Saints Row 2 Cheats

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Saints Row 2 Cheats :

This page contains Saints Row 2 cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 16 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 1 password, 3 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 3 glitches, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Saints Row 2 on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Player Abilities

by cGub Oct 15, 2008

Cheat mode:
Pause game play, then access the cell phone. Choose the "Dial" option, then enter one of the following numbers, including the # symbol, and press "Send". A message will confirm correct code entry. Then, go to "Cheats" and select the now unlocked option.

Full Health#1
Increased Car Mass#2
Increased melee damage#3
Add Police Notoriety#4
Player Pratfalls (Press L1 or R1 to fall)#5
Infinite Sprint#6
Never reload, except for RPGs#9
Infinite Ammo#11
Heaven Bound#12
Add Gang Notoriety#35
Never Die#36
No Cop Notoriety#50
No Gang Notoriety#51
I Am Giant#200
Itty BittyItty Bitty
Gain $1,000#2274666399
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Secret - Air strike!!!

by Joconnell666 Nov 27, 2008

1st.)Get an anhialator R.P.G
2nd.)get ammo (atleast six rockets)
3rd.) go somewhere where theres a open sky (where thers not alot of buildings high in the sky)
4th.) shoot 3 shots up in to the sky about half a second appart
5th.) after you shoot them into the air wait a second then point it at the ground and keep it there
6th.) watch as your 3 rockets come soaring down where your pointing and look like custom air strikes

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Glitch - Instantly warp into any vehicle

by cGub Oct 21, 2008

Jump on top of any vehicle (moving or not, including police vehicles) and press Y to instantly kick the driver out and appear in the driver's seat

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Glitch - No topless OR bottomless

by Unregistered Oct 20, 2008

OMG! I found a really weird glitch for your girl/guy. I have only tried this with a girl, but you can make her topless or bottomless but not both. What you do is get one of those one piece swim suit things, I think they are at impressions, then change into that. Next you put on either under wear or a bra, and Tah-Dah! no pants or shirt! It blurs everything thing out, so sorry! LOL! =)

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Code - Saints row 2 codes

by scarzookboy Jul 29, 2010

While in game, press start and go to phone, then click dial and enter these (including the #):
All cheats disable achievements...

Player ability-Full Health#1
Car mass (increased car mass for harder collisions)#2
Milk bones (increased melee attack damage)#3
Add Police Notoriety (+1 star to police wanted meter)#4
Player Pratfalls (press LB or RB to fall)#5
Infinite Sprint#6
Unlimited Clip (never reload, except for RPGs)#9
Infinite ammo#11
Heaven Bound (killed bodies float upward)#12
Add Gang Notoriety (+1 gang attack level)#35
Never Die#36
No Cop Notoriety#50
No gang notoriety#51
I Am Giant (become very tall)#200
Itty Bitty (become very short)#201
Give Cash (gain $1,000)#2274666399
Repair Car (fixes car, boat, and helicopter damage)#1056
Bag boy#1046
septic avenger#1070
stillwater municipal#1072
the job#1075
venom classic#1079
Horizon(commercial helicopter)#711
Snipes57(private jet)#712
Tornado(police chopper with guns)#713
wolverine(plane with gun)#714
Gyrodaddy helicopter#4976
Peewee minibike#7266837
Weapons-12 Gauge#920
44 Sheperd#921
AR50 W/Launcher#924
Baseball Bat#926
Fire extinguisher#928
Holt 55#934
K6 Krukov#935
Pipe bomb#945
RPG Annihilator#947
Samurai sword#948
satchel charges#949
Shock paddles#950
T3K Urban#954
Tire Iron#955
Vice 9#957
Pimp Slap#969
Weather- Wrath Of God#666
Heavy rain#78666
Light rain#78668
Clear skies#78669
Normal weather#78670
World-Super Explosions#7
Supersaints (almost invincibile Homies and Saints with better weapons)#8
Drunk Pedestrians#15
Evil Cars(drivers run you over)#
Low Gravity#
Pedestrian war (pedestrians and drivers fight)#
Raining Pedestrians (people spawn and fall from sky but die on the ground)#

