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Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 1 glitch, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Hints - Johto Starters

by FlareonXD Nov 21, 2005

Get the Three Johto Starters.
To get the three Johto starters, you have to beat the 100 trainer Mt. Battle Challenge. When you do beat it, you get to pick ONE of the three Johto Starters. To get another you have to beat the 100 trainer Mt. Battle Challenge all over again. You have to beat it three times to get all three starters. It's worth it though, because they get the elemental hyper beams, frenzy plant, blast burn, and hydro cannon, which they can't get any other way but this.

Chikorita w/ frenzy plant --> Beat 100 trainer Mt. Battle Challenge
Cyndaquil w/ blast burn --> Beat 100 trainer Mt. Battle Challenge
Totodile w/ hydro cannon --> Beat 100 trainer Mt. Battle Challenge.

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Hints - Jovi Diaries

by jirachistar1 Aug 15, 2006

To read the Jovi Dairies (Made by Jovi) First go to Dr.Kaminko's House then go to the crane room. Use the cranes to get to the Jovi Diaries. Once you go to a spot where you see a chest, open it. Then it will have sheets of papers in it. It is the Jovi Diaries. Read it one by one.

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by dyllansadler Mar 09, 2010

Once ur able to go on the kyorge bot go to the proffeser and he will show u a hidden room!
once u go in there he will show u a tressure chest there will be a master ball

NOTE:use it on shadow lugia

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by Unregistered Oct 15, 2007

max out all nine chambers of the purification chamber

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Purifies shadow Lugiamax out all nine chambers
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Secret - Easy way to beat Grand Master Greevil (will take time of course)

by Arbitar79 Aug 08, 2008

First,capture Shadow Lugia.
make sure you have captured most of the Shadow Pokemon on Citidark Isle(you will need some).
Make Shadow Lugia,and Shadow Snorlax your first two Pokemon.
Get a party of nothing,but your highest lvl Shadow Pokemon.
Buy at least 50+ Ultra Balls,you can get the money by battling at Realgam Tower at least 7 times.
Make sure you defeated everyone on Citidark Isle,so you wont waste Ultra Balls on any other Pokemon.
When you fight Greevil,try to capture his Moltres,Articuno,and Zapdos first,because they're his strongest.
Paralizing them,or putting them to sleep is useful,but not necesary.
Use some attacks on them,since you have Shadow Pokemon,no attack will have a risk of taking them out,and same goes vice versa.
When they're in the yellow,or red zone,you can paralize them,put them to sleep,or try your luck by pressing both A and B rapidly,when the Ultra Ball opens,into the claw...if done right,it should automatically capture the Pokemon,if done wrong,the Pokemon will break free,regardless of its status.
Hope this helps!!

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Glitch - Easy catching shadow pokemon

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2012

first you will need any pokeball except master ball first throw the ball at the pokemon you want to snag.Then press and hold down A,B,left in that order.

This works 70% of the time.

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Secret - Walkthrough for cipher key lair

by meowsee9 Mar 04, 2011

First, before you can enter the lair, you fight the dude from the harbor that had the shadow pokemon ZANGOOSE. after you defeat him, there are two guys there (they won't let you in until you find the girl her bonsly) they will say they can't let you in but team snag'em will make them fall asleep so then you can enter. ~**WARNING**~ (PREFFERED lvl for all pokemon) at least have lvl 40+ there will be lvl 30+ pokemon at the ciper key lair.**~ ===basic_directions===you go to the right there will be two cipher people you have to battle. when you go up the stairs, there will be a healing machine, use it just in case. just go down the hallway and move the box down. go up the stairs and the boxes you have to move onto the pannels, do the one on the right first (its the easiest),then you go up into the room directly in front of it follow the hallway and push down the last box. go round and to the stairs and there is a cipher person there you have to fight, then go up the stairs. go left, into the room and out the other door. go straight and up the stairs your finally at the top but thats not where it end, go down then left, up the stairs and you have to talk to the dude who tells you to get his lever tht is on his desk in the room below. you go bck down the stairs and down the hallway. you go into te room and its in the bottom right corner on a desk. before you get it you will be stopped by a cipher person. once you defeat them grab the lever and head back up. you give the man his lever then when he leaves you turn it up. once thats done you go into the room right below the machine, there you will fight the admin there (i forgot his name) you will want to have pokemon that hae the ability levitate since his pokemon will use earthquake every turn. **NOTE** his first two pokemom, the one on his left will use protect so go for his other one then the second turn go for the pokemon on the left because it will use earthquake, and so on. this pattern will continue until you get to the two shadow pokemon.

===output_list=== once you defeat him master greevil will call in, then the person in there will leave and *tada* there is a list called the "output list" it shows the name of all shadow pokemon including: LUGIA, ZAPDOS,MOLTRES,ARTICUNO, and DRAGONITE. the 4 legendarys you will find with mster greevil, dragonite you will find with mirror b on top of the lighthouse.

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Cheats - Catch shadow lugia without fail

by Unregistered Oct 09, 2006

use all ure pokeballs this could use about 10-20 but its betta then useing ure master ball if u havnt already used it

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Secret - Pokeball into... Masterball

by palkia4life Sep 04, 2007

when the pokeball opens, press and hold A button. the higher the level the pokemon the better the pokeball has to be. it may not work the first time

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