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Saints Row Cheats :

This page contains Saints Row cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 19 cheats in our list, which includes 8 cheats codes, 2 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 5 glitches, 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Saints Row on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Cheats

by cGub Sep 02, 2006

Phone Numbers: Cheats, Rides, Help, and Funny messages...
Pause the game and press the L or R Trigger until you reach your phone.
Select DIAL and enter one of the following numbers then press CALL.
NOTE: The ( ) and - symbols are automatically entered for you, you just need the number. The only symbols you're required to enter are the # or * if contained in a number. Warning: The codes that have # in front of them are considered cheats and you won't get achievements doing this. Password Effect
911 Ambulance (Restores Health)
#42637867 Unlock Special GameStop T-Shirt Cheat
(555) 018-0174 Eagleline Yellow (Taxi Service)
555-455-8008 TNA Taxi Service
555-5966 Eye for an Eye Voodoo
555-7296 On the Fence (Pawn Shop)
555-3863 Lik-a-Chick
555-6238 The Dead Cow
555-3493 Rim Jobs
555-9467 Legal Lee's
555-9473 Grounds for Divorce
555-5926 On The Rag Clothing
#AMMO Infinite Ammo
#10 God's Wrath (lightning strikes randomly)
#66639 Give money
1-555-ITS-OVER Suicide Hotline
555-2626 Stocks
555-3765 Brown Baggers
#SPRINT Infinite Sprint
#Rocket Enables "Give RPG Launcher"
#AS12Riot Enables "Give AS12 Riot"
#12Gauge Enables "Give 12 Gauge"
#Tombstone Enables "Give Tombstone"
#T3KUrban Enables "Give T3K Urban"
#GDHC50 Enables "Give GDHC .50"
#Shepherd Enables "Give .44 Shepherd"
#NR4 Enables "Give NR4"
#Pipebomb Enables "Give Pipe Bomb"
#Vice9 Enables "Give Vice 9"
#Knife Enables "Give Knife"
#Molotov Enables "Give Molotov Cocktail"
#Grenade Enables "Give Hand Grenade"
#AQUA spawn the Aqua car
#268 Spawns an Ant
#2855364 Spawn a Bulldog
#732737 Spawns a Reaper (Hurst)
#78682 Spawns a Quota
#3378469 Spawns a Destiny
#22766 Spawns a Baron
#7288537 Spawns a Rattler
5552445 Chicken Ned
#bulldozer Spawn bulldozer
#fullhealth Full Health
#sunny clear skies
#shogun Shogun in garage
#66732374 Spawns a Nordberg in your garage
#262852623 Spawns an Anbulance in your garage
#746486 Spawns a Shogun in your garage
#5878423 Spawns a Justice in your garage
#867839 Spawns a Vortex in your garage
#936484 Spawns a Zenith in your garage
#882727 Spawns a Tuasar in your garage
#267667 Spawns a Cosmos in your garage
#566636 Spawns a Komodo in your garage
#pimpcane Gives a pimpcane shotgun
#nocops No Cop Notoriety
#nogangs No Gang Notoriety
#Nightstick Enables "Give Nightstick"
#936484 Enables "Give Zenith"
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Easter Egg - Street Soccer

by ckjkj Apr 09, 2010

This is a fun and easy easter egg. First you have to be able to find the rollers mantion. (Uncle Will's) Its located West and if you have unlocked this as your crib it should be even more easy.
Go to the mantion then go to the back with the garage or you can just try to find a easy was on the roof. then get to the top wher you see a chiminy. get in the chiminy and ther is a soccer ball waiting for you. you can have fun just by kicking it around!

