Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar Cheats

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Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar Cheats :

This page contains Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 10 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Program Advance Activated!

by ChaosKaiserX44 Feb 14, 2008

Normal P.A.s
1.) Giga Cannon 1 = Cannon (A,B,C)
2.) Giga Cannon 2 = Hi-Cannon (L,M,N)
3.) Giga Cannon 3 = M-Cannon (R,S,T)
4.) Wide Burner 1 = Fire Burner 1 (F,G,H)
5.) Wide Burner 2 = Fire Burner 2 (S,T,U)
6.) Wide Burner 3 = Fire Burner 3 (C,D,E)
7.) Flame Hook 1 = Fire Hit 1 (D,E,F)
8.) Flame Hook 2 = Fire Hit 2 (R,S,T)
9.) Flame Hook 3 = Fire Hit 3 (A,B,C)
10.) Power Wave 1 = Wave Arm 1 (E,F,G)
11.) Power Wave 2 = Wave Arm 2 (L,M,N)
12.) Power Wave 3 = Wave Arm 3 (R,S,T)
13.) Corn Party = Corn Hit 1-2-3 (J,K,L)-(C,D,E)-(P,Q,R)
14.) Parallel Shell = Iron Shell 1-2-3 (J,K,L)-(C,D,E)-(L,M,N)
15.) Stream Head = Aura Head 1-2-3 (B,C,D)-(D,E,F)-(F,G,H)
16.) H-Burst = Spreader 1-2-3 (L,M,N)-(A,B,C)-(Q,R,S)
17.) Great Yoyo = Yoyo (L,M,N)
18.) Pit Hockey = Air Hockey (L,M,N)
19.) Super Wide = Wide Shot (P,Q,R)
20.) Giga Count Bomb = Time Bomb 1-2-3 (F,G,H)-(C,D,E)-(L,M,N)

Special P.A.s
21.) Destroy Pulse = Elec Pulse 1-2-3 (J)
22.) Life Sword = Sword-WideSword-LongSword H/L/S or Sword (*) - WideBlade-LongBlade (B)
23.) Poison Pharoah = 2 Poison Seed (P) - Anubis (P)
24.) Body Guard = Anti Navi - Anti Sword - Anti Damage (*)

Tribute P.A.s (P.A.s originated from the other Megaman Battle Network series or MBN)
25.) Double Hero = Wide Blade -Long Blade - Protoman SP (B)
26.) Darkness = 2 V-Dolls - B*** Anly (F)
27.) Master Cross = Fire Hit 3 - Aqua Needle 3 - Elec Pulse 3 - Risky Honey 3 (A)
28.) Sun and Moon = Meteors (R) - Attack +30 (*) - Uninstall (R)
29.) Twin Leaders = Protoman SP (B) - Anti Navi (*) - Colonel (*) OR
Colonel SP (C) - Anti Navi (*) - Protoman (*)

Japanese P.A. that has been removed in the game:
30.) Cross Over = Django - Django V2 - Django V3 (D)

-=END=- (Each pic represents the MBN P.A. tribute to the other games. Can you guess what character(s) matches the P.A.s?)

It's not hard to guess.

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Cheats - Giga Chips

by ChaosKaiserX44 May 21, 2007

To find these chips, complete each tasks given below.

Bug Dark Thunder V
Meteor Knuckle NReceive an E-Mail when you first enter Graveyard Area.
Cross Divide DBuy it from a Punk Navi in Graveyard Areafor 30000 Zennys.
Bass Anly FDefeat Bass SP in Graveyard Area.
Hub Batch JDefeat Bass BX in Underground Area 2.
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Cheats - Lottery Chip Machine Codes

by ChaosKaiserX44 May 07, 2007

Once you are able to enter the chip shop in Central Town, go inside to find a green machine on the right-hand side. Upon pressing A in front of the machine, you will be able to enter a series of numbers to receive bonus items.

51702791SpoutMan *
69544569Lance *
24616497BlastMan *
97049899Blizzard Ball H
28271002Body Pack (Pink NCP)
19790420Buster Pack (Red NCP)
92070765ChargeMan *
51378085Circle Gun V
44892547Colonel Army *
23722234Time Bomb 3 M
38116449Geddon *
32310827DiveMan *
60884138Drill Arm M
79814666DustMan *
30424514ElecMan *
08789369Element Wrap *
45566783Full Energy SubChip
39345472Full Energy SubChip
87341489Full Energy SubChip
54654618Get NCP
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Code - Megaman, The Power Oversoul

by CyberTomahawk77 Jan 11, 2010

This Kind of Cheat I submitted is what I called "Powerful Hack" Because This cheat is the combination of Bass Mode, Invisible, and other Infinite etc....

Here For sure this code will work!


72038528 A9B0
32038519 00FF
820352A0 4000
72001B8A 0001
420365C6 0000
00000008 000C
F12E9075 CD235AC2
FC2A5369 6A138B8A
72001B8A 0001
3203CE60 0001
72001B8A 0001
72001B8A 0001
32036624 0003

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Unlockable - Title Screen Icon

by CyberTomahawk77 Jan 25, 2010

Unlockable:How to unlock:
"GIGA COMP" IconCollect all 5 Giga Chips
"MEGA COMP" IconCollect all 39 (45 in JP Version) Mega Chips
"P.A. COMP" IconActivate all 30 Program Advances
"STD COMP" IconCollect all 200 Standard Chips
Beast Link Gate Icon (JP Only)Defeat Forte SP at Graveyard Area 2 with all 5 Falzer Link Navis installed through their respective Navi Data Chips through a Beast Link Gate device
Blues [Protoman] IconUsing the 10 Event Cards off Modification Card Part 2 e+ Cards that unlock the 10 Extra Missions, Complete Them and then Defeat Blues [Protoman] FZ
Faltzer IconBeat the game
Forte [Bass] IconDefeat Forte [Bass] SP
Starred "S" IconCollect all 17 Secret Chips
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Unlockable - Here the answer.

