Red Dead Redemption Review

 [ XBOX 360 ]

Red Dead Redemption Review :

Red Dead Redemption: An Old West Masterpiece

by pokemonmasterjustin Oct 12, 2010

One day I was bored, and I decided to play a little bit of Xbox 360. So I chose to play Red Dead Redemption, a game I haven't played in a while. Once I started playing, I was addicted. I just couldn't control myself. I've had this game for a long time, a truly outstanding and amazing game in many different ways. very suspenseful, and will leave you speechless with all the plots and twists that occur in the game. Just truly outstanding, and defiantly worth the money to buy it. I got the game almost as soon as it came out, after seeing all of the trailers, it looked like a good game. When I got it, MUCH BETTER THAN I THOUGHT! I've been playing that game ever sense, and it's still not getting old AT ALL!

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9Story line
Red Dead Redemption puts you in the shoes of John Marston, who lives in the Wild West while the old West is dying. While civilization is starting, he faces many problems and meets some new and old friends... along with new and old eneimies...
OUTSTANDING! Truley breath-taking graphics and views. It's like your actually there, riding horses and shooting other gunslingers! Easy 10!
Sound and music is what you would hear from an Old West movie. There are the sounds of a piano playing, eriee music, and much more!
The gameplay is described in one word... AWESOME! Many different towns, areas, and of course, weapons. Online multiplayer is also avaible in the game, and you can play in different modes, level up, and perstige! Another easy 10.
10Lasting Appeal
Like I said before, I've been playing this game for a while now... still not getting old! Yet another 10!
(Out of 10)


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