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Pokemon Pearl Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Pearl cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 5 cheats in our list, which includes 1 glitch, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Pearl on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How to:

by Pokemon_Sucks Jun 18, 2008

To get a mystery gift you will have to go to the jublife city's TV station and tealk to a guy on the third floor. (he's with a girl)
Tell him "everyone happy" and "wifi connection" save it and then start your game up then press "mystery gift"

Hope it works!!!

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Secret - How to catch cressilia

by legendaryfox Nov 21, 2007

you haf to beat the eliet four and hav the national dex, so, u go to canalave city, from the pokecenter, u go south, then ull see a house next to a sign, itl say, "sailer ... house" u go in, first talk to the boy sick in bed, he'll say somthing about the pokemon Darkari, a legendary pokemon (a nintendo event, but thats a different story!) then, talk to the little boy's mother, (radda radda radda) then go out side and speak to the sailor, he'll say somthing about a cresent moon, then, he'll offer u to take to "New moon island" say yes, watch the ship go and leave, then u enter a patch of flowers leading a path. follow it. and ull see a clearing, and in the clearing, ull see a pink and yellow thing, talk to it, it appears to be a pokemon! It is a Cressilia, it will be in ur pokedex, then fly away, its just like catching Mespirit.

it'l be a lot easier if u haf the poke app, poketraker, itl haf a bear face, so thats were cressilia is! to git the app u need to fly, (or walk... if u haf the paitence) to Jubilife city and go to the poketech compony. ull see a fat guy, hes the president. note: hes on the first floor next to the counter. he'll give u lots of apps. one of them is the poketracker. now, id git a Wobbafet to catch it, i had a lv 61!

hoped this helped!

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Glitch - Migrating

by Torterragirl Mar 22, 2010

Have u got some pretty cool pokemon in ur gameboy games well if u dont play on ur gameboy games bucuz of da new pokemon pearl and dimond then migrate them...heres how..
put ur pokemon pearl/diamond ds game in and ur pokemon gameboy game in aswell turn on ur ds and go on ur pearl/diamond game u go on the bar that says migrate from gameboy game right under the continue bar then choose ur pokemon u want and go to the pal park in the game NOTE: MAKE SURE U HAVE ALL THE GOOD AND COMON ONES IN UR GAMEBOY PC BECUZ COMMON IN GAMEBOY IS RAR IN DS :D

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Secret - When to battle Fantina

by Unregistered Apr 11, 2008

First go Battle Wake And Maylene In Pastoria And Veilstone Then
go to Pastoria And talk to the Grunt and he will run away
and go to lake Valor before you leave Pastoria YOUR rival will battle
you. THE GRUNT will battle you at Valor. Then Cynthia WILL Come and give you
the secretPotion and go to route 210 use it and they will go away. u could go to celestic town battle the grunt ad cynthia's grANDMOTHR WILL GIVE YOU HM SURF AND YOU
COULD FANTINA Hint: IF you don't have hm defog a boy in the great marsh near the entrance will give it to u

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Secret - How to get rid of the pysducks blocking the way

by Unregistered Jul 03, 2008

you know the entrance to the eterna city entrance you will might a girl with green hair then you will guide her till the end of the eterna forset. she will reward you by a poion to get rid of the pysducks then you just go to the pysducks use the potion and they move out your way.

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Pokemon Pearl Cheats


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