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Tron: Evolution Review :

The Broken System

by Custard Dec 18, 2010

Based in a mysterious cyber-world, inhabited by 'programs' that have human forms, and endangered from the inside by an emerging threat.. Take control of Anon, a System Monitor, and try to restore peace and order to the Grid.

My initial reaction was excitement when I first saw the E3 trailer for this game. I thought perhaps that Disney might have made a title that could be held up as good and worthwhile in the eyes of generic gamers. To give you the short answer; they haven't. While Tron: Evolution brings originality to the table, it just doesn't bring enough of the other stuff. The story is based off a movie from the 80's and a graphic novel, I believe. It's set to fill important gaps in the Tron universe, and no-doubt has tie-ins with the movie "Tron: Legacy" that was released shortly after the game. It seems likely that this fan-service is the reason that, through the opinion of a player who is unknown to the Tron universe, this game is a massive confusion!

The start of the game was the most impressive; with action basically right off the bat integrating you into the game mechanics at a steady and comfterable rate. Yet, it soon goes downhill as the plot kicks in(or attempts to, in my case). I was reduced to the state of guessing at what was meant to be going on, and left to concentrate on the progression room-by-room without much idea as to what I was particularly doing other than killing the guys with the bad colors. It was slightly redeemed by the part where killing these bad-colored foes was quite fun. Yet, as a fan of intelligent and meaningful games my excitement factor was reduced.

The combat in itself was impressive; I liked the combo system that never felt too small and made the combat feel a bit more skill-based. That also went hand-in-hand with the special moves and fighting disk variations to make the whole enemy-dispatching a pleasurable experiance. The exagurated physical action such as wall-running, jumping, dodging, and basically flying gave the game a certain disposition that you weren't just human; which was, in this case, an exciting feeling and something the game did right. There were points where the game appeared to be trying to make you think a bit to work out how to proceed, but they were mostly poorly done and therefore not brain-stimulating, just annoying. Such as trying to make you use a clever jump to reach the next platform, yet making the jump very hard to get right and having the checkpoint too far back to make it nice.

The game was pretty challenging even on the normal setting. I enjoyed the challenge with the average combat, but it sometimes got rediculous on the boss fights. Such as having to complete a task requiring a bit of time to weaken the boss, then having to fight hordes of enemies that are pretty fatal.. only to have to restart at a checkpoint before you weakened the boss if you die.

The vehicle aspect was pretty average too. The 'light cycle' riding was, for the most part, a lot of fun. Hindered only by the difficulty of not crashing. The Tank driving was one of the lowest parts of this game. Not only did the tank look un-awesome; it drove un-awesome, sounded un-awesome, and felt like a forced attempt at gameplay diversity that I would have preffered not to have to do at all.

I guess I just found this game dissapointing. Not because I had set high expectations, but because it was just not as fun as I thought it's potential might have been. Not a dissaster, but not really a success either. As for who I might recommend it to.. perhaps fans of Kingdom Hearts, fans of Tron, and maybe people who liked Prototype.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
4Story line
Hard to follow from the very start, most of the time I had little idea of what I was doing in the larger picture. The fact that the story was so incomprehensible also made the dramatic ending seem pretty bland. For previous Tron fans this story might make sense, but not to me.
The game looks okay, the colors are vibrant and the lighting stands out well for the sci-fi feeling. It would be top tier graphics... if it was a Wii game. Some of the environment and characters appear a bit 'blocky', and it shows poorly in cut-scenes. It seems to me Disney is behind the times here.
Marred by lame voice acting and the worst noise you will ever hear for a tank in your life, the sound does have some redeeming features. The music in particular I found exciting and immersive. Combat also sounded pretty good, when the enemies weren't making you cringe with pathetic threats.
Gameplay ranges from very good to very bad. The combat is intensely enjoyable once you start mastering some combos and work out some of the moves the game fails to highlight. But then there's a few very confusing sections of game, awfully repetitive bosses, and occasional checkpoints to make you cry
3Lasting Appeal
Replay value with this game is very limited. I completed the storyline while playing at a casual pace in a matter of hours. I did go back after and played at the start to try and understand the plot a bit more, but there was very little keeping me motivated. The multiplayer is barely worth a mention
(Out of 10)


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