Halo: Reach Review

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Halo: Reach Review :

Reach for the skies! or plummet to the ground....

by David26 Oct 23, 2012

Hello everybody! Dave is back again, reviewing games! Not far away is Nov. 6, the RELEASE DATE OF HALO 4! OMG! OMG! OMG! Yeah, so in dedication, I'm writing a review about it. (yeah i know. Dedication right?) So Halo Reach has so many things that make it stand out. Either Campaign or Multiplayer, you can not get a blast! (Unless you own a PS3 and hold a grudge because Bungie didn't bring it out on PS3. Your way :) ) The game is about the Noble team, when the Spartan reigns were in it's prime! Either that, or play Halo 3, or get a life. Or both. you play as noble Six, the newbie. there is many new weapons since Halo 3. If you want to know, NOW IS YOUR TIME TO ASK THE INTERNET! SORRY for the failing jokes, i see myself as a comedian. ;)

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7Story line
You run around sent to kill people. while it has some good ideas, it's too linear. it's good, excellent at least, but way to linear.... ;(
I must say that the graphics are EXCELLENT! It's a huge step away from other games. No, not a step, fifty steps more like.
THE music is alright and the weapon sounds are alright. So that's why i get a super Meh, feeling when i play and listen.
The gameplay's quite good, but there are some flaws that sometimes drag it down and fails us. it's good! But the flaws drag me down.
7Lasting Appeal
It's quite a good game, ask anybody who owns it, but you'll always get a meh, from some of them. Sadly. :(
(Out of 10)


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