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Pokemon Blue Review :

Nostalgic Throwback

by yoshi114 May 21, 2012

its been a while since my last review, so i was thinking old, and this game fits the crateria. although yes it is rather over the hill, it will never change the fact that it is an amazing game, even if it is pokemon. this was the first video game i played in my life, and got hooked on gaming ever since. it also introduced me to Pokemon, and RPG's for that matter. starting the game, you may be a bit clueless, but once you get the hang of it, it is very enjoyable. The real begining of the game allows you to pick one, of three pokemon, but choose wisely, because you cannot get the other two without trading! now you have your pokemon, your adventure begins. you will come across other trainers who will challenge you with their own pokemon as we all know. this game started it all, along with Pokemon Red.(excluding Green version for Japan only.) without this game having the popularity it had back then, we would never have had our generation 5. The story is original, from an old timer's standpoint, but what is most notable about the games plot, is that at the end, you are surprised to see your childhood rival become champion right under your nose! For many of us, it was the first real plot twist final battle. everyone who played this game should remember that feeling of "no way!" when we first encountered that final boss. this game was, in my book, the grandpappy of RPG games.(because i never played Final Fantasy.) i hope you can get your hands on a copy of this or Red version, it truly is a feeling of "New."

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9Story line
Back then, this story line was still new, so I have got to cut some slack here. one part is to beat the pokemon league, and the other is to fill the pokedex... challenging indeed.
for its time, the graphics were not amazing, nor bad. they were just fine. as long as i can distinguish what Pokemon i am looking at the graphics are good with me.
i couldn't really get into the music, i was more focused on the story and makeing my pokemon better. the sound effects were as best as they could be.
Loved the gameplay, i am a huge fan of RPG games, and this being my first one, i can never say that i didnt truly love it. although it gets rather tedious with some of the attacks, it was very enjoyable.
10Lasting Appeal
there is no way i could forget this game. every few months or so i go back and delete my old game and start a new one. it is still a different adventure every time. thats why i encourage you to get a copy of the game. you wont regret it :)(unless you hate pokemon...)
(Out of 10)


keybladekidhaxdi    wrote on jul 30, 2012 7:51 pm

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