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Temple Run Review :

A Very Addicting Game

by sdan12 Jul 09, 2012

Temple Run is an iPhone/iPod game. It's so ***, pointless, and simple that it's so addicting! All your doing is running through a Temple while there are a bunch of crazy monkeys chasing you. There are seven characters to choose from. You have a normal explorer at the beginning of the game and with the coins you get during the runs, you can upgrade to different characters including female explorers and even a football star! You can also upgrade for other power-ups such as wings that save your life, and boosts that make you go farther. You can even download wallpapers for your iPod/iPhone. There is also another version of this game that is out called Temple Run: Brave. It's a game that goes with the new movie. Temple Run is free on the iPod/iPhone while the Brave version is 99 cents, so I have not played it yet.

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7Story line
All you're really doing is running through a Temple with crazed monkeys chasing after you. There's not much of a story line but this one is pretty simple.
The graphics are pretty good for a game on the iPod. I've seen better but they are clear enough to be able to concentrate on playing.
The sounds get really annoying after a while. Everytime your character jumps it makes a huffing type sound and it's really annoying after a while.
The gameplay is simple. Up and down to jumpe and duck. Tilt to move coins. Left and right to turn. Fairly simple.
7Lasting Appeal
This game is a lot of fun everywhere you go. It get's tiring after a while and you do eventually grow tired of it. But all in all, it's a fun game.
(Out of 10)


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