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Saints Row: The Third Review :

Saint's from hell! SR3 Review

by David26 Mar 19, 2012

Saints Row The Third. Once a game I highly overlooked, and I regret overlooking it now. Made for fun, most of it nowhere near realism. DLC's including you to be a flying Panda, or a giant rubber band ball crushing stuff. Such a great game. Development of SR4 is on its way, but, you came here for Third. Crash planes, shoot elderly people, chainsaw a**'s What ever. Come on and let's get reviewing. Are you reviewing?

Really??? No!!!!!!!! Yes!!! sigh. Sorry i just got dumped. Get all sad and stuff.

Saints Row the third is obviously the sequel to SR2. The good thing bout two is you were able to dress up like masta chief. I miss the days.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
7Story line
Story line? What story line? It's missions! Randomness is the main aim in this game. Start off robbing the bank, end off ???(No spoliers) Go skydiving in a tank, hear the great Johnny Gat get-*sniff* get killed. *sniffle* Beat the motherf***ing crap out of Killbane. This game has no story line.
Good, ain't super amazeballs, but you'll go along with the ride. If you want to. If you need too, if you have to. Excuse me, i'm just fitting more than a hundred characters.
From, "You motherf***ers to A**hole to explosive bullet shots to the deaths crackle of machine guns(RIP Gat)to....... Good sound.
Hostage taking, assassinatin' snappin' necks, shooting gun's, Gat gone(RIP Gat again)Killbane beatin' chainsaw slashin', to the motherf***ing Stag to the last mission's tension.
9Lasting Appeal
Buy the game. Cause it's a good game pleeze look at my review. If so, leave a comment of like it or whatever. I've got Saint's to play
(Out of 10)


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