Star Trek: Legacy Achievements

 [ XBOX 360 ]

Star Trek: Legacy Achievements :

This page contains Star Trek: Legacy Achievements list for XBOX 360 version.We have description of 36 Achievements right now. Also you can find at this page guides about reaching these Achievements are written by our users. Of course you can make some own guides for any Star Trek: Legacy Achievements.

Starfleet Academy Graduate

By completing the tutorial mission, you have proven yourself as an officer of Starfleet.

Glorious Victor

You won your first battle against opponents.

Captain Archer Award

You have completed all the missions in the Enterprise era.

T'Pol Award

You completed the Enterprise era without losing a single ship.

Chain Reaction

You delivered the killing blow to more than one ship with a single torpedo.

Liberator of Makus

You captured all starbases in "The Squeeze".

Tyburn Shockwave

You disabled at least 12 ships in "Stirring the Hive".

Admiral Kirk Award

You have completed all the missions in the Original Series era.

Spock Award

You completed the Original Series era without losing a single ship.

Hero of Kathra

You rescued the Proxima during "FireStorm".

Anonymous Red-Shirt Award

You have no name. You wear red. You're expendable.

Scourge of Kathra

You completed all objectives in "FireStorm".

Allied Commander

You completed "Generals" with at least one Klingon and one Romulan ship alive.

Riker Award

You completed the Next Generation era without losing a single ship.

Champion of the Fleet

All of the allied fleet survived the "At the Gates" mission.

Guardian of Epsilon Theta

All of the medical ships in "Be My Shepherd" survived.

Sword of Aurelia

Take a swing at the bully in "Anger and Mercy"…

Starfleet Ensign

Complete the single player campaign on "Ensign" difficulty.

Autonomous Operator

Complete the final mission without the use of support craft.

Protector of Encaria

You kept the spore tally in "Poisoned Well" under 1000.

Starfleet Captain

You have completed the single player campaign on "Captain" difficulty.

Lone Wolf of Makus

You captured the Bird-Of-Prey without the help of any captured starbases.

Brazen Warrior

Never hide from your enemy in "Behind Enemy Lines".

Antique Collector

You completed a mission in the Next Generation era with a fleet containing a Enterprise era ship

Pacifist of Makus

You completed "The Squeeze" without destroying a single ship.

Spirit of Kahless

You destroyed the Borg abomination in "Omega" without neutralizing its support spheres.

Legacy Captain

You unlocked the USS Legacy, pride of the Mad Doc fleet!

The Wrath Of Khan

You destroyed 10 Federation ships in one online battle.

Agile Predator

You completed "Behind Enemy Lines" without being hit by enemy fire.

Keeper of Gre'thor

Send 10 Klingon vessels to Sto'Vo'Kor in one online match.

Avenger of Surak

Destroy 10 Romulan ships in one online battle… if you can find them.

Guerilla In The Mist

You stealthily completed "Ambush" without destroying any enemy warships.

Resistance Was Useful

Eradicate 10 Borg ships in a single online match.

Custodian of Phidian

You protected the sensor relays from harm in "Revelations".

Starfleet Admiral

You have completed the single player campaign on "Admiral" difficulty.

Savior of Aurelia

You saved all the refugee ships in "Anger and Mercy".

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