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Mass Effect 2 Cheats :

This page contains Mass Effect 2 cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 20 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 8 unlockables, 3 glitches, 6 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mass Effect 2 on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Feeding Fish

by Arch7ngel Feb 18, 2010

Once you get fish in the tank in your captains cabin you will need to feed them often to keep them alive. In between doing side missions and saving the galaxy you can't be blamed for forgetting to feed them once in a while.

You can get your administrative assistant Kelly Chambers to feed them, to do this you need to pick the flirty options when you talk to her. After you've gotten a bit more personal with Kelly you have the option to invite her up to your cabin for a private dinner. Once you've done that she will offer to feed your fish for you, say yes and you won't have to worry about them dying any more.

Side Note For those who don't know, fish can be purchased on the Citadel(Citadel Souvenirs) and on Illium(Memories of Illium).

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Unlockable - Bonus 25% Experience

by cGub Jan 29, 2010

Once you beat the game on any difficulty all characters will gain an additional 25% experience bonus.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Bonus 25% ExperienceBeat the game on any difficulty
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Unlockable - Unlocked Alternate Color Schemes and Loyalty Skills for Party Members

by cGub Jan 28, 2010

Complete the Loyalty missions each party member gives you to unlock their hidden Loyalty skills and alternate colors for their costumes

Unlockable:How to unlock:
New Colors for Party MembersComplete a party member's loyalty mission.
Unlock Loyalty SkillsComplete the Loyalty missions for each of your party members to unlock their individuals skills.
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Secret - No One Left Behind Achievement

by yuhe00 Jan 24, 2011

For this achievement, develop all the ship upgrades and keep every character loyal to Shepherd.

The crew can die and you'll still get the achievement. Just none of your teammates can die.

Only the Doc lived for me for the crew, and I still got the achievement. I don't know why people are having problems. This one is pretty easy to get if you remember to:

1.) Remain a fully dedicated paragon or renegade.

2.) Always have full team loyalty. Just do all of their side missions.

3.) Have full/all/maximum ship upgrades. Take time out and do the mining.

4.) Get all the prototype upgrades.

5.) For the assault, use this configuration. I'll list all people you can use, and also who I used:

Tech Specialist
* Tali
* Legion
(I used Tali since recruiting Legion is a Paragon action and I didn't have him)

* Miranda
* Jacob
* Garrus
(I used Miranda both times to lead the second team)

Biotic Specialist
* Samara / Morinth
* Jack
(I used Jack)

Crew Escort
* Any loyal character
(I used Grunt)

The team you bring with you to fight doesn't matter as long as they're loyal to you. I used Mordin and Thane for my team the entire time. And Mordin and Jacob for the boss (because I miss selected Thane). Got the achievement first try.

Good luck!

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Glitch - Infinite squad pts

by master117 Apr 13, 2010

Get to level 5, so you have 10 squad points. Then fill up any skill up to the 3rd box, then instead of hitting A to get the last skill, hit X+A at the same time. This fills up the bar while also refunding your 10 points.

So basically you can have ALL abilities on yourself and your squad mates at level 5.


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Secret - Mass Effect 2: The Basics

by Sonicfan1 Mar 31, 2010

The Basics

Bioware's Mass Effect 2 offers a very special experience for those seeking both a role-playing game and a shooter, and it also offers deep character customization options. Those who played the first game should be no strangers to the complexity of the sequel, but for newcomers, the game may hit you with information overload. Don't worry. This section was designed with beginners in mind.

Paragons and Renegades
The bilateral nature of the game takes storytelling to a whole new level. Choices you make in the game will allot Paragon or Renegade points to your character. Paragon and Renegade points represent the classic duality of good versus evil, respectively. That's not to say, however, that Renegade is necessarily evil in the malevolent sense. They merely tend to be more frank, incapable of empathy, and ruthless in their choice of words and actions. Don't be fooled into thinking that there's no middle ground anywhere. You can be as far Paragon as you want, or as far Renegade as possible, or even remain neutral. It is this balance of morality that makes the game so interesting.

Remember that the NPCs in the game will react accordingly to your alignment--sometimes with eagerness to your righteous championing of hope or with fear to your utter ruthlessness. Depending on which side of the morality pendulum you ride, you will have different options in the dialogue wheel that affect how you can interact with people you meet and even members of your crew. Some other perks of choosing a certain alignment include having unique talents that are specific only to that alignment, a gradual and noticeable change to your facial scarring, and influence event outcomes, among other things.

NOTE: Despite what we said about a middle ground, we highly recommend going fully Paragon or Renegade for reasons we will reveal later on in the walkthrough.

