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Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Cheats :

This page contains Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - List

by cGub Mar 26, 2008

Hold RB and press Down, Down, Up, Up, X, B, X, B, Y, Up, Up, Y at the title screenMTAR-21 assault rifle
Pause game play in Single Player mode then hold LB and press A, A, B, B, X, X, Y, Y, A, B, X, Y.Super ragdoll effects
Pause game play in Single Player mode then hold LB and press X, B, X, B, click Left Analog-stick, Left Analog-stick, press Y, A, Y, A, click Right Analog-stick, Right Analog-stick.Third person view
Host an online match on Xbox Live. It can be any match type, as long as you are the host. After the game begins, press Start. Then hold LB and Left Analog-stick, Left Analog-stick, press A, click Right Analog-stick(2), press B, click Left Analog-stick, Left Analog-stick, press X, click Right Analog-stick, Right Analog-stick, press Y. The message "GiDoeJoe Mode" will appear on everyone's screen to confirm correct code entry. Alpha team will shoot blue lasers and Bravo will shoot red lasers.Laser bullets:
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Secret - Completing the Story Mode on Realistic difficulty.

by kingviper37 Apr 03, 2009

* Use your squad extremely wisely. For every step of the way and for every room, move them to cover ahead of yourself and wait until they have completely cleared the area before moving ahead. When all appears safe, you should still send them further into the room and toward your objective marker to make absolutely sure that there are no enemies remaining.

* Use snake cam to your advantage. You have the ability to tag enemies from here as well as move your squad around the room. You may find yourself skillfully clearing an entire room without leaving snake cam.

* Use the tagging feature to your advantage. Assuming you'll be keeping away from the action, try to find good cover from which you scan your crosshair across the battlefield, tapping LB frequently until you find enemies. You can use this to either clear a room faster or protect yourself and your squad from the more dangerous enemies.

* Try using the shield and pistol method. You unlock the shield by getting to the last level of Assault in ACES. See the "Weapon Collector" achievement for tips on how to level up faster. You can also pick up a shield in a mission and it will stay in your outfitting until you change it for something else.

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Secret - Rappel King Achievement

by kingviper37 Apr 03, 2009

You must be the one on the rope, it doesn't mean to kill other enemies that are suspended from ropes. This can be unlocked through a combination of campaign, terrorist hunt and adversarial... the first two being the easiest. When playing through the story mode you may find some places that you notice would be good for this achievement. Otherwise, a good map for doing it in terrorist hunt is Presidio. From the start, go to your left and on the rappel rope between two doors. Look back and forth between them and fire your gun a bit and enemies will start pouring out. Try to kill five or so each time and you will then likely die. Just restart the level and repeat until you get the achievement. Some other maps with rappel ropes are: CQB Training, Kill House and Streets.

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Secret - My Name is Sam Achievement

by kingviper37 Apr 03, 2009

You can attach a sound suppressor (silencer) to Assault Rifles, Pistols, Submachine Guns and some Snipers. You can try just working on this anywhere you want, but in the end Presidio comes out on top as the best spot to nab the achievement. Set up a terrorist hunt on any difficulty on Presidio. Attach your silencer by holding X and pressing LEFT on the D-PAD. From the start, go straight ahead, open the door on the left then turn around and quickly duck behind the pile of boxes that juts out from the wall. Hold UP on the LEFT THUMBSTICK so you're up above cover and wait for the enemies to start pouring out of the door you just opened. Aim your crosshair at head level and fire in bursts... you should get this on your first try.

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Secret - Natural Leader Achievement

by kingviper37 Apr 03, 2009

This achievement must be obtained through multiplayer adversarial, the game type being Team Leader.

How the game works:

If a leader kills another player, that player can no longer respawn. If a leader dies, the entire team can no longer respawn. If a leader gets to the designated extraction point, their team wins. If both leaders are dead, it becomes like a survival match and the last team standing gets the win. To become a leader, you must kill the other leader in the match beforehand and if nobody kills him it is chosen randomly. You get a credit toward the achievement if your team wins while you were the leader.

Getting this achievement without boosting:

Focus on killing the opposing leader, otherwise you will never get a chance to be one. Many people hide at the spawn if they are a leader and sometimes have a bodyguard with them. Therefore, try rushing to the spawn right away and throw grenades in corners in hopes for a kill. When you become the leader, the best action to take is to hide fairly far away from your spawn, ideally looking at the red extraction point to stop the enemy from reaching it. Encourage your team to kill the opposing leader while you hide and then have them finish off everyone else or try to rush to the extraction point if there's only one enemy remaining. Win twenty times while being the leader and you will get the achievement.

Getting this achievement with Boosting:

You will need 6 players, so find 5 other people willing to boost in the achievement trading thread.

Have someone host a player match with a max of 6 players and 5 private slots, doing Team Leader on Kill House. Take turns getting each person the achievement. You may want to split it into two turns per person where they get 10 wins each time so nobody leaves when they are done. Whoever's turn it is must first become the leader, so spend a round having them kill the opposing leader to get started. Then, have each team go to the rooftops or long catwalk on Kill House where the person getting the achievement quickly takes out the opposing team, it should only take 15 seconds. Have the host start the matches right away when they're over and you should get through everybody fairly quickly.

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Secret - Elite Achievement

by kingviper37 Apr 03, 2009

To get to the rank of Elite, you need 400,000 experience. Your experience gained is combined throughout single player campaign, terrorist hunt and multiplayer adversarial. Go to Rewards in the Main Menu to check your progress.

Here are some of the best methods to rank up:

Method 1

Find a bunch of people willing to boost.
Ideally, you will want to have enough for 5 on 5 to get the maximum possible exp... any more people will still net you the same exp.
Have someone host a Team Leader match (player, not ranked) on Kill House with enough private slots to prevent other people from joining.
In this game mode, with 10 players in the match, you will get 200 exp if your team kills the opposing leader, and an extra 200 exp if your team wins.
Therefore, you will want to switch between the team that is winning so everyone gets an equal amount of exp.
I suggest giving each team ten turns before you switch, to avoid confusion. Just make sure you're keeping track.
Both teams go to the roof or long catwalk and the leader of the winning team must die first. The leader of the losing team can see who he is, so have him kill him.
Once he's dead, the winning team then kills the entire other team.
This means the losing team still gets 200 exp, while the winning team gets 400.
After 20 matches which should take about 10 minutes if you're quick, everybody in the game will have received about 6000 exp.
That is the equivalent of killing 60 terrorists per minute on realistic difficulty... an impossible feat.

Method 2

Get your ACES levels up.
Every other level in ACES gives you a very large experience boost so it's highly recommended you max out all of your ACES levels.

Method 3

There is a story mode glitch that allows infinite respawns at a certain point in the story. See this [url=http://www.youtube.com/watchv=8AciKwatRpM]youtube video[/url] for how to do it. If you'd like to get this while you sleep, see this [url=http://www.youtube.com/watchv=mEYRmqIw4WQ]youtube video[/url] that requires you to have a wired controller (or play/charge kit) and tape the left trigger down to stay in cover. This way, the turret guy will not kill your teammates, but your teammates will kill them and you will get +5 for every time they kill the turret gunner. This is slower, but since you're sleeping while it is happening it is better than nothing.

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