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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Cheats :

This page contains The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 88 cheats in our list, which includes 5 easter eggs, 32 glitches, 51 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

ThE Giant List of Giants, Killers, and Drunks

by Unregistered Aug 04, 2008

It's me again, the guy who made 'Put up yer dukes.' I hope that glitch helped you all. Now, for this list, it is a list of giant things that are creepy or cool. First off, the Giant Mudcrab. This guy can be found within Greenmead Cave, all the way in the back. He is about your size, but is like any other Mudcrab, easy to kill, and doesn't do much damage. He respawns, so enjoy!

Secondly, the Spectral Mudcrab. He is tougher than other mudcrabs, and has more health. You can find him during the main questline, in the Paradise. When you enter, go into the sea surrounding the island, and look for a small island. You should see him there.

Third, the Giant Rat. He is also tougher than your average rat. This guy remains elusive to me, but my friends confirmed that he is out there.

Fourth, The Giant Nirnroot. This marvel is like any other Nirnroot, it only gives you one. Don't pick it unless you really need to. This can be found around a small lake somewhere around Skingrad.

Fifth, The Giant Aloe Vera(s). They can be found outside Greenmead Cave. They are the size of a human. Anything more to say?

Sixth, The Uderfrykte Matron. One of the most deadliest beings in Oblivion. I suggest using equipment above Ebony, and using Detect Life. Bring a Paint Horse for bait. It can be found in the mountains near Cheydinhal. Along the way, if you hear a high-pitched screech, get off your horse and pull out your sword/staff. The Uderfrykte Matron should attack your horse more than you. Swing a few times and hope you hit it. It is invisible. =0 When it dies, search for it's body. On it, you'll find a bow that does frost damage, plus Svenja's arms, legs, torso, and head, I think.

Seventh, The Drunk Goblins. I only know of one, but there are a few scattered along in caves and ridges. Inside Horn Cave, go through a few wooden doors while fighting bandits and rats, and you'll see the sorrowful goblin dead, holding a bottle of wine, also being in a cellar full of wine.

And the best for last, hard to believe, Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti. Yes. They are in the game. They are very hard to find, and very tough, harder than the Uderfrykte Matron and The Grand Champion of the Arena combined. I was strolling along in the woods one day, admiring the Giant Nirnroot, when I saw Bigfoot/Sasquatch bolt across my face, then turn around, roar, and swipe me. I'm a level 45 Argonian wearing full Daedric Armor with Shield on, the difficulty easy, and it cuts down half of my... 

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BlAde of woe-Dark brotherhood

by Slam Jul 28, 2008

Ok, you get the blade of woe early on in the dark brotherhood missions and we all gotta say it is rubbish but when you get to the black hand (darker group then the dark brotherhood) the blade gets better.

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coMpleat game in 10 mins

by calantcro Jun 04, 2008

get a paint brush use the duplicate glitch go to temple of the one in imperial city drop a paint brush and jump on it then anuther pant brush then auto save then drop anuther paint brush then auto save and continue douing that till you can get on the roof jump on it and you will go thruw it go to where the door is and you will see a tiny door top on the floor click on the top of it then it will take you to teh temple of the one you can hear all the peple dieying wate 24 houers in game then martin shuld apper go talk to him and he ill tern in to a dragon and he ill be fighting dagon wait till dagon is dead then the dragon will tern in to stone the chancler will come and tell you than in two weeks game time ther will be some imperial dragon armor in the imperial armory but thats anuther quest to get armor or you could just fight all the daedras out side of the temple and then wait for martin in the temple

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frEe gold yay!1

by scar55 Jul 06, 2007

after completing kavatch, and once u own a hores go to the small area where the remaining villagers are. with ur horse get on it, but befor that equpid ur most expensive weapon, i useed Umbra (a very powerful sword). Next get o ur horse and find the orc, talk to her then barter her, go to sell and sell the weapon u have equpied. u will see that u will get the monye but the sword. to get more monye have an master in mercantile then u can sell for more!! have fun

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GeT the Mace of Doom

by Marcusfenix22 Sep 24, 2008

In order to do this, you must have the Frostcrag Spire expansion. Im not exactly sure if it works if you buy it on marketplace because i got it from a magazine disc. But anyway, you must finish the quest to restore it. Once you restore it, go to your bedroom, and go onto the thing with all the plants. There is a rock there. Stand in the corner of the rock. save it right there, and then delete the expansion.Then, go to that save, and the screen will be black. immediately walk forward, and eventually, youll be in a house. go downstaris, outside, and the mace of doom will be somewhere on the right. There is an oblivion gate type thing, but i forgot where it was, so just walk out of that. Then, save it, and download it again. You should have frostcrag spire restored and the mace of doom in your inventory. Hope it works!:)

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