N3: Ninety-Nine Nights Cheats

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N3: Ninety-Nine Nights Cheats :

This page contains N3: Ninety-Nine Nights cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing N3: Ninety-Nine Nights on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Complete all of Inphyy's missions.

by kingviper37 Apr 09, 2009

Weapon Locations:
L1: Temple Sword: Default

Klausorus: Attack power & range Plus 50%, Orb attack length plus 30 % - S rank reward at Eaurvarria Mountains.

L2: Bloody Rose: +15% to range - Chest near start of Eaurvarria Mountains - First N/W dead end.

L3: Blaze Sword: Attack and critical rate + 10%, Range +20% - Chest near Eaurvarria Mountains Boss.

Orb Sword: Range +25%, Orb appearance +15% - Chest in Outside Wyandeek mission. Center of goblin camp near a large boulder. Also found in Fort Wyandeek mission in the last area west path.

L4: Phoenix Blade: Range +30%, Attack + 20%, Defense and orb attack length +10% - Chest in the Fort Wyandeek mission. Final area at the end of east path.

L6: Amethyst Saber: Attack +40%, Critical +50%, Orb appear +10% - Chest in Ywa-Ue-Uar.

L7: Prominence: Attack range plus 50%, critical rate & orb gauge charge rate plus 30%, Trample attack power x2 A rank reward Pholya Flatlands.

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Secret - Complete all of Klarrann's missions.

by kingviper37 Apr 09, 2009

Complete the game as Klarrann

Weapons Locations:

L1: Antique Icon: Default. No bonus effects.

L2 Roar: Attack & range +10% - Kill the first troll you meet.

L3 Punishment: Attack power, Attack range and Defense all plus 20% - In bastide of Varrgandd get an A rank award.

Sentence: Attack, orb attack and orb spark gauge +50% - Bastide of Varrgandd save all the citizens then item drops.

L4: Sentinal: Attack & range +30%, critical rate + 20 - Chest in Fort Wyandeek. After passing the last gate into the final area it's in a nearby cul-de-sac to the west.

L5 Staff of slumber: Range +40%, Critical rate +100%. Kill all foes near start of stage in Pholya Flatlands.

Cane of Faith: range +40% Defense and Guard break +50% - Chest in Pholya Flatlands. On the southern edge of the map, it's on the east side near some trees.

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Secret - Complete the special mission.

by kingviper37 Apr 09, 2009

The special mission is Inphyys final mission against the king of nights. To unlock this secret mission, you must beat the game with every single character then load up Inphyys file. Once that has been done, look under Ywa-Ue-Uar and there should be a mission called Another World.

Beating the King of Nights can be fairly difficult if you dont know what youre doing. First things first, if you cant beat it, keep killing yourself and eventually the difficulty will be lowered. If you look at the loading screen it should show Mission Name Level # (the # states the difficulty. Lower the number the easier it is). Now, what you should do is make sure Inphyy is level 9 because you need the Seraph Butterfly move. After youve become level 9, start the mission and zip through the middle using dash. Dont stop to fight the army of night or branch off and do other things. Theres no point as it would consume too much time. If you have time to spare might as well do it. Once youve reached the king of nights, you will see Goblins and Trolls fighting him with an insane amount of army of night soldiers surrounding him. This is definitely a good thing (because of red orbs). What you want to do is make sure that your orb gauge is full, then pull off Seraphs butterfly. You have to make sure hes standing on the ground and not flying because if hes flying than it wont work at ALL. It could take anywhere from 3-7 hits to finish him off. If youre lucky youll find the armband that allows for no orb consumption while using deadly attacks. Also, make sure if you see those silver balls flying at you, Dash and dont stop because they hurt you real bad. Keep Seraph Butterflying while the king of nights is on the ground and you should finish in no time. Its not a difficult task at all once you get the hang of seraphs butterfly. You can also use your orb spark and itll do a very nice amount of damage to him.

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Secret - Complete all of Dwingvatt's missions.

by kingviper37 Apr 09, 2009

Complete the game as Dwingvatt

Weapons Locations:

L1: Twin fang: Default. No bonus effects.

L2: Assassin's dagger: critical rate + 20% - Chest in Bastide of Varrgand. Path on way to temple.

