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Mass Effect Cheats :

This page contains Mass Effect cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 14 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 9 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 2 glitches, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mass Effect on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Full list of Achievements

by kingviper37 Feb 11, 2009

There are 46 achievements with a total of 1050 gamerscore.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Medal of Honor (100 gs)Complete 1 Mass Effect Playthrough on any setting
Medal of Heroism (25 gs)Complete Feros
Distinguished Service Medal (25 gs)Complete Eden Prime
Council Legion of Merit (25 gs)Complete Virmire
Honorarium of Corporate Service (25 gs)Complete Noveria
Long Service Medal (25gs)Complete 2 Mass Effect Playthroughs on any setting
Distinguished Combat Medal (25 gs)Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Hardcore difficulty setting. Do not change the setting.
Medal of Valor (50 gs)Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Insanity difficulty setting. Do not change the setting.
Pistol Expert (10 gs)Register 150 Pistol Kills
Shotgun Expert (15 gs)Register 150 Shotgun Kills
Assault Rifle Expert (15 gs)Register 150 Assault Rifle Kills
Sniper Expert (15 gs)Register 150 Sniper Rifle Kills
Lift Mastery (15 gs)Use biotic Lift 75 times
Throw Mastery (15 gs)Use biotic Throw 75 times
Warp Mastery (15 gs)Use biotic Warp 75 times
Singularity Mastery (15 gs)Use biotic Singularity 75 times
Barrier Mastery (15 gs)Use biotic Barrier 75 times
Stasis Mastery (15 gs)Use biotic Stasis 75 times
Damping Specialist (15 gs)Use Damping Field 75 times
AI Hacking Specialist (15 gs)Use AI Hacking 75 times
Overload Specialist (15 gs)Use Shield Overload 75 times
Sabotage Specialist (15 gs)Use Sabotage 75 times
First Aid Specialist (15 gs)Use medi-gel 150 times
Neural Shock Specialist (15 gs)Use Neural Shock 75 times
Scholar (25 gs)Find all primary Alien: Council Races, Extinct Races and Non-Council Races codex entries
Completionist (25 gs)Complete the majority of the game
Tactician (25 gs)Complete playthrough with shield damage greater than health damage
Medal of Exploration (50 gs)Land on an uncharted world
Rich (25 gs)Exceed 1,000,000 Credits
Dog of War (25 gs)Register 150 organic enemy kills
Geth Hunter (25 gs)Register 250 synthetic enemy kills
Soldier Ally (20 gs)Complete the majority of the game with the Alliance soldier squad member
Sentinel Ally (20 gs)Complete the majority of the game with the Alliance sentinel squad member
Krogan Ally (20 gs)Complete the majority of the game with the krogan squad member
Turian Ally (20 gs)Complete the majority of the game with the turian squad member
Quarian Ally (20 gs)Complete the majority of the game with the quarian squad member
Asari Ally (20 gs)Complete the majority of the game with the asari squad member
Power Gamer (20 gs)Reach 50th level with one character

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Unlockable - How to unlock the 'Paragon' and 'Renegade' achievements easily.

by kingviper37 Feb 11, 2009

On Noveria, when you are given the oppurtunity to accept the assignment from Lorik Qui'in to get the evidence to catch the Salarian (Anoleis, the administrator guy who has his own office) in his rend-based scandal, agree to it. He will open up the shut-down elevator, go down there and get the evidence. Upon exiting to go back to him you will run into Gianna (receptionist lady), so talk to her then go meet her in the hotel/bar. She will ask you to get him to agree into turning Anoleis in, agree and go talk to Lorik Qui'in. Talk to him, and do the following:

Step 1:

* (Top Right) Testify against Anoleis
* (Top Left) {Paragon} You'd be a hero
* OR
* (Bottom Left) {Renegade} Damn right I will

Step 2:

* Talk to him again
* (Left) Matriarch Benezia
* (Bottom Right) Another Question
* *Repeat step 1*

Repeat these two steps for whichever one you want until the achievement unlocks, then switch to the other for that achievement. Remember to do whichever way you DON'T want your character to be first so when you finish with the second achievement, you are high in either Paragon or Renegade, depending on your preference.

