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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Cheats :

This page contains Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 5 unlockables, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Killing the Gorog

by Unregistered Oct 21, 2011

On Cato Neimoidia you come to a GIANT BEAST that stop's some of you because it's to hard to kill. All you have to do is dodge it's strikes and the when it rest's its hand on the arena ground force Lightning and the hit your Lightsabers at the the shackles on its wrists. do this on its wrists on both hands 2x and dodge the hand sweeps and hits it gives you! You might also want to force lightning or throw your Lightsabers at it if it dosen't rest it's hand. The Gorog increases the roar move and changes things by adding attacks to his right hand. These are basically the same ones you saw before, so you should know how to deal with the sweep and palm slap. When you get the chance, hit the shackle. Eventually , you’ll be able to lock in the second hand. That leaves just the Gorog’s face, and it isn’t happy. Do your best to avoid its roaring breath attack. After that, you can use Force Grip to snag the chain under the Gorog’s chin and inflict some major damage. Now you’ll be up on the edge of the arena, and things haven’t really changed much. The Gorog has to hang on while it fights you, so it can only use one hand a time and its moves are much more deliberate. However, it only really adds one new one — a multiple fist-slam that covers most of the area. . Then climb up that tower sort of thing and follow the QuickTime event. Then you save Kota!

The key is to charge your boost, Try to make sure you’re not in danger of being hit before you hit the button to charge up. You will come close up to it and able to strike with your Lightsabers throwing at it and using force lightning,then you come close up to its face and you will be able to hit it with your Lightsabers. Keep doing this and that should be the end of the battle and the level.

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Code - Unlimited Force Points

by javier Dec 24, 2010

In the first level, when you have to run away from the gun ship, when you stop you will die instantly -- and gain some Force Points. There's a save point here, so you can use a rubber band to hold down the character movement analog stick and create a perpetually running, and dying Starkiller. You will gain infinite Force Points if you just leave the game and come back later.

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Code - Codes

by sandy999 Dec 24, 2010

Enter the following codes for the desired effect.

AJP400Unlock Jump Trooper skin
GUNRAYUnlock Neimoidian skin
HAAZENUnlock the Sith Acolyte skin
LIBOUnlock Dark Green Lightsaber Crystal / Regain life when in use
MANDALOREUnlock Boba Fett skin
MAREKUnlock Force Repulse ability
MORGUKAIUnlock Saber Guard skin
NOMIUnlock Experiemental Jedi Armor
RAHMUnlock the General skin
REBELSCUMUnlock Rebel Soldier Skin
SHADOWUnlock Terror Trooper skin
SOLARIUnlock Wisdom (White) Lightsaber Crystals / Gain extra Force points when defeating your enemies
TK421Unlock Classic Storm Trooper skin
TRAYALightsaber Throw
VENTRESSUnlocks Dark Apprentice skin
YARAELUnlock Jedi Mind Trick move
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Unlockable - Guybrush Threepkiller Costume

by sadsfadsfsd Dec 24, 2010

In the 2nd Chapter you will come across a big bar/casino room. At the end the room will fill up with fog and you will have to fight a shielded mech. In the next room (after blasting the concrete wall that the shielded mech put up) you will come across a small room with a hologram of Jabba the Hut. Just under him are three slot machines. Bust em' up and collect your costume.

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Unlockable - Costumes

by cGub Nov 01, 2010
General Kota CostumeAchieve Silver medal in
Saber Guard CostumeAchieve Silver medal in
Terror Trooper CostumeAchieve Silver Medal in
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Unlockable - The Force Unleashed Costumes in The Force Unleashed II

by cGub Oct 28, 2010

Basically, by having a "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" save file with both endings unlocked, you gain the Training Gear, Sith Stalker Armor, and Ceremonial Jedi Robes costumes in The Force Unleashed 2

Ceremonial Jedi RobesHave a Force Unleashed save file with the Light Side ending unlocked
Sith Stalker ArmorHave a Force Unleashed save file with the Dark Side ending unlocked
Sith Training GearHave a Force Unleashed save file in your hard drive
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Unlockable - Guybrush Threepkiller

by cGub Oct 28, 2010

On the second level after blowing through the casino-esque rooms, you'll end up at a room with a Jabba the Hut hologram with a bunch of golden Guybrush Threepwood statues all around. The way to unlock his costume is to destroy the three machines in the room, and the holocron will come flying out of Jabba.

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Code - Cheat Codes

by cGub Oct 28, 2010

In the "Options" selection of the pause game menu, select the "Cheat Codes" option. Then, enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding bonus...

MAREKunlock Force Repulse.
VENTRESSunlock the Dark Apprentice costume.
HAZZENunlock the Sith Acolyte costume.
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Unlockable - Achievements

by cGub Oct 06, 2010

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
The Start of Something Big (5 points)Complete a session on any Navigation Setting (Excluding Free Ride) (SP).
Serious Playtime (50 points)Complete each session type in each level on any Navigation Setting (Excluding Free Ride) (SP).
Ready to Ride (5 points)Calibrate the board.
Eager Student (5 points)Tricktionary Visit the Tricktionary for the first time.
Adept Skater (25 points)Tricktionary Perform every non-Signature Skate Trick at least once (SP).
Adept Boarder (25 points)Tricktionary Perform every non-Signature Snowboarding Trick at least once (SP).
See You In Indianapolis! (20 points)Tricktionary Perform 500 Ollies (SP).
Making Hamburger (20 points)Tricktionary Grind at least 500 feet in every type of Grind (Parallel, Slide, Angled) (SP).
Grabby McGrab Grab (20 points)Tricktionary Perform 250 total Grabs (SP).
Skateboard Master! (25 points)Training Mode Complete every Lesson in Skate Training on the Casual Setting.
Snowboard Master! (25 points)Training Mode Complete every Lesson in Snow Training on the Casual Setting.
Well Balanced Individual (10 points)Complete a session in Regular Stance & a session in Goofy Stance (without leaving game - SP).
Control Freak (15 points)Complete a session on each Navigation Setting (without leaving game - SP).
Get a Real Skateboard! (30 points)Challenge Mode Complete 15 total Insane Challenges.
Reality Star (25 points)Challenge Mode Complete all Videographer Challenges.
Bags Packed (5 points)Unlock a new level.
Steering Sensation (10 points)Unlock all Navigation Settings.
Oh, the Places You Will Go! (15 points)Unlock every level in the game.
Jambalayanism (25 points)New Orleans Acquire all 16 Stars.
Now You're Just Bragging! (15 points)New Orleans Scoring Spots Perform the bonus task of all 5 Scoring Spots (SP).
Down Under Daredevil (25 points)Melbourne Acquire all 16 Stars.
Scared of Bubbles (15 points)Melbourne Point Rush Finish with a score of at least 75 without collecting any Point Bubbles (SP).
Mediterranean Maestro (25 points)Morocco Acquire all 16 Stars.
Hawaiian Hooligan (25 points)Wallows Acquire all 16 Stars.
You Got HOW MANY Points?! (15 points)Wallows Scoring Spots Score 1,000,000 total points (SP).
Meeting of the Minds (25 points)Santorini Acquire all 16 Stars.
Don't need no Stinkin' GRINDS! (15 points)Santorini Trick Mode Score 100,000 points without using grinds (SP).
Whistle Blower (25 points)Whistler... 

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