Transformers: War For Cybertron Review

 [ XBOX 360 ]

Transformers: War For Cybertron Review :

The Struggle for Supremacy

by arbynthechief Apr 22, 2011

This game takes place on the war-torn transformers home planet of Cybertron. The two groups, the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting for control over the planet. However, tensions have completely boiled over, and the result is total war. Each group has completely different values and morals. The well known Megatron is leading the Decepticons, as usual. The Autobots, since this is before the events of any of the movies, are being lead by a council of Elders and a powerful Autobot named Zeta Prime, the overall commander of the Autobot forces. This game features two campaigns, one where you play as the Autobots, and the other where you play as the Decepticons. I really liked this feature. You get to experience the same campaign from different points of view, and its not like the same missions are repeated through each campaign; they are very much different. This game also explains how the infamous Starscream came into contact with his future master, Megatron. The story itself was actually very complex and easy to follow. However, it might be a little confusing for someone who has no experience with Transformers prior to playing the game. Another cool feature this game includes is the ability to choose which transformer you want to play as for each mission. I personally chose the transformer that looked the coolest or the most powerful. Or sometimes if I knew one was the leader of the squad, such as Starscream, I would choose him. Graphics were really good in this game. I could see a lot of detail and effort put into the designs of the game. Sound was absolutely great, which made me very surprised. I wasn't really expecting such good quality sound from a Transformers game. The sounds in the game, weather from crashing ships, or from the many guns blazing across the battlefield, were stunning. I must say, gameplay was the absolute strongest point of this game. It featured a gameplay system similar to Gears of War. You could run around freely and pick up guns from around the battlefield and use them at will. This is the first time a system like this has been used in a Transformers game, and I must say, it worked incredibly well. This game is a definite must-buy, definitely the best Transformers game yet.

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9Story line
The story-line was complex, but easy to follow. It provided an enjoyable experience that any Transformers fan would appreciate.
Graphics in the game were great. You can tell the developers put a lot of effort into the appearance of the transformers and the level designs.
Sound was absolutely great! This was a surprise since the previous Transformers games lacked in this section. The various sounds presented on the battlefield were stunning.
Gameplay was definitely the strongest point of this game. The "run around, pick up weapons and use them freely" type of system really worked for this game, and definitely made the experience more fun and enjoyable.
8Lasting Appeal
This game lacks in replay value a bit, but multiplayer makes the game a game that will be fun for many fans for a long time to come.
(Out of 10)


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