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Just Cause 2 Review :

Just brilliant

by Custard Jan 11, 2011

Something's out of place on a small and previously inconspicuous Asian island. A dictatorship has risen up and taken control, but they are far from the only ones vying for power. Take on the role of Rico Rodriguez, secret agent for America, and you're here to find out why this island has suddenly become so important.

Just Cause 2 is one of those games that isn't like anything else. Like it's predecessor, Just Cause, it's outstanding originality continues strong. It's one of those game that, when people sit and watch you playing, you can expect them to be interested. Taking a step away from realism in real-world based games can seem like a precarious thing to do for game developers, but Just Cause 2 has done it without putting a foot wrong.

Jumping off a 10 story building without so much as tripping over when he lands, grappling onto a flying commercial airliner, or destroying an entire military base is all too common in the day of Rico; and who doesn't love to do those things? Just Cause 2 has an abundance of something that gamers just love, and that's choice. Meter your own realism by how you play! Whether you want to take a scenic drive to your destination, or just steal a plane right out of the sky and get there quick -- the freedom is everywhere.

The tropical island of Panau is as diverse as it is beautiful. Deserts, alpine forests, snow-topped mountains, crystal blue water and towering cityscapes. A land filled with eye candy, and also many secrets. It's an enchanting place that never seems to get boring, never seems too small, and never feels like you've seen it all. One of the most exciting and capturing game worlds I've so far seen, it's a work of art! Over the course of the game you help factions take control of certain areas of Panau. While it's rather linear and you can't control which factions control which parts, it still feels like you're doing pivotal work on the island. It's easy to find affection for the places you fight for, and you can really find yourself getting immersed in the whole world of Just Cause 2.

Rico Rodriguez himself is an interesting character to play. As the protagonist from Just Cause, fans of the series would already know the bold Mexican agent. Still, the game gives away little about him -- he's the strong silent type. With his laid-back attitude, his aptitude for blowing stuff up, and his slick accent; he's one cool guy. The game is full of lesser characters too, and even though there's a whole information pool to read with entries on such characters, they just weren't very interesting. From the evil dictator that thinks he can never be defeated to the hidden faction leaders that want to reclaim the land for the people, they all seemed rather stereotypical.

It's a game for a wide audience, and one of the best games out of 2010. Pretty much any gamer with a liking for adventure titles, 3rd person shooters, or games that they can play for a long time even without the internet should be adding Just Cause 2 to their collection -- because it excels with all of those things.

Have fun playing!

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
7Story line
Not a strong point in the game, the story is rather average. At most times it manages to feel cheap and cheesy. Somewhat predictable, and what unexpected twists there are hardly inspire awe. Many times I found myself roaming free and disregarding the story.
Top tier graphics for the Xbox 360 console. The natural evolution of visual brilliance continues with Just Cause 2, ever reaching for the boundaries of it's platform. This game on a 42inch HD screen was a thing of beauty. Explosions, tropical water, clouds, snow -- A truly amazing looking game.
Sitting just above average on the scale of sound, Just Cause 2 has it's ups and downs in this department. In the positive is great background effects and music, and on the down is some terribly corny voice acting.
A great balance of realism and creativity, equaling lots of fun. The trademark grappling and parachuting stands out as a really unique part of the game. The vehicles and combat mechanics were also fluent and concise with the game balance. It's just been tailored for enjoyment.
9Lasting Appeal
The game is huge, with thousands of hidden items and upgrades to find and hundreds of settlements to complete. The storyline is flexible and goes at your own pace, and after it's done you can continue playing in Mercenary mode. Due to the attraction of the gameplay this game is defiantly a keeper.
(Out of 10)


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