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Unlockable - Homies

by blazing-water Aug 26, 2011
Unlockable:How to unlock:
One followerSuccessfully complete Prologue, Mission 4.
Two followersReach 25% hoods conquered.
Three followersReach 50% hoods conquered.
Jane ValderamaPerform 50 muggings.
Johnny GatSuccessfully complete Ronin, Mission 11.
Legal LeeSuccessfully complete Fight Club, Level 3 in Prison.
PierceSuccessfully complete Brotherhood, Mission 11.
ShaundiSuccessfully complete Sons Of Samedi, Mission 11.
TobiasSuccessfully complete Sons Of Samedi, Mission 3.
TroySuccessfully complete Fight Club, Level 6 in Prison.
Vehicle delivery for $1,000Successfully complete Escort, Level 3 in Red Light District.
Vehicle delivery for freeSuccessfully complete Escort, Level 6 in Red Light District.
Zombie CarlosSuccessfully complete all Brotherhood missions, then call Eye For An Eye.
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Easter Egg - Secret islands

by blazing-water Aug 26, 2011
Fly far off the west coast of the prison to find five secret islands. Their names are "Bone", "Lookout", "Ruins", "Ship Wreck", and "Super Secret".
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Easter Egg - Easy cash

by blazing-water Aug 26, 2011

Find and store a few armored trucks in your garage. When they are destroyed, they will respawn in your garage again. Blow a truck up, and you should get a decent amount of money. After collecting the money, go back to your garage, and get the truck again. It may cost $600 for repairs, but you should get at least $1,000 for destroying one.

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Code - Tank

by Alex4915 Apr 20, 2011

Gives u a awesome tank with triple barrow. and helicopter

x,x,x,y,x,up,down,right,l eft.Tank
x,x,up,up,Y,Y,left,RT,LT.helicopter with tank cannons
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Code - Vehicles + Special Vehicles. (Excluding downloadables)

by ArceusFromSaintsM4 Apr 22, 2010

Activating these cheats will disable your ability to accomplish XBOX LIVE Achievments. Remember to put a pound sign (#) before the corrosponding number is typed.


Ambulance: 1040
Anchor: 1041
Atlasbreaker: 1042
Attrazione: 1043
Backdraft: 1044
Backhoe: 1045
Bag Boy: 1046
Baron: 1047
Bear: 1048
Bootlegger: 1049
Bulldog: 1050
Bulldozer: 1051
Compton: 1052
Eiswolf: 1053
FBI: 1054
Five0: 1055
Hollywood: 1057
Horizon: 711
Justice: 1058
Kaneda: 801
Kenshin: 802
Kent: 1059
Melbourine: 803
Miami: 826
Mixmaster: 1061
Mongoose: 1062
Oring: 1063
Phoenix: 1073
Python: 827
Quasar: 1065
Quota: 1066
Rampage: 1067
Raycaster: 1068
Reaper: 1069
Sabretooth: 804
Sandstorm: 805
Septic Avenger: 1070
Shaft: 1071
Shark: 828
Skipper: 829
Snipes 57: 712
Stilwater Municipal: 1072
Superiore: 1073
Taxi: 1074
The Job: 1075
Titan: 1076
Toad: 1077
Tornado: 713
Varasity: 1078
Venom CLassic: 1079
Vortex: 1080
Widowmaker: 806
Wolverine: 714
Zenith: 1081

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Password - Player Ability

by Travguy Apr 06, 2009

Pause the game and then got to the cellphone. Then click dial.

Note: You can not get achievements when using cheats.

#1Full Health
#2Car Mass (increased mass for harder collisions)
#3Milk Bones (increased melee attack damage)
#4Add Police Notoriety (+1 star to police wanted meter)
#5Player Pratfalls (press LB or RB to fall)
#6Infinite Sprint
#9Unlimited Clip (never reload, except for RPGs)
#11Infinite Ammo
#12Heaven Bound (killed bodies float upward)
#35Add Gang Notoriety (+1 gang attack level)
#36Never Die
#50No Cop Notoriety
#51No Gang Notoriety
#200I Am Giant (become very tall)
#201Itty Bitty (become very short)
#2274666399Give Cash (gain $1,000)
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Easter Egg - Saint bunny

by Daniel26 Feb 09, 2009

as you may know there are certain islands not on the map. on each island there is a sign. follow thw signs and explore each island. then you will find the purple bunny emerge from the water. this is what i call the gang bunny.