L3: Devil tooth: Attack +40%, range +80%, Speed +20%, Orb gauge charge +50% - Ice gate. Destroy a lamp(torch) post. At the main Ice gate's ... well gate (last area) hug the fortress wall and go east until you hit the mountains. Now follow the mountains north past 2 sets of 2 large pillars. A very little bit further (still hugging the mountains) you should find this elusive lamp post in a small almost hidden alcove. Destroy it with Orb spark (blue gauge) it should be in the base of the ruined Post.

Khukuri: Attack and range +20%, critical rate +10% - Chest in Bastide of Varrgand. Dead end West of Temple.

L4: Black Scimitar: Attack +40% range +30% - Chest in Ice gate. N/E of gate 5.

L5: Nemesis: Attack +40%, Defense and Critical rate +50% - Chest in Castle of Varrvazzar mission. When you have to kill the king and his three sons, head east until you run into some REALLY thick fog. Hidden in the fog is a chest containing Nemesis.

L6: Hell's Dagger: Attack & guard break +50%, Critical +100% - Chest in Pholya Flatlands. Going south from the center of the map it's near some pillars. Or conversely, going north from where you rescue Dwykfarrio it's near some pillars.

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Unlockable - Full List of Achievements

by kingviper37 Apr 09, 2009

There are only 10 achievements, but they give good score with a total of 1000 points.

Clear Inphyy (100 points)Complete all of Inphyy's missions.
Clear Aspharr (100 points)Complete all of Aspharr's missions.
Clear Myifee (50 points)Complete all of Myifee's missions.
Clear Tyurru (50 points)Complete all of Tyurru's missions.
Clear Klarrann (50 points)Complete all of Klarrann's missions.
Clear special mission (100 points)Complete the special mission.
Clear Dwingvatt (100 points)Complete all of Dwingvatt's missions.
Clear the mystery character (50 points)Complete all of the mystery character's missions.
Earn A-ranking in all missions (200 points)Earn A-ranking in every mission of every character.
Reach the highest level (200 points)Build every character up.
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Secret - Complete all of Aspharr's missions.

by kingviper37 Apr 09, 2009

Complete the game as Aspharr.

Weapon Locations:

L1: Temple Spear: Default. No bonus effects.

L2: Earth PikeAttack range & critical rate + 10% - Treasure chest in Eaurvarria Mountains. Northeast dead end.

Knight Lance: Attack& defense +20%, speed + 10% - Random drop in Eaurvarria Mountains. I got it after a 500 hit combo.

L3: Blue Lance: Attack Power + 10%, Attack range + 40 %, Critical + 30 percent, and speed plus + 15 % - Chest in Fort Wyandeek mission. Look behind your starting position.

Water Spike: Attack Power+ 20%, range up 30%, Orb appear + 15% - Chest in Castle of Varrvazarr mission. Located in the top right of the main area through a blinding blizzard. Make it to the end and youll see a chest.

L5: Bryunak: Attack power plus 70%, Speed and red orb appearance plus 30 %, Attack range plus 50% - Castle of Varrvazzar S rank award.

Crystal Spear: Attack + 30%, Range +50 %, Orb attack duration +20% - I got it in the upper left dead end in his Fort Wyandeek mission. It's the village where he and Inphyy have their moral discussion about civilians

L7: Neredis Spear: Attack range +40%, critical rate +50%, Orb gauge charge rate +30% -
S rank in Ywa-Ue-Uar

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Secret - Complete all of Myifee's missions

by kingviper37 Apr 09, 2009

Complete the game as Myifee

Weapon Locations:

Level 1: Double edge: Default. No bonus effects.

L2: Double sword: Range +15%, critical rate +10% - Felppe village, rescue 2 villagers first - chest behind church.

L3: Tornado: Attack +10%, Range + 20%, defense + 25% - Chest in Bastide of Varrgandd. South of main courtyard before you meet Tea Tea.

L4: Dual Crescent: Attack & critical rate +20%,Range +30% - Chest in Ice gate. North of Gate 4.

L5: Tempest: Attack & critical rate +60%, range +50%. Null critical damage received. -Bastide of Varrgandd. To get the Tempest, if you look at the last area (the huge open area) you see a trident shaped thing on the map. On the middle of that trident there is a circular shape. In the actual game there is a statue there. There should be a chest near that statue.

L6: Black Ox: Attack & range +40%, defense +20% - Chest in Everr Mountains. On the S/W path from your starting position.