Dialogue Wheel

Progression in the game hinges on gathering information from the various characters you meet throughout your adventure. The dialogue wheel makes this deep interaction with your NPCs entirely possible. The structure of the wheel itself is universal. Choices on the left side of the wheel normally are used to draw out investigative information from the subject. Paragon, neutral, and Renegade options are usually on the right side of the wheel, from top to bottom, respectively. These choices on the right side of the wheel advance the conversation toward conclusion. Once... 

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Glitch - Easy geth rifle

by master117 Mar 10, 2010

Play the game through the easyest difficulty , the right before you talk to the ilusive man about horizen switch diffculty to hardcore,and then save. after you beat horizen you will change the game disc to disc 2 after that go to the recrute tali mission and play through the mission on hardcore then right before you talk tali in the room shes in you will find a dead geth hunter right by the geth hunter you will find the geth rifle you always wanted. ( NOTE: this glitch is great for beating the game on insanity diffeculty)

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Unlockable - Achievements List

by cGub Dec 23, 2009

Missing in Action
Reward: 5 Points
Objective: Save your crew from an overwhelming attack

Very Elusive
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Return to active duty

The Convict
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Successfully recruit the biotic Convict

The Krogan
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Successfully recruit the krogan

The Archangel
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Successfully recruit Archangel

The Professor
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Successfully recruit the Professor

The Quarian
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Successfully recruit the quarian

The Justicar
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Successfully recruit the Justicar

The Assassin
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Successfully recruit the Assassin

Friend or Foe
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Obtain geth technology

Colony Defense
Reward: 25 Points
Objective: Defend a human colony from attack

The Prodigal
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Officer

Ghost of the Father
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Operative

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Gain the loyalty of the biotic Convict

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Gain the loyalty of the krogan

Fade Away
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Gain the loyalty of Archangel

The Cure
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Gain the loyalty of the Professor

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Gain the loyalty of the quarian

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Help the Justicar resolve her mission

Cat's in the Cradle
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Gain the loyalty of the Assassin

A House Divided
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Hack a geth collective

Ghost Ship
Reward: 25 Points
Objective: Complete the investigation of a derelict alien vessel

Suicide Mission
Reward: 50 Points
Objective: Use the Omega 4 Relay

Mission Accomplished
Reward: 125 Points
Objective: Save humanity throughout the galaxy from certain annihilation

Against All Odds
Reward: 15 Points
Objective: Survive suicide mission

Reward: 75 Points
Objective: Complete the game on the "Insanity" difficulty level without changing the setting

No One Left Behind
Reward: 75 Points
Objective: Keep your team alive through the suicide mission

Long Service Medal
Reward: 75 Points
Objective: Complete Mass Effect 2 twice, or complete it once with a character imported from Mass Effect 1

Reward: 50 Points
Objective: Successfully... 

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Secret - "Fun" with Jack

by wiz101master24 Nov 21, 2011

To have "fun" with jack you have to have her trust. Go to her and say i want to talk then i forget exactly what it says just pick the one in the top left corner then ask all the questions then leave. But she will stop you and ask you why your asking her questions from then on pick the one in the bottom right and if all works right you should have "fun" with jack.

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Unlockable - Bonus Experience, Resources, Paragon and Renegade Points

by mcc24 Jan 24, 2011

Start a new game in Mass Effect 2 using a profile from Mass Effect (1) and you'll get the following bonuses:

Here is a specific list of bonuses based previously earned Achievements and Levels gained in Mass Effect:

  • Import a profile with the Rich Achievement - 100,000 Credits
  • Import a Level 60 character - 10,000 of each Resource, 4,000 Experience Points (Start as a Level 5), 50,000 Credits
  • Import a Level 50 character - 2,000 Experience Points, 30,000 Credits, 5,000 of each Resource
Import a profile with the Rich Achievement100,000 Credits
Import a Level 60 character10,000 of each Resource, 4,000 Experience Points (Start as a Level 5), 50,000 Credits
Import a Level 50 character2,000 Experience Points, 30,000 Credits, 5,000 of each Resource
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Secret - Slightly Faster Planet Scanning

by tint01 Jan 24, 2011

Need to speed up scanning? I found that putting the scanner all the way to the right or left, and rotating the planet the same way speeds it up a lot.

The planet actually spins quite a bit faster that way. Quite simply push both sticks in the same direction. I start at the top of the planet, and "peel" it like an electric apple peeler. It's much faster than before.

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Unlockable - Probing Uranus

by drakonnan123 Jan 24, 2011

Head to the Local Cluster and scan Uranus. The first two probes you launch will result in "unusual" statements from EDI.

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Unlockable - Legion Does the Intergalactic Shuffle

by airhead777 Jan 24, 2011

Approach Legion in his quarters and highlight him but do not talk to him. He'll do "The Robot," the traditional dance of his ancestors.

