Kid Icarus Uprising Review

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Kid Icarus Uprising Review :

Revival of Our Favourite Angel

by greenemerald Sep 11, 2012

Some of us remember the game Kid Icarus, a hit game for the Nintendo Entertainment System made in 1986 that featured the main character, Pit and his crusade against the Underworld and their leader Medusa in an effort to save Skyworld. It was a great game said to combine the skills of Link, Mario and Samus Aran, and didn't fail to do so. This game got quite good reception and many gamers were looking forward to a sequel to get their hands on a sequel, this was named Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters with ported the original games charm over to the Game Boy and like its prequel got good reviews, but how does 21 years later Kid Icarus Uprising hold up?

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7Story line
The storyline is relatively simple in the first part of the game, Medusa has returned to extract revenge upon Palutena and again Pit is forced to fight her commanders and take out Medusa, but it's the second part of the game where it really heats up, I'm not giving out any spoilers though.
The graphics for a Nintendo portable game are pretty great and unlike other 3DS games look amazing even without 3D or any gimmicks, one good example is Chapter 11: Viridi, Goddess of Nature which takes a good visual background on the scenery and the shocking bomb explosions affect too.
The music from the original game was beautifully remastered in this game and most of the new music is well composed and directed. The dialogue does get a bit irritating for some but can be turned off in the options menu so shouldn't be a problem for most others unless they can't find it.
The gameplay is absolutely amazing in the air and controls very well for the most part, but for many the major turn off is the land based combat, which feels incredibly wonky at first but like the dialogue can be changed like the dialogue in the menu, it's a bit hard aiming with the stylus though.
9Lasting Appeal
This game is amazing for the most part and even though the land battle can be annoying at first can be adjusted to and with the inclusion of Wi-Fi battles in this game scores it extra points. This game is one of the best in the 3DS library and should not be turned down by any 3DS gamer.
(Out of 10)


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