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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Cheats :

This cheat for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion [XBOX 360] has been posted at 30 Aug 2010 by lelouchiam and is called "Oblivion fun part 1". The Cheat has been commented 1 times. Also 1 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up lelouchiam and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 12 other cheats for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Oblivion fun part 1

by lelouchiam Aug 30, 2010


This is the act of permanently equipping an enchanted item to keep its affects without keeping the item, and only works on wearables such as rings, necklaces, clothing/armor, and shields.

What you will need:

One set of Scroll Spells in an amount of 10. You can also have another set of Spell Scrolls in an amount of 2, but I find it easier to just drop 8 Scrolls of the one set of 10.
Any enchanted wearable item that says "Constant Effect" such as Water Breathing, Detect Life, Fortify Magicka, etc.
First, you will have to clone the item if all you have is one of them. If you have two items with the same name and same effect and they show in your inventory as (example) "Ring Of Perfection (2)", then you can skip the Cloning part.

Part 1: Cloning the item: Equip your set of 2 Scroll Spells (or if all you have is one set of 10, Drop 8 of them), and click (A) ONCE on the Scrolls, then scroll to the item you want to permaquip and Drop it using the X button. Exit your inventory and pick up the two items that you dropped.

Part 2: Permaquipping the item: Equip one of the items you just cloned, click (A) once on the 10 Scrolls, then scroll to the UNEQUIPPED COPY of the item you are permaquipping and Drop it with the X button. Both items will disappear from your inventory. Exit your inventory and pick up the 10 items

This trick works with any enchanted wearable item as long as the enchanted wearable item is not stolen or in need of repair. If it has been stolen, sell it to a Thieve's Guild fence and buy it back, and it will no longer be considered stolen. If it is damaged (armor), repair it. Thus it can be cloned and permaquipped.

As well, Quest-related items like the boots of Springheel Jak cannot be cloned, but if you get arrested while wearing them and select Go To Jail, they are removed from your inventory but the effect stays with you.
Okay, first you need to go to Dorian's house in the Talos Plaza Distict of the Imperial
City. Unequip your weapon and hit him with your fist, then bribe him. Keep doing this
until he has a decent ammount of money (you can check by pickpocketing him but don't take
the money!). Finally, instead of killing him, just paralyze him and pickpocket him. Take
his stuff ONE BY ONE and when you get to his gold, it won't go away! This works because
the patch only made it so that his gold doesn't stay only when he dies so pickpocketing
hidden skingrad treasurefirst get rosthorn hall and go to the top floor and go to the desk area and find a scroll in the wall that doesnt connect to the ceiling and then go to the basement and find one of those y shaped pillars and activeate the hourglass(wich only appears when you get the scroll) and........
Unlockable How to unlock
flawless diamond activate hourglass
flawless emerald same as top
flawless ruby same as top
all of those precous stones same as top
ring of the gray (ring worth a fortune) same as top
Be a Soul Hunter
What is needed:

Arrows(any kind)
Grand Soul Gem
Knowledge of Dupe Glitch
Arcane Uni acsess
Weapon of choice
Varla Stone (found in Aylied Ruins)


Dupe the grand soul gem Using either the Scroll Method or Arrow method depending on your game version.
Pick up all of them
Go to enchanting alter
Enchant as soul trap
Get more grand soul gems if needed
Dupe Varla Stone
Happy Soul Hunter
Guild Specializaations
Cheydinhal - Alteration
Bruma - All
Bravil - Illusion
Anvil - Restoration
Chorrol - Conjuration
Skingrad - Destruction
Leyawiin - Mysticism
Mercantile Training
first, go and talk to Margarte in a house east of leyawiins great chapel of zenithar. she will tell you where to find Palonirya. You need at least 10,000 gold in order for her to train you. dont worry, she wont take it, you just need it in your inventory
The Fin gleam
original:The Fin Gleam is a glass helm that can be obtained at any level. It has night eye, detect life, and water breathing on it.

In order to get it you have to travel to anvil then swim over to the small island to the north west. Once on the island go to the middle of it and drop off of the west side of it. Swim down to the bottom of the ocean there and next to a pile of rocks there will be a skeleton and the Fin Gleam.

Edit:The fin gleam helm is not in the north west.

The Fin Gleam helm, which is actually really close to the small island by Anvil. The helm is located in between the "B" in "Abecean Sea" on the map and the small island. Just swim from the island almost straight down in the direction towards the "B" and you should come across a glowing helm that is lying on top of a skeleton at the sea bottom. Just use the map, position your arrow on the map in such a way that it touches the island as it appears in the screenshot, and look around. You should be able to find it.
The Coolest Item
There is a great power in Cyrodiil. No, it's not the Oblivion Gates. No, it's not the Elder Scrolls. And no, it's not you either. There is an item with a unique, inexhaustible power. It's ubiquitous and easily over looked. What is this wondrous object, you ask? It's a paint brush, ladies and gentlemen, yes a paint brush.

Just open some crates in Imperial Market District and you'll find some paint brushes. Take two. Go anywhere, and then go into your inventory and drop one paint brush. It will hover immoveable in front of you. Jump onto it (This can take some practice). Crouch and drop the other paint brush in front of you. Stand up then jump onto it. Crouch, turn around and pick up the first brush. Repeat, and you can climb to the top of the White Gold Tower if you have the patience. I recommend saving after each successful jump, so you don't slip on the 100th jump and waste a bunch of time.

You can also use paint brushes to make barricades around you, an enemy, or any NPC (NPCs are too dumb to jump over a brush, but you're not, right?). There're also very useful in the arena. Drop a bunch of brushes across the entrance to the tunnel, and melee enemies will run pointlessly against the barricade while you pug them with arrows and/or blast them with magic.

Birthright of Astalon
Gilded Carafe in market district. +5 agility +50 magica
Black Soul gems
To get black soul gems all you have to do is get a soul gem any type will do and find a dark altar by going to one of four necromancer bases it's easy to go to dark fissure if you got far enough in the Mages Guild to do this if not its south of Cheydinal north of boethias shrine anyway put your soul gem in the altar when light is shining on it and cast a soul trap spell on the altar open the altar to find a black soul gem!!! Its magic
Easy Magic (Any Kind) Leveling
2 level up ALMOST ANY KIND of Magic, you'll need access 2 a spell-makin alter

Alteration: Make a "Shield" spell-Duration: 1, Magnitude: 3 (lowest)

Conjuration: Make a Spell "Summon Skeleton"-Duration: 3

Destruction: Any Kind (Normal, Forst, Fire, Lightnin) Duration: 1 Magnitude: 3, On Self

Mystisism: Detect Life-Duration: 1 Distance: Lowest, On Self

Illusion: Starlight-Duration: 1 Distance: Lowest

Just keep casting these spells over and over again constantly 2 lvl up really fast, it hardly takes and Magicka and you get the same amount of exp.
Permenant Bound Armor
It is crucial that you are an expert in armorer. Now get a few repair hammers, spells that summon bound armor(all if you want or only light or heavy armor spells, I only kept the heavy) and access to a spellmaking altar. Now make a spell that summons all armor at once for a few secs(or make a few spells that summon each piece of armor.) Now summon all of the armor that you can and repair armor past 100% effectiveness and it becomes yours! you now have awesome weightless daedric armor.

SJ Edit: Thanks to Swk3000 for mentioning the below:

He forgot to mention that you have to drop the Bound Armor and wait for the spell to expire before you can keep the stuff.

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