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Just Cause 2 Cheats :

This page contains Just Cause 2 cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 16 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable, 3 easter eggs, 11 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Just Cause 2 on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Rare Vehicles

by dele Feb 04, 2011

Military Planes
Coordinates: Usually found in hangars, or on the runway
Details: Creating heat while in a helicopter helps them to spawn.
G9 Eclipse: Jet fighter
Coordinates: 22163 x 23265, 11699 x 5106
Details: Has quad rockets and twin autocannons that fire as fast as mounted guns.
Si-47 Leopard: Jet fighter
Coordinates: 17141 x 12369
Details: has twin rockets, and twin mounted guns.
Large military jet plane
Coordinates: 22163 x 23265
Details: No weapons, just a large transport plane.
Aeroliner 474: large passenger jet
Coordinates: 9748 x 12798
Details: There are several dotted around this very large, open military base. The runway can be accessed at the bottom right of the airport The defense seems to be pretty weak here, so don't worry that you have to taxi the plane for quite a while
Cassius 192: Private Jet
Coordinates: 29584 x 11435 (Mile High Club)
Details: They also fly above you where you can steal them relatively easily.

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Secret - Controlling Vehicles in Stunt Position

by brandonx987 Feb 04, 2011

While in stunt position on a land vehicle it is possible to control the direction that the vehicle goes in by moving the left stick in the direction you would like. This is not stated in any of the games manuals or tutorials, and is likely to not be found by most players. This doesn't work on air vehicles.

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Secret - Oddities and Easter Eggs

by rayquarza54399 Feb 04, 2011

Bubble Blaster (Weapon)
Coordinates: 4247 x 25959
Details: At the top level of a small stone tower. It does no damage, but firing it at the police gets your heat up. Ammo is 300, + full clip.
Beached whale
Coordinates: 29678 x 31349
Details: An armor part can be found inside whale.
Fake shark
Coordinates: 12665 x 22595
Details: Roams around the small lagoon at this location. A motorized shark fin - there is no shark beneath it, just some sort of motor beneath the waterline.
Hot air balloon
Coordinates: 7348 x 16140
Details: Marked as a ? on your pullout map. Disposable helicopter/plane recommended. Shoot off all the sand bags, then activate the burner a bunch of times to get it going. You have no real control over its direction and you cant do a base jump off of it.
Note: When you're in the hidden hot air balloon, you can actually control its direction by continuously running, dive rolling, or melee attacking in the direction you wish to move. It's terminal velocity isn't exactly fast, but you can still outrun those slow driving civilians!
Lost Island
Coordinates: The small island in the top left of the map; the hatch is at 1743 x 4363.
Details: Your plane blows up when you are over the island; you can still order stuff from the black market.
Race Track
Co-ordinates: 9170 x 11413
Details: A very fast car can be found here.
Mount Rushmore Clone
Coordinates: x:30540 y:30687, very bottom right of the map. If you find it climb to very top and you will see whats inside the Mount Russmore Clone.
Mile High Club
Co-ordinates: 29584 x 11435
Details: Helicopter recommended. A large floating airship suspending a reasonable sized deck. Features a helipad and a private jet you can use to leave. You can make a 1000m base jump by jumping off the top of the balloons.
Ski Resort
Coordinates: 24574 x 14786
Panau Casino
Coordinates: 18565 x 17755
Panau International Airport
Coordinates: 9748 x 12798
Details: Military-controlled airport.
Panau Capital City
Coordinates: 3741 x 15786
Giant Satellite Dish
Coordinates: 23440 x 17420
Details: Great for getting stunt driver points -- just drive really quickly round it.
Cape Carnival Rocket Base
Coordinates: 30172 x 14068
Karl Blaine's House
Coordinates: 17276 x 14343
Stunt Course
Co-Ordinates:X:8682 Y:25426
Details: This place has humoungous jumps, tons of air, and all while being hidden from the naked eye. Limitless possibilities... 

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Secret - Plane Landing

by wildman_2006 Feb 04, 2011

Aircraft can be landed if you manage to reduce your speed and approach a smooth surface; the landing gear will automatically appear if your aircraft can land at that location.

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Secret - Black Market Vehicle Locations

by Mandeep911 Feb 04, 2011

Here are the locations of Black Market Vehicles.

  • Makoto MZ 250 (Black Motorcycle) - X20401 Y24964 / Sungal Tapal
  • Pell Silverbolt 6 (black Aircraft) - X9454 Y5760 / Teluk Permata Airport
  • MTA Powerrun 77 (black speed boat) - X20656 Y31047 / The island southeast of Pekan Kesum
  • Garret Traver-Z (black sport car) - X6415 Y24454 / A crossroad with no mark, the car is parked near a fence
  • Rowlinson K22 (Black chopper) - X15884 Y4287 / Bandar Baru Nipah (On the roof of the smaller building around the skyscraper with the telecom array)
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Secret - Faction Bases

by norbi123 Feb 04, 2011

Roaches HQ
Coordinates: 12063 x 11326
Reapers HQ
Coordinates: 17604 x 12909
Ular Boys
Coordinates: 17166 x 17225

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Secret - Base Jumps

by maradona Feb 04, 2011

Snow Peak
Co-ordinates: 20546 x 11828
Desert Peak
Co-ordinates: 8082 x 28454
Tropical Peak
Co-ordinates: 29197 x 28065
Mile High Club
Co-ordinates: 29584 x 11435
Details: If you jump from the top of the two airships you have more than enough height to get the 1000m base jump.