by megamanwong Aug 28, 2008

Here the answer, hope I help you a lot.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Protoman SPDefeat all links navi (Spoutman, Tomahawman, Tenguman,Groundman,Dustman), WWW navi and you need to fight protoman for once.
Colonel SPYou will find him at UnderGround 2, fight him at normal rank, EX rank then SP ranks.
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Unlockable - Megachip up to 40

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2008

Beat protoman,Towkaman,Dustman,Groundman and know you get sp chip.Beat Navis ds in graveyard and sp in the other place are circman, blastman,Diveman, Elementman,Jugdeman and colonel know thats you ds and sp. Bass is in gaveyard and he is in the barrier in the rest. He's waiting to see megaman again.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
BassAnly chipBass
Falzar chipFalzar sp
double beast chipfalzar and Gregar
Protoman sp chipProtoman sp
Towkaman sp chipTowkaman sp
Dustman sp chipDustman sp
Groundman sp chipGroundman sp
Navis ds chips in the graveyardNavis Ds in the graveyard
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Secret - Protoman Fz

by -keisuke- Jun 13, 2008

to fight protoman fz,you must finish all the request bbs,(i forgot how many hehe)anyway defeting protoman FZ is totally hard,,so good luck :)

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Secret - ALL Program Advances!

by Unregistered Jun 10, 2008

Cannon A
Cannon B
Cannon C

HiCannon L
HiCannon M
HiCannon N

M-Cannon R
M-Cannon S
M-Cannon T

FireBurn1 F
FireBurn1 G
FireBurn1 H

FireBurn2 S
FireBurn2 T
FireBurn2 U

FireBurn3 C
FireBurn3 D
FireBurn3 E

FireHit1 D
FireHit1 E
FireHit1 F

FireHit2 R
FireHit2 S
FireHit2 T

FireHit3 A
FireHit3 B
FireHit3 C

WaveArm1 E
WaveArm1 F
WaveArm1 G

WaveArm2 L
WaveArm2 M
WaveArm2 N

WaveArm3 R
WaveArm3 S
WaveArm3 T

CornShot1 J,K,L or CornShot2 C,D,E or CornShot3 P,Q,R

IronShell1 J,K,L or IronShell2 C,D,E or IronShell3 L,M,N

ElecPuls 1,2,3 J

TimeBomb1 F,G,H or TimeBomb2 C,D,E or TimeBomb3 L,M,N

AuraHead1 B,C,D or AuraHead2 D,E,F or AuraHead3 F,G,H

WideShot P,Q,R

Spreader1 L,M,N or Spreader2 A,B,C or Spreader3 Q,R,S

Sword,WideSword,LongSword H/L/S or Sword *,WideBlade B,LongBlade B

YoYo L,M,N

AirHockey L,M,N

PoisSeed,PoisSeed,Anubis P

AnitNavi *,AntiSword *,AntiDamage *

WideBlade,LongBlade,ProtoManSP B

VDoll,VDoll,B***Anly F

FireHit3,AquaNeedle3,ElecPuls3,RiskyHoney3 A

Meteors R,Attack+30 *,Uninstall R

ProtoManSP B,AntiNavi *,Colonel * or ColonelSP C,AntiNavi *,ProtoMan *

Django,Django2,Django3 D

That's all!

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Secret - "Rare" Viruses by ChaosKaiserX44

by ChaosKaiserX44 May 09, 2008

You need a Battler Card to make these viruses appear. Any time after you receive your second Cross, jack into the blackboard in Class 1-2 at School. There you will find a red Punk Navi. Pay him 2000 Zenny to receive your Virus Battle Card and two viruses, Mettaur and Gunner. Now you can start collecting viruses.

The viruses with the name "Rare" are located in the area at the right side.

Mettaur - Central Area 1
Piranha - Seaside Area 1
Heady A - Underground Area 1
Swordy - Underground Area 1
Killer Eye - Underground Area 2
Quaker - Seaside Area 3
Catack - ACDC Area
Wind Box - Mr. Weather Computer 1
Champy - Central Area 3
Old Stove - Central Area 3
Haunted Candle - Graveyard
Puffy - Seaside Area 2
Starfish - Aquarium Computer 3
Earth Dragon - Graveyard
Scare Crow - Sky Area 2
Pulse Bulb - Mr. Weather Computer 3
Big Hat - Undernet Area 1
Bomb Corn - Judgement Tree Computer 2
Shrubby - Judgement Tree Computer 3
Honey Bomber - Judgement Tree Computer 1
Gunner - Central Area 2
Fighter Plane - Sky Area 1
Dark Mech - Undernet Area 2
Snake Arm - Graveyard
Armadillo - Green Area 2
Cragger - Judgement Tree Computer 2
Nightmare - Underground Area 2

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Easter Egg - Easy Delete

by ShadowLord Dec 19, 2008

1. i found this off another site and take no credit for it.

ok so take your second folder and fill it with normal chips, then when in battle, go Ground cross and damage the enemy the first turn.
Then the second turn go GroundFalzar and use the normal chips to use his special attack.
If done correctly, you should do about 300 damage every special attack.
good luck!

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Code - How to corrupt your file

by DarkHalberd64 May 23, 2011

FIRST get a bunch of gameshark codes and a game shark, THEN turn on all the cheats.... THEN press remove all... VOILA ur game is corrupted

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