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Mega Man Battle Network 2 Cheats :

This cheat for Mega Man Battle Network 2 [Game Boy Advance] has been posted at 16 Jun 2008 by axlexzero and is called "All i have to say is". The Cheat have a rating 1 by 1 our users and has been commented 1 times. Also 2 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up axlexzero and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 3 other cheats for Mega Man Battle Network 2, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - All i have to say is

by axlexzero Jun 16, 2008

Bosses & Enemies


Thunder Man

Codes & Secrets

Hard mode:
Successfully complete the game with all five stars. Highlight the "New Game" option at the title screen, then press Left(2), Right, Left, Right, Left, Right(2). The ''New Game'' option will turn orange to confirm correct code entry. Select that option and the "Netbattle" option will not longer be available. Save the game, then restart. A "Hard Mode" option will now be unlocked under the ''New Game'' and ''Continue'' options.

WWW area:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the WWW area. Go to Ula Internet area 4 and look for a glowing red warp. Enter it to access the WWW area. Note: You cannot exit once you enter, so saving the game is recommended.

To enter the WWW Area behind the mysterious gate in Undernet 4, you do not not need a Star ID or a SS license or higher. All you need is to have done is to fight 130 different viruses. Note: You do not need to actually defeat the viruses, you only have to see them. After that you can run, if desired.

In-game reset:
Press Start + Select + A + B during game play. This can be put to good use when you are in Undernet 5 and are trying to get the 50,000 Zenny. Stand next to the ruby, and if it is not the Zenny, use the in-game rest until you get it.

Hint: Gamecube logo:
After defeating Shadowman, reenter the main mother computer. Go to the back of the computer. Stand in front of the "mother computer main server", where Shadowman was standing before you fought him. Slowly go to Megaman's right. Upon a stack of cubes with purple, squiggly lines on them will be the Gamecube logo.

Hint: Battle Bass:
After defeating Planetman, you can fight the real Bass. He has 2000 HP and a Life Aura 1 that will reappear. When you defeat him, you will get his Bass chip.

Hint: Battle Pharaohman:
After completing the game, go to the WWW area from the Undernet. Unlock the security cubes with a S license lock and you will get to Pharaohman. This battle is similar to the fight with Thunderman. He has two coffins that will do most of the attacking for him, but he does not attack very often. When he does, he will put a switch on the battlefield that activates a trap. For this battle, chips like Stepsword and Cannonball work very well, but the coffins act like shields and can block chips such as Cannon very easily. Pharaohman has 1200 hp.

Hint: Defeating Bass:
If you are fighting BassDelux and you have his chip, you can lower his HP a lot. You need two Navi +40s, and at least one Attack+20. You can also use Attack+30. If you do not have two Navi+40s, you can use something else. If you have Bass v1, and everything else (without Attack+30), this will do 160 damage per hit. Bass v2 does 170 and Bass v3 does 180. Also, if you have a GoldFist and know the command for it, it will get rid of his LifeAura, and perhaps hurt him. If you have Anti-Fire/Watr/Swrd/Recvr, do not use them. What looks like a fire technique is not. He also does not use water or a sword of any type.

An easy way to defeat the Treble form of Bass, the final Boss, is to put Geddon 3 and Repair Panel(*) in your Chip Folder. When you enter the battle, use Geddon 3, then Repair Panel. Treble will take damage over time because of the swamp, while your side is normal. Just sit back and heal yourself as he slowly dies.

Hint: Defeating Gateman:
If you have the style Fireguts, charge your attack by holding A then release it. Even if he has used Remo Gate, the flames will pass right through, and if aimed correctly, will hit him regardless. The flames also destroy his soldiers easily.

Hint: Defeating Gospel:
Use a Wood style (Wood Guts and Wood Shield recommended). Use your charge attack when he opens his mouth, and four to five Gateman v3 chips. When he starts sucking, hold Back.