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Unlockable - In-Game Unlockable

by cGub Oct 17, 2008

Complete the Following

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Ronin Notoriety ReducedDrug Traffickingf Level 3 (Hotel and Marina)
Pumped UpFight Club level 3 (Arena)
Pumped UpFight Club level 6 (Arena)
Sprint IncreasedInsurance Fraud level 3 (Factories)
Sprint Increased (Unlimited)Insurance Fraud level 6 (Factories)
Reduced bullet damageHeli assault level 3 (Bario)
Health Regeneration 2xSnatch level 3 (Chinatown)
Health Regeneration 3xSnatch level 6 (Chinatown)
Brotherhood MeleeComplete Brotherhood Mission 6
Ronin MeleeComplete Ronin Mission 6
X2 Ultimax (Shotgun)Drug Trafficking level 3 (Airport)
Kobra (Pistol)Fuzz level 3 (Projects)
Unlimited Pistol AmmoFuzz level 6 (Projects)
Donnie's VehicleComplete Brotherhood mission 2
Gang Customization Cars15% hoods conquered
Gang Customization Cars45% hoods conquered
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Unlockable - Ultor Exposed DLC Achievements

by cGub Apr 21, 2009

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Meta-Gamer (20)Play the Co-op Mission game once
MVP (25)Win the Co-op competitive mission game 5 times
Party Time (25)Host or play in a party match on Xbox LIVE
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Glitch - Enter Any Vehicle Instantly

by cGub Oct 23, 2008

To enter any vehicle in the game instance, you must first get on top of the vehicle (most easily accomplished with cars, and more difficult with other vehicles but still possible). Simply hit triangle to enter the vehicle as you normally would and you will instantly be inside the driver's seat. Works on unoccupied and occupied vehicles.

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Code - General cheats list

by calantcro Oct 18, 2008

Saints Row 2 Cheat: General Cheats List

Insert the cheats below into your in-game cell phone. Once the number is accepted, head to the in-game cheats menu and activate the unlocked cheat. Keep in mind that using cheats will disable your ability to fulfill achievement requirements. (Put a pound sign [#] before any number you insert).

Add Gang Notoriety - 35
Add Police Notoriety - 4
Car Mass Hole - 2
Full Health - 1
Get $1,000 - 2274666399
Heaven Bound - 12
I Am Giant - 200
Infinite Ammo - 11
Infinite Sprint 6
Itty Bitty - 201
Milk Bones - 3
Never Die - 36
No Cop Notoriety - 50
No Gang Notoriety - 51
Player Pratfalls - 5
Repair Vehicle - 1056
Unlimited Clip - 9

Saints Row 2 Cheat: Vehicle Cheats

To unlock the following vehicles, insert the cheats below into your in-game cell phone. Once the number is accepted, head to the in-game cheats menu and activate the unlocked cheat. Keep in mind that using cheats will disable your ability to fulfill achievement requirements. (Put a pound sign [#] before any number you insert).

Ambulance - 1040
Anchor - 1041
Atlasbreaker - 1042
Attrazione - 1043
Backdraft - 1044
Backhoe - 1045
Bag Boy - 1046
Baron - 1047
Bear - 1048
Bootlegger - 1049
Bulldog - 1050
Bulldozer - 1051
Compton - 1052
Eiswolf - 1053
FBI - 1054
Five0 - 1055
Hollywood - 1057
Horizon - 711
Hurricane - 825
Justice - 1058
Kaneda - 801
Kenshin - 802
Kent - 1059
Mag - 1060
Melbourne - 803
Miami - 826
Mixmaster - 1061
Mongoose - 1062
Oring - 1063
Phoenix - 1064
Python - 827
Quasar - 1065
Quota - 1066
Rampage - 1067
Raycaster - 1068
Reaper - 1069
Sabretooth - 804
Sandstorm - 805
Septic Avenger - 1070
Shaft - 1071
Shark - 828
Skipper - 829
Snipes57 - 712
Stilwater Municipal - 1072
Superiore - 1073
Taxi - 1074
The Job - 1075
Titan - 1076
Toad - 1077
Tornado - 713
Varsity - 1078
Venom Classic - 1079
Vortex - 1080
Widowmaker - 806
Wolverine - 714
Zenith - 1081

Saints Row 2 Cheat: Weapon Cheats

To unlock the following weapons, insert the cheats below into your in-game cell phone. Once the number is accepted, head to the in-game cheats menu and activate the unlocked cheat. Keep in mind that using cheats will disable your ability to fulfill achievement requirements. (Put a pound sign [#] before any number you insert).

12 Gauge - 920
44 Shepherd - 921
AR200 - 922
AR50 - 923

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