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Kid Icarus Uprising Review :

Kid Icarus: Uprising

by Pkmnmaster760 May 10, 2012

To me, this game was like a whole new dimension... Literally. Designed on the 3DS, this game came naturally in 3rd Dimension. There is some pretty creepy 8-bit music in this game that makes me go like, "OMGWTF THIS IS CREEPING ME OUT!" This music occurs when an Orne appears. I, for one, could not put the game down with all the weapons and the action, both during sky and land battles. The story mode might be short, but after you beat, you can start from chapter one and try different chapter with increasing difficulty by using hearts, the game's currency. My favorite type of gameplay is online, because you can try out new weapons and test you skills against other players, while also having the chance to obtain new weapons. All-in-all, this game is the first game that I have been addicted to so much, I literally have to tell myself "It's time to put the 3DS down, and do some homework."

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10Story line
The game starts with Palutena telling Pit that Medusa has been resurrected after her defeat years back. Now, Pit has to defeat Medusa and other gods once again, to save mankind's destruction. Most levels contain one boss.
Coming from a 3DS, the graphics were naturally maxed out as much as possible and stretched the 3DS' potential to the max. Excellent graphics and good depth when in 3D. Everything is clear and crisp, just the way it should be.
There were some creative music, both old and new. The music was really dramatic and some kept the player on its toes. For example, when a skull-like enemy called an "Orne" appears, there's an 8-bit melody playing that really creeps you out, because touching an Orne means instant death.
I was really into the game because there are two modes you can play in almost every chapter(level). In air mode, you control Pit flying around and shooting enemies while the scene changes. In land mode, Pit travels the level's map and can walk around and use close range attacks.
8Lasting Appeal
The Story is kind of short, considering how I finished it in a day, but after you complete the story, you can always play again on another difficulty and challenge yourself. Internet gameplay is what's really fun, because you can fully show your gamer side and kill people while earning new weapons.
(Out of 10)


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