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Supreme Commander 2 Review :

A Dissapointment to Any Fan of The Original Supreme Commander

by arbynthechief May 13, 2011

Well, as a fan of the first Supreme Commander game, I was most excited to hear that a sequel to it was coming out. When I bought it and actually played the game, I was very disappointed.

First of all, it has been dumbed down very very much. I hate that. The combat system has been re-modified to make it much easier for a newbie to Supreme Commander to control. Ranks hardly exist anymore; I say hardly because ranks 1, 2, and 3 still do exist, but the object that is upgraded hardly changes. It might get a minor increase in DPS or a bit of a stronger shield and such, but nothing to really look forward to. Units have also been made much weaker, and much smaller. Anti-air is a little turret that shoots lasers or rail bullets at best, and they look like a small speck on the map compared to the menacing, powerful anti-air turrets of the first Supreme Commander. Land and sea units are built so quickly, it doesn't even feel like a strategy game. You can amass an army of tanks and overrun someone within a matter of minutes. Large sea ships and land units are no longer intimidating foes to come into contact with. You can easily crush even the most powerful units with a battalion of shielded tanks, which is pretty pathetic. Now most units, even experimentals, are so pathetically small, it feels more like I'm playing a board game than Supreme Commander. You can do this because each units HP is so low!

This brings me to my next point; the HP values for units are too low for them to be effective in battle. Winning a battle was basically a matter of luck. Even experimentals had such low HP that it was a laugh. Experimentals are no longer the feared, base-destroying colossuses they were previously. Now, they've been turned into something causal that you won't have to worry about if you have an army of tanks and mediocre base defenses. Building times of units has been severely decreased. You can build an experimental unit in mere minutes! Remember when it took an hour to build an experimental, but it actually had use? This completely ruins the strategy aspect of the game. The only advantage of this I can think of is quick rushing, but anyone like myself who appreciates quality over quantity wouldn't really respect that strategy.

Online play is basically rush to the first nuke. Most of the people you'll challenge on this game have no skill with strategy games and just try to build a nuke and destroy your base. Remember in the original Supreme Commander when it took at least 45 minutes to build a nuke? Now it will take 10 minutes at tops, and you have no chance of escaping. One nuke will completely devastate your entire base, and you will have no chance to recover, so why even bother playing?

The game's story-line isn't even worth being there. The game consists of 3 campaigns, each of the 3 pertaining to the 3 factions (The UEF, Cybrans, and The Illuminate). Basically, you're thrown on a few confusing missions and fight a challenging foe at the end of each campaign. That's about all it has to offer. There's practically no character development at all, just one big mess.Although graphics were improved from the first game, which is to expect, it's hardly worth mentioning. (They weren't even that great anyway)

Overall, this game brought shame to the first, and shame to all strategy games. It was basically a failed attempt at making something "better and easier for new players". It was pretty much broken. It's story line was one big mess and gameplay was very disappointing. I would not recommend this game to any fan of genuine strategy games. The only people this game would appeal to are people who enjoy spamming tanks. That's how sad this game is.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
6Story line
The story-line was a broken mess with no character development or closure. Expect to be thrown on random missions without knowing what's exactly going on.
Graphics were improved from the first game, as they should be, but they aren't great or worth mentioning.
The sound is horrible. Most of the sounds appear to me a jumble of random, unrealistic sound effects.
Gameplay was dumbed down compared t the first game. Everything was too easy. This took away from the strategy aspect of the game.
8Lasting Appeal
I suppose this could have some replay value if you want to play around a bit or challenge a friend, but it really had no replay value for me.
(Out of 10)


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Bramblefang    wrote on may 13, 2011 4:28 pm
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Bramblefang    wrote on may 13, 2011 4:28 pm
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arbynthechief    wrote on may 15, 2011 4:47 pm

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