Hint: Defeating Gutsman:
During your battle with him, move Mega Man to one of the front squares. When you do this, Gutsman will approach to punch you. Dodge the punch by moving sideways, then immediately move back to the original location and hit him with a chip. He will now move to a different square, then return to hit you again. When this happens, do the same thing again. When you run out of chips, charge your Megabuster and hit him with it. Note: This strategy will only work with a Guts-style Mega Man.

Have the Woodguts style (preferably v3). When fighting Gutsman, stand on one of the front three tiles while charging your Buster. When he comes up to punch you, take one step back and fire your Buster. Gutsman will be hit with a strong tornado and will be stunned. While he is stunned, hit him with a strong chip, such as a sword or PA.

Hint: Defeating Protoman:
Before you fight Protoman, make sure that all your FireSwrds, ElecSwrds, and AquaSwrds are in your folder. When the battle starts, always stay in the middle panels. When Protoman comes up close to slash you, slide to the back panels then move back to the middle and hit him with a sword of any kind. The previously listed swords are recommended. Repeat this until you win.

Hint: Defeating Snakeman:
After you get Quickman2, stay in that area. Defeat Quickman3 and get lots of his chips. Put them in your folder, then go to Mrs. Millions and challenge Snakeman. When he tries to bite you, use Quickman1, 2 or 3. You will do major damage because the boomerang hits him so much.

Hint: Defeating Toadman v3:
Use P.A. 2X Hero, which does 70 per hit. However if you use Attack +30, every shot will do 100 damage to Toadman. He has 900 HP, so he will only have 100 HP remaining. Then, use any kind of chip that damages 100.

Hint: Defeating Thunderman:
When it comes time to get on the net and find your stolen Battlechips, you must netbattle Thunderman. To defeat him easily, put a Fan in your folder as a default chip; or make sure it comes up soon in the battle. When you use it, Thunderman will be pulled up front. When the Fan gets destroyed, he cannot move forwards or backwards. Use swords, dashattacks, quakes, and anything lethal while he either tries to hit you with lightning or uses his clouds to shoot electricity at you. When you attack and make a hit, his attack will immediately stop. While he is off guard, use your gun or any other chips to inflict more damage. However, be careful of the three clouds sliding back and forth. If you are not on guard and quick to move sideways, these clouds could cost you a victory as they are formidable in battle.

Hint: Defeating the V3 Navis:
You can defeat at least three of the V3 Navis with an easy S rating using this method. On most of the folders you build to defeat V3 Navis, do not rely on Recovery Chips. They waste time, which is a very important factor in getting an S rating. Use FireGuts because it gives you a free quick charging 100 damage no matter if you have a chip on hand or not. First, build a wood type folder with many TreeBom1-2-3s and other high damaging chips. Go to MarineHbr and challenge Toadman to a battle by talking to the reporter beside the van. Beat him mercilessly until you have at least five V3 Toadman chips. Second, build an electric type folder and use all your Toadman V3 chips and perhaps some Satelite3 or Magbomb2-3. Buy a lot of LocEnemies from the subchip man in the Netbattler building. Go all the way to Undernet 7 and get Freezeeman V3 to appear, if you have not fought V2, walk over to the left side of the area and down and he should appear. Then, V3 will appear randomly. After you run into his V3 self the first time, save and use a LocEnemy so you can load the save file until it finally runs into him. He is a water type and is stupidly standing on an all ice fight area. Throw any electric things you have at him and get five V3 chips from him. The Toadman V3 chips do 720 damage to him in one shot, since he is taking four times the damage from electric type chips. Finally, build a water type folder and this time use all your Freezeman V3 chips you just collected. Goto the airport and fight Heatman, who is the character with red hair in the final departure room of the airport. He is easy with your Freezeman V3 chips, they are a bit random but most definitely one of the most powerful chips when you combine them with +Attack or +Navi chips. There are a total of about eight or nine attacks and the + chip will add to each one of those attacks.

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Mega Man Battle Network 2 Cheats


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