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Halo Wars Review :

Not perfect but still good

by mulamp Aug 12, 2010

I like this game but it has a number of flaws. The good Its really cool playing with Spartans and scarabs great selection of units on both sides which they should add to all other halo games great music as usual campaign is fun and challenging offline skirmish mode adapts to your level of skill and the ai is good to play against achievements are easy to get and give a load of gamer score Spartans can hijack vehicles.

The bad online is full of cheaters and people who use the same tricks over and over again campaign is very short online lags alot as well only one resource flood are too easy to beat and are only in about half the game overall i like the game but they should have put more work into it so i recommend you rent and see if you like it as it can get annoying in places mostly in online play

I would actually recommend getting this game if you are a huge halo fan but if you aren't try age of empires for the pc.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
8Story line
The plot tells the story of the last mission the ship spirit of fire was in as they try to stop the covenant from unlocking the secret of the forerunner ships. the story makes sense and there are no major holes in the plot.
as it is a top down view game the graphics look better from further away. pretty good graphics but animations can get a bit jerky in big battles.
excellent sound with all of the troops having about 2-5 lines for each action you do. you can also tell the troops apart by sound.
Gameplay is based on completing certain objectives in the story mode and in the multi player obliterating your enemy
9Lasting Appeal
You should be able to play this for a few weeks with out getting bored. and it is always fun to come back to for a game every now and again.
(Out of 10)


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