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Unlockable - $1000,FBI car, ferdelance ,mcmanus, nocops, infite ammo and no gangs cheats for staintsrow by MR360

by MR360 May 11, 2009

You need to go to phone clik dial the enter the code (all code's start with #)

money $1000enter #66639
ferdelance will sporn to garageenter #3373352623
FBI will sporn to garageenter #324
no cop noitoryenter #662677
no gang noitoryenter #6642647
infinite ammoenter #2666
McManusenter #6262687
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Cheats - Free cars/and free guns

by Unregistered Feb 05, 2007

enter the cheats in between the ""in your phone.
free aqua"#aqua"
free compton"#compton"
free vegas(yes its a car)"#vegas"
free voxel"#voxel"
free well you get it any cars name after "#" but if its name has a "z" you can not do this it also doesnt work on big rigs,bulldozers,or busses
the same applys to guns but no spaces in eithers names.

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Secret - Car Warp

by ckjkj Apr 09, 2010

Instead of wasting time going in a car through the door, all need to do is hop on top of the car and press YELLOW you will be instantly teleported into the driver's seat. This really helps when stuck in a shoot out and you need to leave quickly.

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Glitch - Teleport Into a Car!

by darkcheatr Aug 11, 2011

It's simple, you just jump onto the top of the car you want to steal, then you just press Y ( if it is Xbox) or Triangle ( If PS3) and there you have it

I think its perfect for taking Hostage! : D

My name on Xbox LIVE is A L3TH4L PIG and yes it is a clan.

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Code - Newly Discovered cheat

by matijohn10 May 27, 2011

On the Start Menu, Press LB or RB until you reach your cell Phone, then Select Dial and Dial:#778 (Repairs Your Current Vehicle)If this Cheat Does Not Work, Please Inform Me

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Code - Own Exotic Cars for Free

by rahulg May 27, 2011

If you're like me and are tired of using cheats to get everything you want, then here are a few ways you can get some very expensive cars without having to buy them.Now remember, these places where you can find them vary on different saved games, so don't always expect to find them.One place you can find a Zenith is if you go to the strip club in the Suburbs District and either just wait until a Zenith appears in the back left parking lot to the side of the strip club, or do the escort activity and get them a lot faster.There is another Zenith by the Snatch right beside the Strip club in the Red Light District. Way in the back of the parking lot, there sometimes is a Zenith waiting for you there. You can get it faster by doing the snatch.You can find an Attrazion in the alley way in the High End Retail if you follow the cobblestone road until they meet and go straight a little and look left, and it will be there sometimes. You can get it faster if you do the mayhem activity.There is another Attrazion you can get if you do the demolition derby and exit it after one level, and sometimes in the parking lot, a Attrazion should be waiting there.I'll look for more and post later.Enjoy!!!

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Code - Posession with intent mission hint

by zcb2006 May 27, 2011

this mission is a pain, so to make it easier to beat drive the trailer to the closest "Forgive and Forget" and the police will be off your is worth the $500.00 to make the mission as pain free as possible.

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Code - Secret Homie

by jester953 May 27, 2011

When you complete all of the missions to do with the Los Carnales gang, you can recruit a new special kind of gang member. his name is Bob and he will be walking around the first gang crib you took over.This can be a good cheat because if you take him to another gang area they won't attack him.

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Code - Vehicle Cheats

by teago May 27, 2011

Need a pimp mobile to win that race? Gangs blowing you up? Simply want to own those streets? Vehicle cheats galore!Pause the game and scroll right until you get to the Cell phone. Dial these numbers:Give Anchor - #AnchorGive Aqua - #aquaGive Baron - #baronGive Betsy - #betsyGive Bulldog - #bulldogGive Bulldozer - #bulldozerGive Cavallaro - #cavallaroGive Compton - #comptonGive FBI - #FBIGive Fer De Lance - #ferdelanceGive Five-0 - fiveoGive Gunslinger - #gunslingerGive Halberd - #halberdGive Hammerhead - #hammerheadGive Mag - #magGive Newman - #newmanGive Quasar - #quasarGive Rattler - #rattlerGive Shogun - #shogunGive Taxi - #taxiGive Traxxmaster - #traxxmasterGive Voxel - #voxelGive Zenith - #zenithPlease note that Achievements are disabled when you use cheats!

