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 [ XBOX 360 ]

oct 31, 2007The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion [ XBOX 360 ]   Submitted

how can i becom in vincebil


Secret - Ultimate Nord Character:

First start out with the name make it sound nordish (mines Eric Snowmane). When you get to class screeen create a new one. The specialization should be combat,on the next step choose Endurance and Agility. When you have done that choose these skills for it: Block.Armorer,Heavy Armour,Blade,Marksman,Sneak and Light Armour. After that choose any name you want for it (I called it Skirmisher) then thats the class done. For the birthsign choose The Thief so you get stuff that helps being the sneaky type. And thats about everything. I just sent you what I thought was the perfect Nord charater,so if you do follow my advice... Good Luck =D