Halo: Reach Review

 [ XBOX 360 ]

Halo: Reach Review :

A Sudden End

by xXtHACKERZCREWXx Jun 01, 2011

In a game if it has a multiplayer feature then there is no end to the game its self. The campaign gives out the graphics of only the finest and only the best, but overall the ending is quite annoying because you get owned by some guy bigger than you. Overall Halo Reach is showing the fight between humanity and a different race. Deserves a solid number but has negatives functions which will give it only a 9.4.


It gives different types of features so that the game can't bore you (fire fight, match-making etc.).Furthermore customization has different styles and offers to you as you progress through your in-game life.

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7Story line
Humanity agianst a different race and risking different tasks that collide bravery and friendship along.
Excellent graphics are shown, along with it HD-like characters.The programs they used must of been high-tech.
The sound wasn't very popular and only a few cared of its test.Though if compared agianst Call of Duty Zombies it isn't as deathseeking as that.
Excellent movement and structure was put in and hard work was being put in to the making of the game (which is clearly shown.).
10Lasting Appeal
One of our centuries best game is found here.It shows everyone just what normal humans can do and how tech has evolved from a tiny invention.
(Out of 10)


David26    wrote on jun 18, 2011 10:19 am

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