Lost Planet: Colonies Edition Cheats

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Lost Planet: Colonies Edition Cheats :

This page contains Lost Planet: Colonies Edition cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 5 cheats in our list, which includes 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Lost Planet: Colonies Edition on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

ExTreme Difficulty

by kingviper37 Apr 13, 2009

To unlock extreme difficulty you have to beat the game on hard first.

Things to keep in mind:
Enemies have more health do more damage and there are more of them so always watch your back.You will not have a VS suit for most boss battles you have to use the weapons you find in the missions as you go along try to keep an eye out for those rockets they will save your life in boss battle's in extreme.Your T-ENG decreases much faster id say around the speed as if you were in a PTX-40A(super mech, hardballer what ever you like to call it).Don't try to shoot everything in sight. Everything that dies, breaks, explodes drops T-ENG which is your key to survival. But always watch your ammo.The hardest boss is the first boss so save your energy because the game will get easier toward the end. But i will say mission five boss will take its damn time to kill its a tough.

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PlAtinum Scorer

by kingviper37 Apr 13, 2009

Receive 300,000,000 points in Score Attack Mode.

Start Score Attack / Extreme / Mission 11

Use your laser the whole time. Drop down shooting some floating laser bots on the way. At the bottom take out the two VS with your laser so if you are lucky you can get 2-3 combo from each one. Don't forget the target marker at the bottom in the middle. On your way up, take out the VS on the ledge, shooting into the tunnel can net you 2 more combo from the box and another target marker if you can nail it from the distance. Continue to head up and finish off the laser bots. Try not to miss any and ascend as you are taking them out. Kill them systematically so you know when you are on the last ones. Head up to the next ring right after you destroy the last one.

As you come up to the ring dont let go of laser so you can hit the next enemy as soon as possible. Take out everybody here with your lasers and again, be sure to keep track of how many enemies are left. As you kill the last ones, you need to be on your way up. To continue your combo outside BE SURE TO SHOOT THE TARGET MARKER that is below the next ring on a ledge in the center. You may have to scout this out beforehand. If you make it to the hatch you will have a fresh combo when you start the boss fight. This way you dont have to bother with slashing him or any target markers outside.

As soon as the fight starts take out the first ring of the tower. All of the yellow dots and smaller red ones that spin around. I found it easier to take out the big ones on each ring after the little ones but this is just preference. After you clear one move up to the next.

The key is continuing your combo outside with the target marker on the way up. This level being so short and close quarters it makes it somewhat easy to practice on and scout out your route.

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MeDal King

by kingviper37 Apr 13, 2009

Acquire 11 medals.

For the achievement you need to win 1 of each gametype ranked. Just play them from the beginning to the end of the match and out score the opposing team.
Here is a list of the medals

Point Snatcher [ ]
VS Annihilator [ ]
Elimination [ ]
Egg Bandit [ ]
Fugitive [ ]
Akrid Hunter [ ]
Team Elimination [ ]
Post Grab [ ]
Counter Grab [ ]
Akrid Egg Battle [ ]
Team Egg Bandit [ ]

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MaP Specialist

by kingviper37 Apr 13, 2009

Battle on 20 different maps online.

Play on each and every single map and make sure you finish the match for it to count and heres a list

Canyon 810 [ ]
Pirate Fortress [ ]
Lost Coast [ ]
Dilapidation [ ]
Frozen Wasteland [ ]
Crimson River [ ]
Training Facility [ ]
Dark Town [ ]
Battleground [ ]
Radar Field [ ]
Island 902 [ ]
Hive Complex [ ]
Trial Point [ ]
Lost Technology [ ]
Ruins [ ]
Ice Drop [ ]
Crossfire City [ ]
Area 921 [ ]
Lost Arena [ ]
Assault Space [ ]

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TiTle King

by kingviper37 Apr 13, 2009

Receive 20 titles.

Titles are like mini in-game medals that are award for doing a certain tasks in the match, kind of like the medals in halo 3 but are awarded at the end of the match. Get 1 of each title to get all of the title achievements
I.E. getting 3 kills with the machine gun in 1 match
here's a list of the known titles.

Ace Soldier - 10 enemies defeated [ ]
Pentagon - 5 enemies defeated in a row [ ]
VS Crusher - 3 Vital Suits destroyed [ ]
Head Hunter - 3 enemies defeated with headshots [ ]
Post Starter - 3 Data Posts activated [ ]
Survivor - Battle complete without dying [ ]
Point Getter - Received 5000 points [ ]
Handgun Expert - 3 enemies defeated with the Handgun [ ]
Revolver Expert - 3 enemies defeated with the Revolver [ ]
Hand Cannon Expert - 3 enemies defeated with the Hand Cannon [ ]
Flame Launcher Expert - 3 enemies defeated with the Flame Launcher [ ]
Machine Gun Expert - 3 enemies defeated with the Machine Gun [ ]
Rifle Expert - 3 enemies defeated with the Rifle [ ]
Rocket Launcher Expert - 3 enemies defeated with the Rocket Launcher [ ]
Shotgun Expert - 3 enemies defeated with the Shotgun [ ]
Energy Gun Expert - 3 enemies defeated with the Energy Gun [ ]
Plasma Gun Expert - 3 enemies defeated with the Plasma Gun [ ]
Grenade Expert - 3 enemies defeated with Grenades [ ]
Striker Expert - 3 enemies defeated with Melee attacks [ ]
VS Weapon Expert - 3 enemies defeated with VS weapons [ ]

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Lost Planet: Colonies Edition Cheats


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