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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review :

Short of the mark

by Custard Jan 04, 2011

Step into the yowie suit of a elite sniper as part of a special forces group. A small nation of U.S. interest is having regime trouble, and your group has been tasked to restore order. Stealth, surprise, and accuracy are your profession. Become the best, be the deadliest.

Most anyone who likes guns, warfare, and FPSers in general can agree that snipers are cool. That lone-wolf super-deadly hidden-weapon 'kill you before you know what's happened' kind of cool that makes people want to play as them. That's the kind of attitude I expected from this game, but it really didn't deliver. I myself have always been a fan of the marksman class - preferring the skill over firepower, brains over brawn style. Yet, Sniper: Ghost Warrior has seemingly lost that touch. Succeeding in feeling more like a chore, and less like an exercise of talent. The best part of this game, the 'Bullet Cam', is a novel inclusion. But it isn't nearly original nor integral enough to redeem much at all. It felt like the designers pieced the entire gameplay together from what other games had already done. It just lacked anything new or outstanding. This may arise in your mind the dilemma; "But, how could that be? There isn't really any other mainstream sniper dedicated games out there". Unfortunately, the answer is simple. This didn't feel like a sniper dedicated game. Indeed, as I progressed through the game completing mission after mission of non-sniper warfare I started feeling bitterly let down. Whether it be taking on the role of the assault team, riding the turret on a truck, or just sneaking around for generally non-sniper purposes; It felt far too out of place in a game titled "Sniper". It was like the game designers felt like they needed to add diversity in the gameplay. If that were the case I would agree with them, but it felt like they did it all wrong. The sniping itself could have used more attention in design, it seemed there had been no thinking outside the box here. "Follow linear paths to your objective. Spot any guards before you walk into them. Shoot down at the enemies." That was the summary to most of the sniping in the game. I would have thought, with games like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare setting a bar with it's sniper mission, that this game could surpass it. Unpredictability, suspense, clever placement of plot events, and a good balance of skill required - all absent from this game. Though, not to say this game took no skill - it just assigned it to the wrong areas. The AI were terrible. At times you could shoot dead a man standing two feet in front of another man without alerting the second man, and at other times you could be shot dead yourself with little warning by enemies with assault rifles, hundreds of yards away. They were also quite good at maneuvers such as shooting you while continually pointed in another direction, and spotting you at ridiculous distances in total disregard of your 'walking bush' masquerade. It could become very tedious in stalking missions that required you to move through enemies bases undetected. Made even worse by shoddy checkpoints, it is a disastrous recipe for any gamer - repeating the same section, over and over again. And still, it gets worse; For the plot is here, and it pushes Sniper: Ghost Warrior off the cliffs of uncertainty and into the abyss of unenjoyment. Cheesy, too predictable, and overall uninteresting - it pretty much bums out on all levels; Not to sound like I've got a vendetta against the game, which I don't. It was just never gripping, and while it was easy enough to follow it just hardly felt worth it. Luckily there's an alternative, the online multiplayer. Though held back by the weak gameplay elements, it still has a bit more promise than the campaign mode, and adds a bit more replay value to the game as well. So there you have it; a choppy and unattractive game in my books. I wouldn't recommend it to friends.

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4Story line
The storyline doesn't even hold it's ground. It kind of had a domino effect on the whole experience too, since the lame objectives were just frustrating to battle through to.
A nice looking game, best part of it in my opinion. The 'Bullet Cam' was a treat, it's just a shame it didn't go off more. The water looked nice until it rained and the ground looked like a glitch, or you walked through it and it had no physical effect on it.
The sound was about average by my standards. I don't remember any gunshot echos or anything outstanding. Most of the voice acting was pretty corny, but the voice of "Mother 2" was nice.
Gameplay was rather a disappointment. From the details such as switching weapons and climbing ladders to the very overall quality of the environments - it all seemed rather poorly done. It was just missing something, that refining of a game that makes the great ones great.
5Lasting Appeal
The campaign has no appeal past one playthrough, or in some peoples case, probably half a playthrough. The secrets littered through the game are intel related to the plot, which removes any desire to search for them. The multiplayer would be the place to go if you want to spend time on this game.
(Out of 10)


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