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Perfect Dark Zero Cheats :

This page contains Perfect Dark Zero cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 24 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 15 unlockables, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Perfect Dark Zero on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - HAWK Shield On Vehicle

by f-r-a-n Feb 04, 2011

Jo must have the Hawk weapon unlocked for those vehicle stages. Include it in her kit and head for the vehicle. Stand next to the vehicle and throw the HAWK weapon as far out as possible. Before it returns, board the vehicle and when the HAWK returns to Jo's atavism, pressing RB will activate the ballistic shield while Jo is riding.

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Secret - Zhang Li Boss Tip

by doppel_ganger12 Feb 04, 2011

An easy sure-fire way to whack this guy is to take a DEF-12 shotgun and any other weapon that is fairly accurate at long distances (any assault rifle or sniper rifle). Zhang Li will dance around the arena and rain on Jo's pretty young butt with death plasma. Evade the shots using Jo's dodge and when you have a clear shot, feel free to shoot back but only if you are sure of a hit.
Damaging the boss enough prompts a shift in attack pattern, and Zhang will hurl obstacles that are diffult to dodge due to the size involved. Simply go to the far end of the platform when Zhang is lifting the object and run (normally) to the other end when the object is thrown.
Continue the attack on Zhang and this prompts him to jump down to Jo's level and attack with the ViBlade. To counter this, dodge and Zhang will falter, dropping the weapon. Normally, you'd take the sword and hack, but it is better to shoot him full on with a double blast from the DEF-12. Zhang will begin his regeneration sequence once he jump back up. Shoot him with the long range weapon to stop his recovery process and Zhang falls back into the ring. Now take the ViBlade and start the hacking and it should be able to finish him off (or at least do serious damage) before he repeats his pattern.

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Unlockable - Viblade

by zakman123 Feb 04, 2011

Pick it up in Mansion Infiltration , and finish the level with it.

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Unlockable - Magnum (Pistol 1)

by tomcat Feb 04, 2011

You must pick it up in the Rooftops Escape.

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Unlockable - M60 (Heavy 3)

by aasdff Feb 04, 2011

You must pick it up during the Mansion Infiltration.

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Unlockable - KSI-74 (Assault 2)

by mclai Feb 04, 2011

You must pick it up in the Lab Rescue.

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Unlockable - Hawk Boomerang

by gago999 Feb 04, 2011

You must pick it up in the Trinity Infiltration.

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Unlockable - Frag Grenade (Thrown 1*5)

by ceader Feb 04, 2011

You must pick it up in the Nightclub Stakeout.

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Unlockable - Flashbangs (Thrown, 1)

by shiningsord Feb 04, 2011

You must pick it up at the Lab Rescue, River Escape.

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Unlockable - Falcon (Pistol 1)

by bottylicious Feb 04, 2011

You must pick it up at the Nightclub Stakeout.

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Unlockable - FAC-16 (Assault 2)

by corey Feb 04, 2011

You must pick it up at Trinity Escape (off dead ally, and finish the level with it.

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Unlockable - DW-P5 (SMG 2)

by Shine Feb 04, 2011

You must pick it up in Nightclub Stakeout, and finish the level with it.

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Unlockable - DEF-12 Shotgun

by wes5566 Feb 04, 2011

Pick itup in Nightclub Stakeout, and finish the level with it.

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Unlockable - Combat Shield

by greatguy990 Feb 04, 2011

Pick it up in Trinity Infiltraiton and finish the level with it.

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Unlockable - CMP-150

by tkessel1 Feb 04, 2011

Pick itup in Sewer Retrieval, and finish the level with it.

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Unlockable - Dark Agent

by hump_jojo Feb 04, 2011

Finish the game in Perfect Agent mode.

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Unlockable - Cheeky Monkey

by littlesal728 Feb 04, 2011

On the very first mission, when you get to the part where you let out the Camspy, look at Jo's butt. You should hear Chandra say "Why is the Camspy checking you out?"

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Code - Glitch - Underwater Exit (Fatal)

by stallin Feb 04, 2011

Start off Mission 7. This will be much easier if you do it on Agent. As soon as you start off against the Brothers, go down one floor so you're on the left side of the boat. You'll see these columns that you can take cover behind. Go up to the second one and take a gun without a scope, (Magnums, CMP-150s and Uzis work best) and press LEFT-TRIGGER, A, A really fast behind cover.
Soon you will enter the wall, and you then press LEFT-TRIGGER and A and COMBAT ROLL into the wall. This will send you underwater, allowing you to se the Trinity Base from the outside. Underwater. With no air supply. And you don't die.UNLESS you go to far off the rock ledge you fall on, in which case you will fall out of the map to your death.

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Code - Easter Egg - Jack Dark's Gun

by Curtis Harrison Feb 04, 2011

Unverified. Go to the very first level in the game. Play through it as normal until you get in that elevator takes you to the surface. As soon as you get to the end of the elevator ride, You will see Jack Dark (the guy with the magnum). As soon as you see him, free 1 slot in your inventory and get your fists up (up on the d-pad). Go up to him with your fists and press secondary fire (RB) to steal Jack's gun (His gun is no different than a regular magnum except it has a black handle, a black barrel, and 200 ammo instead of 75.).

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Code - Hint - Multi Achievements

by crashblades Feb 04, 2011

Eke out a few gamertag points by setting up a fake multiplayer game (local). The majority of killcount and games achievements can be unlocked with a non-moving training "dummy".

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Code - Friendly Fire Off (Ranked Matches)

by rowan and michael Feb 04, 2011

When creating a ranked game select deathmatch "dark-ops". When the scenerio is highlighted hold LEFT on the D-Pad while pressing GREEN. Cycle through until Eradication is showing again. Friendly fire should now be off. (Unverified)

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Secret - Good places for infection #1

by watchme789 Dec 22, 2009

On urban, the best hiding spot is the underground parking lot. Dont go to the garage, they can ambush you from both sides.

Desert on bases 3 & 4 is quite simple. go to either base and set mines, OR you can goto that little camps.(I surved in 1 of those small camps)

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Secret - Level 13, the battle

by watchme789 Dec 22, 2009

Need:viblade and a weapon with a scope

he'll jump around, shooting things and throwing columns, but shoot him.after a while of shooting, he'll jump on your platform. bring out the viblade, and hit him.he repeats everything above untill he dies. u need 2 hit him 7 times 4 him 2 die.

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Secret - During kill count

by s9672781z Oct 01, 2007

select desert and make ur customs all mines. When you start thr kill count, ur enemies will have "team killer" and u will win

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