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Secret - Freefall Landing with No Parachute

by 520000 Feb 04, 2011

When free falling there is no need to use the parachute. If you are trying to get that extra couple feet to hit a certain distance, just grapple the ground once you get within range. Regardless of the height you will safely touch down.

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Secret - Top of the World Trophy / Achievement

by Eric Cartman Feb 04, 2011

Head to coordinates x:20541 y: 118835 to get the Top of the World Trophy / Achievement. When you get there, Rico makes a comment about it. There is also a Ular Boys skull at that location.

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Secret - Quick Stunt Points

by vviinncceenntt Feb 04, 2011

Method 1: Get a fast car or motorcycle and get on a highway or long road. Drive on the side of the highway you're supposed to be on, dodge traffic or stay in the middle of the lane and just speed and Stunt Points should come in really fast.

Method 2: Go to the Panau Int. Airport and get the sports car at the entrance and drive it to a runway. Once a plane appears, go into the stunt position and use the grappling hook to attach the car to the plane. Once this is done, enter the car. The plane takes off with car in tow. The points begin to rack up quickly. As long as you don't release the grapple from the plane your car will just fly along with the plane.

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Unlockable - The Island from 'Lost'

by simo@simo.reyo Feb 04, 2011

In the northwest corner of the map is an island separated from the mainland by a fair stretch of water. If you fly over this island in any plane you'll automatically crash. On the island you can find numerous references to Lost, including plane wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815, familiar settings like the stream. You'll hear sounds of the Smoke Monster as you explore too. There's even a hatch to be found!

Note: After you've completed the mission where you have to rescue a guy from Lost island, you can land a plane on lost island and dock a boat there without your vehicle blowing up.

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Code - Code

by cGub Dec 10, 2010

Do it when the game is paused.

X,A,Y,X,A,Y,X,A,YInfinite Health
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Easter Egg - Lost Easter Egg

by cGub Dec 10, 2010

If you go to the top left corner of the map you see an island shaped like a square. If you fly a plane over the island your plane will explode causing you to parachute down to the beach (if over it). You will see a search sign on the beach with an arrow pointing to the jungle. Go into the jungle and you'll find the hatch from lost. It is even said by people that you actually can hear the smoke monster in the background.

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Easter Egg - Bubble Blaser

by Unregistered Aug 17, 2010

At the approximate PDA co-ordinates X: 4360 Y: 26018 there wil be a tower amongst blossoming trees and flowers. In the top bit of the tower will be table. On the table there is the Bubble Blaster. Shooting it will not damage anything but will attract attention.

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Easter Egg - Lost Island

by redace100 Jun 28, 2010

Okay first get a plane and go to the island that looks like a "$" now when you get there you will here a large clunk then will crash, now there are several things about this island
1.the weather will always be raining there
2.if you go to the north of the island a soldier with smoke behind him will follow you he won;t shoot but you cannot kill him
3.your map's screwed up but you can call the black market to extract you
4.at the south of the beach shore there is a wrecked plane marked Oceanic flight 815
5.in sticks where the crash is the direction of a hatch
6.if you did not notice it's all from lost
7. on the islands are giant light things these are said to be Tesela's Peace rays, in the giant one at the center of the island are shootable soldiers there

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Secret - 100% Settlements

by Custard Jan 05, 2011

A settlement is any place in Just Cause 2 that is inhabited. Undiscovered settlements will appear as yellow dots on your map, and discovered ones will show depending on the type they are(military base, town, ect). You may notice when you enter into one it will show the percent you've completed in it, this is determined by a few things.

[1] The amount of government property destroyed in the settlement boundaries. This is things such as towers, fuel tanks, generators, satellite dishes, and cranes, just to name a few. All these things should be easily recognized by their colors; painted with red and bearing a white star which is the government symbol. Government property may also include special structures which require more than shooting to destroy. This includes things such as communication antenna which need to be activated at control panels before they are venerable, and gas pipe stations which need to be set to destroy themselves. You should be able to recognize special structures just by looking at them, they are big and important looking.

[2] The supply crates that have been recovered in the settlement area. These are money crates, armor crates, gun parts, and vehicle parts. They are easy to find because they can be tracked using the PDA. A white signal indicator will appear in the most top-left corner of your mini-map while in-game when you are somewhat close to a supply crate. It won't show you direction, but it will show you the strength of the signal which converts to how close you are to it. Just explore around until you narrow it down and find the spot.

Things which don't matter but some people might think do matter when it comes to settlement completion are faction items(skulls, drugs drops, ect), fighting the soldiers, or missions.

The benefits of completing a settlement 100%, besides a reward of cash and chaos, is that government soldiers will no longer attack you simply for entering restricted areas. Very helpful for military bases, as you can then walk in and take military vehicles like a walk in the park.

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