Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Review

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Review :

Pokemon Red Rescue Team

by KittyLover Aug 18, 2010

Pokemon Red Rescue Team is a game where you go about rescuing weak innocent Pokemon stuck in dangerous places called Dungeons. You answer a few questions about your personality, and you are given a Pokemon to play as a main character who best suits your personality. Then you choose a partner Pokemon.

After the questions you step into the portal connected to the world of Pokemon. You start out knocked out with no memory of being a human when you wake. You see your partner Pokemon and he/she asks your name. You respond, and a troubled Butterfree comes and asks you to save her poor baby Caterpie who fell in a hole at Tiny Woods. She says that the Wild Pokemon have gone crazed because of the natural disasters happening and she's too weak to save Caterpie.

You save Caterpie, and your partner Pokemon asks you to join on a Pokemon Rescue Team. You have to say yes, and you get your own Base. Now it's time to work toward peace!

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7Story line
You work toward a Gold Rank Rescue Team and rescue Pokemon. Along the way a mean Pokemon named Gengar goes and tells all Pokemon that you are to blame for all the natural disasters happening, which turns all your friends against you, and you take to the road as fugitive, seeking the truth.
The graphics are good, but they arent the best I've seen. They don't look great. But they are still good.
I love the music and often find myself humming the music in the Dungons while exploring. I espicially favor the music in Great Canyon.
It might take you a few days to complete the game if you use wondermail codes. I am still working on it after a few weeks.
8Lasting Appeal
At first it's fun and interesting; but after a while, it gets boring doing the same darn thing over and over again. But this game is definatly worth buying.
(Out of 10)


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