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Prototype 2 Review :

Hell is just the beginning of a new NYZ

by David26 May 03, 2012

S'up guys. Dave 'ere. Prototype 2 is one of my favorite games ever. From choice of two missions, too free roam, black boxes, and different zones. This is one game that'll NOT stop giving. You are Sergeant James Heller, infected, and after your creator Alex Mercer. You want that a**hole dead! You have god-like powers including claws, tendrils, running up walls, gliding, and consuming. Yes, literally take somebody's body. Camouflage. Yes, smart. And Heller curses NON-STOP. Every single sentence "F**k! Sh*t! blah blah blah. let's begin. Shall we? Yes, we shall.

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10Story line
Story line is epic. You consume a whole load of people, and eventually, nah, no spoilers. It's very good. Get it now at local video game retailers! Best twists ever!
Amazing. I can't say anything else. Amazing. Amazing Amazing. Spectactular, nuthin you'd ever dream about.
It is brutal. "Argh! Ugh... Slice. Dice. Sickening but something you'll like at the same time. Cool huh?
Good free roam, good killing, good weapons(Which are mostly yourself) This game is the catchiest game today. All hail Radical and activision. They did a good job.
10Lasting Appeal
I am pleased with this game. I am sure you'll be too. Prototype 2, hopefully a best game of the year nominee. Dave, out.
(Out of 10)


David26    wrote on jun 25, 2012 4:41 pm

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