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Just Cause 2 Review :

Just Cause we like it! (Just Cause 2)

by David26 Apr 04, 2012

Just Cause 2. A game that resemble's Grand Theft Auto. Game that resemble's Grand Theft Auto my a**! You are Rico Rodriguez, the Agency's most powerful weapon. You are sent to the isle's of Panau to eliminate a rouge Agent by absolute ANY mean's necessary. Arriving with a bang, you must cause Chaos all over the land. When i mean chaos, i mean destroying military weapons, planes, cars, propaganda, hell, everything used by there corrupt military! Your able to drive unique car's, plane's everything! A game in paradise, with exploding stuff, pure awesome.

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6Story line
To be 100% honest, i didn't really finish it, but so far, i don't think it's great. So, here's my low rating.
Good, not supah, the detail of Rico is excellent, that's prob my best thing to say in this catagory .
BANG! hehehe. the brutal explosion sound are my faviourte sound i have to say.There really like KABOOM!
Gameplay. Gameplay. Excellent is what i can only say, the excellence, it's just amazing. Buy it, no use renting it.
9Lasting Appeal
V.good game. All i can say, it's brutal and awesome, it's magical and lawful, lemme say the lasting appeal: THIS GAME IS AWESOME
(Out of 10)


David26    wrote on apr 17, 2012 12:16 pm

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