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Unlockable - What you have to do to unlock 'Completionist' achievement.

by kingviper37 Feb 11, 2009


Prologue: Find the Beacon

Citadel: Expose Saren
Citadel: Garrus
Citadel: Wrex

Feros: Save the colony

Noveria: Matriarch Benezia
Noveria: Lorik Qui'n
Noveria: Peak 15
Noveria: Reactor Repair
Noveria: Reconnect Landlines
Noveria: Contamination
Noveria: The Hot Labs
Noveria: Rift Station

Find Liara T'Soni

Ilos: Find the Conduit

Race Against Time


Citadel: Scan the Keepers
Citadel: Presidium Prophet
Citadel: Reporter's Request
Citadel: The Fan
Citadel: Rita's Sister
Citadel: Signal Tracking
Citadel: Jahleed and Chorban
Citadel: Homecoming
Citadel: The Fourth Estate
Citadel: Family Matter
Citadel: Asari Consort
Citadel: Old Friends
Citadel: Xeltan Convinced
Citadel: Planting a Bug
Citadel: Schells and his Data
Citadel: Negotiator's Request

UNC: Missing Survey Team
UNC: Rogue VI
UNC: Hostage
UNC: Major Kyle
UNC: Distress Call
UNC: Missing Marines
UNC: Privateers
UNC: Hostile Takeover
UNC: Matriach Writings
UNC: Missing Scientist
UNC: Turian Emblems
UNC: Minerals
UNC: Signs of Battle
UNC: Negotiations
UNC: Cerberus
UNC: Prothean Discs
UNC: Lost Freighter
UNC: Espionage Probe
UNC: Hade's Dogs
UNC: Lost Module
UNC: Geth Incursions
UNC: ExoGeni Facility
UNC: Colonists
UNC: Derelict Freighter
UNC: Listening Post Alpha
UNC: Listening Post Theta
UNC: Depot Sigma-23

Virmire: Wrex
Virmire: Kirrahe's Team


Feros: Recover Data
Feros: Power Cells
Feros: Varren Meat
Feros: Feth in the Tunels
Feros: Water Restoration

Noveria: Espionage

Asari Diplomacy


Garrus: Dr Saleon
Wrex: Family Armor
Tali: Tali's Pilgrimage

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Unlockable - How to unlock 'Scholar' achievement.

by kingviper37 Feb 11, 2009

Note: You only get ONE chance to get MOST of these.

The Council consists of: Asari, Turians, and Salarians.
The extinct Races are: Protheans, Rachni
The Non-Council races are:Batarians, Elcor, Geth, Hanar, Keepers, Krogan, Quarians, Volus

At the very beginning of the game, talk to people about the Spectres and Saren.

Either talk with Captain Anderson, or with Avina[The VI about the council races].

Talk to Captain Anderson after the first meeting with the council.


Talking with Avina the VI near the Krogan Statue about the Krogans, the rebellion, and the war.

After acquiring the Normandy, talk with Captain Anderson. Ask him about him becoming a Specter.

Talk to the Elcor diplomat Calyn in the embassy. The embassy is to the right of the Human Embassy.

Ask Ashley AFTER finding her on Eden Prime.
Either with the Preaching Hanar, or with the Shop Keeper that is Hanar. Ask him about his speech.

Ask Avina the VI near the Citadel Tower light.

Automatic by watching the confrontation between Wrex and the Krogan bouncer in Chora's Den.

Talk to Garrus in medical center.

Talk with Avina outside the embassies.

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Unlockable - What you have to do to unlock the 'Ally' achievements.

by kingviper37 Feb 11, 2009

Do A LOT of side quests. Don't worry if you get one ally first and later the other. You can get two per playthrough only. It is possible to get these achievements even before going to Ilos if you complete every possible side quest and all main missions.

Basic plan of attack for ally achievements:

* Complete Eden Prime
* Go to Citadel, talk to Council
* Find Harkin (Chora's Den), Garrus (Med Clinic) and Wrex (C-Sec)
* Take care of Fist (do not pick up his OSD!)
* Rescue Tali in the Wards Access
* Talk to Council, become Spectre
* Head to Therum and rescue Liara

From here, you will have all the allies. Pick the two you want to use and use them for EVERYTHING. If you don't have an ally with decryption and need them to unlock a quest by hacking a computer, switch them in to receive the quest, then immediately go back and switch them out.