L7: Ansalar: Attack & range +50%, Speed, orb attack and orb appear all +30% - Chest in Pholya flatlands. When you go to defend the bridge, it's a short distance N/E of the bridge.

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Secret - Complete all of Tyurru's missions.

by kingviper37 Apr 09, 2009

Complete the game as Tyurru

Weapon Locations:

L1: School Staff: Default. No bonus effects.
Wizard wand: Attack +10%, Critical rate +20% - Chest near North gate in Bastide of Varrgandd. W side, first dead end.

L2: Antique rod: Orb appear rate plus 20%, critical rate plus 40%, speed plus %10 - Bastide of Varrgandd get an A rank.

L3: Mana wand: Allies attack power +20%, Speed +10%, Orb attack& appear +30% - Eaurvarria Mountains chest..

Rainbow wand: Attack + 60%, Speen and orb appear rate +20% - Eaurvarria Mountains clear stage with 2,000 + kills.

L4: Prime Key: Attack & orb gauge charge +20%, critical rate +40%, Orb appear +10%. Chest in Fort Wyandeek - N path.

L5 Memory mace: Attack and Critical rate plus 50%, speed plus 20%, item drop rate plus 60% - Pholya flatlands achieve A rank.

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Secret - Reach the highest level

by kingviper37 Apr 09, 2009

This achievement is extremely deceiving. Most people assume that all you have to do is get every character to level 9 and youll get the achievement. Thats not true. What you really have to do is get every character to level 9 than re-beat the entire game (redo every single mission) with all 7 characters at level 9. I know its dumb but thats how it works. Some people think its a glitch but it isnt.

Where to level for each character:

Inphyy: Fort Wyandeek (explore all areas branching off)

Aspharr: Fort Wyandeek (explore all areas branching off)

Myifee: Pholya Flatlands (when you have to stop the goblins going across the bridge which is the area with the block rate, dont let the block rate hit 100.. just keep waiting and waiting until you get bored than finish it off)

Dwingvatt: Bastide of Varrgandd (make sure to kill as many guys as you can)

Tyurru: Pholya Flatlands

Klarrann: Pholya Flatlands (not a lot of kills but the orbs received are A LOT and it will save a lot of time instead of Fort Wyandeek)

Vigk Vagk: Pholya Flatlands (there is 4 bosses in this and you gain a lot of experience off them. Dont use Bastide of Varrgandd even though you receive more orbs, your experience doesnt add because the bosses drop 3 bonuses XP tombs and you get 12 in total. If you want to save time do Pholya Flatlands).

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Hints - Hints

by cGub Aug 29, 2006

Hint - Deus Ex Generalities
Some general hints for N3 players!

(1) The maximum level of a character is nine. More attacks are unlocked at higher levels, and more potent weapons (if acquired) may be equipped.

(2) Replaying a mission will slowly increase the potency of items (extrapolation from game manual).

(3) Items however, are partly randomized in chests and always randomized from dead enemies.

(4) Save slots track campaign progress and character development. Reserve one slot for each character!

(5) When you acquire a weapon or item, don't forget to equip it (Status Menu). Equipped items are organized by power level (Clover 2 will precede Life Globe 1 for example).

(6) Blocking is universal (and non-chipping). Block often against bosses or don't expect to survive.

(7) Orb Spark (blue) is very rare. If you have to forego an Orb Attack (red) to get more blue orbs or just to save up the Orb Spark for a boss or big conglomeration of enemies, do so.

(8) Troops are expendable. Use them or lose them.

(9) Allied officers are invulnerable. Use them to lure bosses while you attack .... from the back.

(10) Inphyy's final stage is impossible without some serious devotion. First, she needs her level 9 attack move. She also needs to achieve several S ranks across her stages -- this is because there's an item that lets Inphyy do red meter draining moves without draining the red meter. You will need that to defeat the ultimate enemy!
Hint - Curse Yourself And Be Stronger
Obtaining higher combos will unlock more powerful weapons. I was able to unlock the aegis charm 4 which raises your defense up by 80%. I was also about to obtain the Royal Flag (50% range attack & 20% Attack Power) and Royal Crown (Critical 50%).

The trick is to use those cursed items to weaken your character so you dont kill everyone in one hit. Each character has a level where you can rack up a huge combo. I got those items for Imphyy when I first reach a 9800 combo!

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