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Pokemon: Sapphire Review :

Hoenn Saga

by skyp Nov 11, 2010


It isn't difficult to explain why Nintendo's Pokémon franchise has remained so incredibly popular since the first Pokémon games were released for the Game Boy Color in late 1997. At the epicenter of the franchise are hundreds of different types of cute, cuddly, and memorable critters mostly based on real-world animals--and in the world of Pokémon, they're routinely made to beat the stuffing out of each other. That's a formula for success if ever there were one: combining the world's love of things that are cute and the world's love of When Animals Attack. Anything as popular as Pokémon opens itself up to criticism from those with only a superficial knowledge of the material--it's tempting to think that any Pokémon product is just for little kids. Yet in fact, the original Pokémon games for the Game Boy Color were solid role-playing games on their own merits, but with lighthearted themes and some unique twists. The new Pokémon games for the Game Boy Advance, dubbed Ruby and Sapphire, are pretty similar and likewise can be recommended to anybody. They're good looking, they're fun to play, and they offer a lot of lasting value and variety, though they're a bit too easy.

As with the original Pokémons Red and Blue, the new Pokémons Ruby and Sapphire are for the most part identical. The box covers are different, the title screens are different, each version has a handful of unique Pokémon that aren't available in the other version, and a few of the story details differ depending on the version. One version isn't better than the other, and since the two are basically the same, only the true Pokémon fanatic should even consider getting both--the idea is to convince a buddy of yours to get the opposite version, so you can trade Pokémon, battle with each other, and ultimately catch every last one of the critters, which you can't do with just one version of the game.

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10Story line
Ever since Blue and Red, it hasnt changed: Beat the 8 gyms, beat Rival, beat Team Aqua and at the end, conquer the Elite 4.
The grahics are OK but they could be better. In Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, they become 3D! Acceptable.
The sound dont really matter that much, but the are awesome. My favorite is when you are battling Kyogre and any one in the Elite 4.
The Game Play is good. You beat Pokemon Trainer and Gyms, catch, raise and become great friends with Pokemon while exploring the Region of Hoenn.
9Lasting Appeal
It deppends on how much you like Pokemon. If you worship it (like me) you will be playing it alot. Horray for Pokemon Sapphire!
(Out of 10)


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