Now with your two allies:

* Complete any possible Citadel assignment
* Complete any random space assignments
* Complete Noveria (do all assignments BEFORE leaving the arrival site)
* Complete Feros (do all assignments BEFORE leaving the arrival site)
* Go back to the Citadel and complete any assignments you started on Noveria/Feros
* Complete Virmire (do not kill Wrex!)
* Back to the Citadel once more

You should have the achievements by now, but if you don't, head to Ilos and finish out the game. Many people got a few of the achievements (mainly Liara) at the very last mission.

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Unlockable - The easy way to unlock 'AI Hacking Specialist ' achievement.

by kingviper37 Feb 11, 2009

First find a turret to use it on... Use it, hide, recharge, and repeat. People have recommended the fight with Fist as a great time to do this with the two turrets in his office. Make a save just before this point, hack them both and reload the save. The hacks will go toward the achievement even though you didn't save your game after doing them.

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Unlockable - Get the HMW guns!

by Fluxion Dec 10, 2009

The HMW guns are the best guns in the game, they are the elite spectre weapons. To unlock them beat the game once on any difficulty, then play again with the character you beat the game on and you can buy these guns from the requisition officer in C-Sec, or the guy in the hold of the Normandy. They cost 30,000 credits each though, if I remember right.

HMWA(Assault)Description above
HMWSG(Shot Gun)Description above
HMWSR(Sniper Rifle)Description above
HMWP(Pistol)Description above
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Unlockable - How to unlock 'Colonial Savior'.

by kingviper37 Feb 11, 2009

Finish the "Bring Down the Sky" DLC missions.

You must have access to the Normandy and the Galaxy Map. Head to the Asgard System in the Exodus Cluster, then land on Asteroid X57. There are three assignments here that will help toward your completionist and ally achievements.

* Bring Down the Sky
* Avoid the Blasting Caps
* Missing Engineers

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Easter Egg - The best way to focus on the game...

by charlieprince Jan 08, 2008

try renegade for your first playthrough because it's easier to get. on the second playthrough try to be nice and youl get more exp, but at the first time you play just be brute!

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Code - Game Ending for Mixed Alignment Players

by ElectricWinds Nov 22, 2010

At the end of the game after you defeat the first Saren you can choose either to save or abandon the Destiny Ascension, Getting either Paragon for saving it or Renegade for abandoning it, But if you don't want the extra points, go for "Concentrate on Sovereign" Which will play the renegade ending any you only get 8 Paragon and 9 renegade!

Choose this if you aren't Siding with paragon or renegade

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Glitch - More Money

by Marine294 Jul 07, 2008

Try to beat the game at about level 40, by doing a mission, exp,oring the planet, then some side missions, and explore planets,once you are at about level 37+, do the final mission, then beat the game after you look at everything, you should be around level 40, if you start a new career, choose the same person when you are given the choice to, now you get tons of money, this way, I got more money than I could spend, the maximum I think is 99,999,999,999 credits

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Secret - Noveria VI Manual Code

by Unregistered Jun 19, 2008

The code to manually start the VI program, the pyramid thing with each having four blocks, the sequence is x,y,x,b,y,b,x,y,b,x,b,y,x,y,x,b,y,b,y,x,b,x,y,b,x,y,x,b,y,b.

I took forever for me to figure this out, so I hope it helps

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Glitch - Sprint Crouch

by ghirkin Dec 03, 2007

I havent found a practical use for this yet, but there may be one.

Step 1: Equip any weapon.
Step 2: Click and hold "A" to sprint.
Step 3: Click the left stick.

you should now be sprinting and crouching.

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Unlockable - Multiple unlocks

by cGub Nov 23, 2007

Complete the game on Normal to unlock the secrets

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Hardcore ModeComplete the game once
Increased Level Cap (51 - 60)Complete the game once
New Game +Start a New Game, then select to use existing Career. You'll be playing with your older character (with all items and skills intact)
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