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Secret - Romancing the Yeoman

by ominousicon Jan 24, 2011

If you chat it up with Yeoman Kelly Chambers often and choose to be kind to her you can instigate an "unusual" romantic encounter. You'll eventually be able to invite her to dinner. Additionally, you cannot let Kelly die in the final mission (choose a loyal escort for the crew in the final scene). After you beat the game, talk to Kelly and you'll receive an email from her. Go to your quarters and you'll be able to invite her up using your console. She'll appear and you'll be able to watch the evening's awkward events unwind. She's no Yeoman Rand, but she'll do.

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Code - Double Your Hacking Rewards

by Jan 24, 2011

Occasionally, after completing a hacking minigame for credits etc. you can press A repeatedly as the window closes and cause the game to glitch out and let you hack a second time -- for another chunk of credits! We've confirmed that this is rare, but it does work -- so get in the habit of mashing.

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Code - Max Out Skill Points

by charizard2394 Jan 24, 2011

To do this you'll need to have the Dominate skill, the Retrain Powers and Advanced Training upgrades and tons of Element Zero. You can get the Dominate Skill by recruiting Morinth (Samara's daughter), which means you have to sacrifice Samara in her own loyalty mission. A list of planets with Element Zero can be found below. First, purchase Advanced Training and choose Dominate. This will land you a bonus skill point, which you can use by instituting the Retrain Powers upgrade. Repeat this process for additional skill points -- one at a time!

Another technique by drenthez: This cheat works best when you have at least 10 available points. Simultaneously press X and A when choosing the fourth rank of an ability. This bumps up an ability to the next rank (fourth), but keeps any points spent to get there. For example: if you decide to do this when a rank is at level three, then it would cost 4 points which you would then be given back. When you do this using all 10 points on an ability, you get all of them back. Free Skill Points!

And finally, an addition by Dale Dearnley: If you do not press the X and A at the same time you can "Back" out and "Undo Talent Points". Go to the "Retrain Powers" menu. Retain and max out all powers using the above X and A cheat. Then go to the "Advanced Training" menu and buy a new power. It seems that a character can only have seven total powers at one time but you can buy the same power more than once so that a new one over rides an old one. Go back to the "Retrain Powers" menu and retrain all using the above X and A cheat, again. You will receive at least 50 extra Skill Points. If you up your skills in the "Squad" menu you will NOT get the extra Skill Points. This process can be repeated for more Skill Points.

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Code - Infinite YMIR Mechs

by laster Jan 24, 2011

(Unconfirmed) When you reach the point in the Freedom's Progress mission where you are told to place your teammates around the giant blast door, you can trick the game into spawning extra YMIR Mechs (Ed: But why would you want to ... ?). First, position your team accordingly, and watch the cutscene. You'll now be confronted by a Giant YMIR Mech. Instead of killing it, turn around, and head BACK through the blast door. This will glitch the game back before the cutscene. Place your team around the blast door again, and the cutscene will play. This will spawn an extra YMIR Mech. Repeat as many times as you wish, but more than three YMIR Mechs will most likely kill you!

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Unlockable - Respectable Quarian Names

by Jan 24, 2011

When asking Zaal'Koris about his funny name/ship name the "Qwib Qwib" (on the Quarian fleet vessel), the real joke hits when he mentions desiring a more respectable ship name like "Defrahnz" or "Iktomi." These two names would have yielded the following Quarian names: Zaal'Koris vas Defrahnz (vas deferens) and Zaal'Koris vas Iktomi (vasectomy).

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Unlockable - Legion's Gamer Stats

by mikeoh1119 Jan 24, 2011

At the end of 'The Lair of the Shadow Broker' downloadable content for Mass Effect 2, you'll find a terminal with all your teammates' dossiers on it. Including information only the shadow broker could get his hands on. You will find upon reading Legion's dossier that our favorite Geth happens to be quite the gamer. You can read a list of games he downloaded and even his scores and rankings on the leaderboards. There's even a bit where he is kicked for hacking some game, but he challenges the ban, and is let back onto the servers. I found this read to be worth a chuckle.

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Glitch - Infinite Squad Points

by cGub Mar 02, 2010

To get the Infinite Squad Points, you will need at least 4 available points and a power ready to be evolved to its 4th form. Go to the Squad Menu and instead of pressing A to evolve a power, press X + A. This evolves the power, while "undoing" points transfer at the same time, leaving you with having both results. Now, repeat. NOTE: to get maximized results, make sure you have 10 available points so you can repeat the whole thing over and over again in one single session without leveling up your character. This allows you to upgrade all skills.

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