Halo: Reach Review

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Halo: Reach Review :

Epic game indeed

by yoshi114 Mar 12, 2012

Hello, today im going to write a review for Halo:Reach. Lets Startt with Campaign. To start, you go with your buddies to go investigate a distress signal of some sort, only to find that the Covenant has RETURNED! only this time, on planet Reach, hence the name of the game. So now, you are Noble 6, a Spartan, out with all the UNSC army or something to save planet Reach from destruction by Covenant forces! The campaign was actually quite fun, but rather short, with only about 14 missions. the multiplayer kicks raw *butt*! Xbox live matches are pure amazing, with tons of maps and DLC, its a new game everytime! Forge world, oh god Forge world,you can do anything halo possible in forge! you can make just about ANYTHING with all the options and objects you have to choose from, you can basically make your own maps the way YOU want them. You can even customize your character many types of armor and effects and colors by moving up in ranks by getting credits, with allows you to buy armor and make ur character more beast this game is just awesome with graphics as well, first person shooter wise. near perfect multiplayer and an exciting campaign, Halo Reach is one hell of an FPS~!

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8Story line
the story line was a little short in my opinion, you find yourself ridding planet Reach of Covenant forces. OMG the ending is SO depresing! not giving spoilers that is...
Amazing graphics, hands down, you cant deny that they arent great! the scenary was really great as well
epic music, and realistic gun effects, i really did enjoy the music in this game, not the best, but it was epic.
here we have a first person shooter, awesome type of gameplay. Gunning down bad guys, aliens in particular is quite fun in my opinion.
8Lasting Appeal
yes, this game will never get old!( except when Halo 4 comes out) with tins of maps and guns and stuff, whats not to love? the only thing that just kills the multiplayer is the lag!
(Out of 10)


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