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Mortal Kombat Review :

Mortal Kombat Story Review

by H473me May 09, 2011

I am new to this website but I am a long time Xbox gamer. I honestly haven't played a fighting game for years now and just happened to pick up this game. Well lets get into the review shall we. Mortal Kombat really brought out the original style of gaming. This is also my first ever video game review so cut me some slack.

Although I have yet to beat this wonderful game, I think I am still ready to review it. As I said, I am not a good fighter game player, so I did find it hard to pull off the combo moves. It is even harder to pull them off using the standard Xbox 360 controller. So I strongly recommend one of those joystick game pads, but only if you are into the whole fighter games.

If you aren't into extreme gory games you might want to watch out for this game. At one point a man gets both of his arms pulled out of his body and is left there to bleed. Personally I love gore so I got into this game pretty quick.

Anyways lets get into the meat of this review.

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5Story line
The story line within the game is decent. I find that it doesn't make all too much sense most of the time, but then again you have to remember that fighting games usually aren't made for an awesome story line.
The graphics are very good to my standards. In fighting scenes the blood and gore is amazing! I really love the X-ray moves that you can pull off in the game too. They look so good with these amazing graphics.
The overall sound is good, but I'd like to talk about the voice acting. The voice acting is done very well, but I would like to see some more variety with it. But the sound of peoples skulls getting crushed is still awesome ;)
Seeing that I had to use the actually standard Xbox 360 controller, it made the game VERY hard. I suggest if you are to buy the game, also buy one of those joy stick pads too. Although after getting back into the old button mashing the heck out of my controller routine, I got used to the game.
8Lasting Appeal
In the end Mortal Kombat is an amazing game. I don't usually play fighter games and still find it very fun to pick up and play. You should definitely buy this game if you're into cracking skulls and blood gushing from peoples spines.
(Out of 10)


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