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Warriors Orochi Review :

Way too repetitive

by mulamp Aug 05, 2010

this was the first dynasty warriors/samurai warriors game that i have played and at first i thought it was a really good game with four story lines and 77 characters to play as sadly as i played more of this game i began to realize how repetitive the game becomes each of the story's start out different but begin to merge into the same boring missions with the same bosses which are way too easy except for lu bu who is stronger than the last boss the game has buttons which you can control your troops with but all these buttons do is make you yell out"to me!"or"defend the base!" which everyone ignores and runs around like headless chickens shouting about how they are in trouble but when you get over there they are fighting like one guy the fighting is broken with most guys there just stand around waiting for you to kill them in bright colorful moves the only challenge is the main characters but as you get 3 heros yourself there is no chance of losing

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4Story line
The demon orochi is apparently really bored so he takes all the heroes from china and japan to test his strength against them. pretty weak plot as it never explains why he wanted to do this or why he didn't go into our world to fight them there
pretty bland with one face for every grunt in the game. the main characters are mostly the same graphically and are mostly told apart by their weapons
The worst i have ever heard in a game its grating and always said in this same mood thats extremely irritating to listen to about 100 times per level
basic hack and slash gameplay with you single handily killing armies of clones it tries to add new experience of switching between 3heros but this just makes the game too easy as they regenerate health when not selected the gameplay is fun for awhile but then gets dull as you find no skill isneeded
4Lasting Appeal
theres no co-op play its fun to play every now and again but you soon get bored with it my advice is get it in a bargain bin or something
(Out of 10)


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