-on action and things never going to plan you shouldn't get bored with this one, a top-tier story all the way.
It manages to keep that distinct Halo feel, but makes sure it's keeping up with the latest looks too. The explosion effects and weapons are some of the most noticeably prettier things in this game, as upped from Halo 3. One of the nicest looking games on the Xbox 360 I've played so far.
Although not really my cup of tea, I've always found the spacey music in Halo games very fitting. Halo: Reach isn't any different, especially in the cut scenes the music is quite beautiful and engaging. The voice acting is also one of the things Bungie has managed very well. No disappointments here.
I was a bit worried at first that it would be to similar to Halo 3, but it has definitely improved. The addition of more flying vehicles is one of the highlights of this game for me. The revised weapons selection, forge 2.0, new multiplayer modes, and those gimmicky assassinations just top it off.
10Lasting Appeal
If you have Halo in your blood this defiantly has the potential to keep you happy for years. A large amount of co-op available in this game, combined with the epic multiplayer reputation of Halo 3 being improved splendidly, it has a lot of potential for a very long life indeed.
(Out of 10)


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