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Code - Vehicles

by earthtaker May 27, 2011

Press Start and Go to the cellphone and dial:BullDog - #2855634The Job - #843562Reaper - #732737Fer de Lance - #3373352623More Coming Soon

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Code - Zombie Lin

by sumeguy May 27, 2011

After the mission where Lin dies you can revive her and she will be added to your Homies. To do this just call Eye-for-an-Eye,555-5966Sh e will arrive in a pimped out hearst and will attack people with her own arm.

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Code - Some saints row cheats

by Yungahyungz Feb 25, 2011

There are loads of saints row cheats BUT IM GONNA GIVE YOU ALL I KNOW

To start getting codes go to the start menu and click RT until you get to the phone then go to dial and type one of the following

#337335263Ferdelance car
#66639Give cash
#10Wrath of god
#11111Set time to midnight
#11112Set time to noon
#762538Give rocket launcher
#83587226Give T3K-Urban
#84239Give Vice-9
#6656868Give Molotov Cocktail
#3855432584Full Health
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Secret - Making Armed Robbery Work For You

by ckjkj Apr 09, 2010

To get a bit more money from hold-ups in the various shops located around the city, make sure to hit up the cash registers on your way out. And if you do it MY way, you'l get away with no police attention.

Get the money from the safe and kill the clerk. Make sure that you kill them with melee weapons and not by shooting them or there's a good chance you'll set the alarm off. If there's anyone else in the store (I've only done this with 1 patron, not 2), do them the same way. Beat the snot out of them to make sure they can't set off the alarm and then take one of your guns and shoot the registers. At least ONE of them will always drop some bills and change.

If you're going to do this, make sure you don't have a homie with you that may pull out their gun and start shooting. Once they fire their weapon, the police will be notified.

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Glitch - City Sights, City Lights

by ckjkj Apr 09, 2010

This glitch can be used in single player.This will allow you to get on tall buildings. This glitch wont really help you but its a fun glitch to do. Find a police car. Then find a large building with a flat wall(may be hard to find one but there are some).

Manage to get the police car side ways on the wall. You can usually do this by ramming the wall with the side of your car. Once you do this, drive forward and up. You will begin to climb the wall. Once you reach the top edge of the building, the car will lean forward. When it does then get out -- sometimes the car will not make it up with you. Now you will be at the top of the building, and if it is tall enough you can view thw whole city all around. Enjoy!

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Glitch - Train track glitch

by mitchyboii Feb 01, 2010

One day I went up a ramp and hit the top of a train track and my car got stuck underneath It I used a police car to do it. I was a fluke

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Glitch - Weird thing

by Unregistered Aug 26, 2008

i was playing and got chased by cops. i hopped into a cement truck and drove off and for some reason,the cement truck vanished and i was sitting ON AIR!!!! and i couldnt move but was INVINCIBLE!!!! weird huh?

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Glitch - Fast car hitch

by charizard-dialga Aug 25, 2008

this glitch lets you get in to a car insplit second just jump on the bonnet of a car any car as long as u actually can and press y u should fall throgh the roof this is much easier for hostage missions

hope u like it

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Secret - Zip Guns For Free

by ckjkj Apr 09, 2010

If you enter Rim Job's in the starting area, make the shop keeper set off the alarm by firing your gun. The police will come to take you away but the uniforms apparently can't enter the garage.

This is great (unless it is patched). You can hide on the corners and pick off the police as much as you like and they can't touch you. The only time you are in danger will be if you're in the open. Once your health gets low, just duck back behind the corner and heal up.

This is a cheap and easy way to get weapons and ammo for free. After killing a few cops, wait for a break in the action and then dash out and scoop up the weapons and cash they've left behind. I managed to max out on pistol rounds, shotgun shells and SWAT rifle ammo in almost no time at all. Once you've had enough you can run into the office and wait out your wanted timer until the cops leave. How's that for street smarts

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Unlockable - Pimpcane Shotgun

by ckjkj Apr 09, 2010

The Pimpcane Shotgun can be easily acquired by dialing the number pimpcane on your cellphone.

Pimpcane Shotgundial the number “pimpcane” on your cellphone
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