Red Dead Redemption Review

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Red Dead Redemption Review :

Men shooting each other.. Again. And there wearing hats.

by David26 Jul 31, 2012

Dave is back in the reviewing section once again with the IGN game of the year Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead Redemption is the most variable crime simulator since Grand Theft Auto IV. You can be the hero of the West, or the drop dead nightmare that's trigger happy, like me! Advancing through levels unlock new clothing, new weapons, (Dynamite! Woo Hoo!) and new locations. The leading character is John Marston, the Legend of the West, or the unknown shoot-first-talk-later guy of the West. Missions include hunting, (I'm crap at it) killing, harassing, forcing and gambling your heart out at saloons. Drink and be drunk, kill and be killed, sleep and, well, wake up. I have spoken, so let us review our review!

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9Story line
It is a compelling, twisting tale of love, hate and death in the depths of the dark underworld of crime in the Wild West.
The graphics are a huge(Massive) step for Rockstar. They have spent time and time again to complete such wonderfully looking games.
The gun shots are realistic in sound matter, and the screams of terror and the dying gasps for air are brilliant, as well as the music is compelling.
Is this game a rpg? Incredibly, not. It is the same as GTA, a crime sim. It came amaze you to think, but this should be graded as a Action/Adventure. Not that were complaining!
10Lasting Appeal
Rockstar has compelling stories that can blow your mind, but still keep a realistic feel. It is a game you should buy, and nowdays it's a cash-in! Cha-Ching! Peace out Homies! Dave is leaving the Review Section!
(Out of 10)


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