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MySims Kingdom Cheats :

This page contains MySims Kingdom cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 21 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 14 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MySims Kingdom on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Where to get all essences!!

by Unregistered Dec 05, 2008

If you want a essence and you cant find it look on this!!!!! just get your extractor and go to the place!!!!!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Raindrop EssenceGo to any fountain and press A with your extractor on
Purple Gem Essencego to any patio and press A with your extractor on
Brown hexagon Essencego to any Flower bed and press A with your extractor on
Fire flame Essencego outside Roy's house and press A with your extractor on
Leaf EssenceGo to Torajijo's house or a stump and press A with your extractor on
Gold planet Essencego to the ski slope (after 3 or 4 star levels) and press A with your extractor on
Light blue sphere Essencego to Margeret's house or (if you have a japanese bench use that) and press A with your extractor on
Heart Essencego to any pink house or any phones and press A with your extractor on
Dark moon Essencego to Dr F's house and press A with your extractor on
star EssenceGo to any blue houses, lamposts or wells and press A with your extractor on
question mark Essencego to the Gondola summit at the middle mountain area and press A with your extractor on
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Unlockable - FISHING RODS

by sapres Jul 13, 2009

Okay want to get a few new FISHING RODS well try THIS.
I'll also tell how they work.

You'll see the mistake DR.F did when HANK tries to get DR.F make the ULTIMATE FISHING ROD for you. >_-

HARD FISHING RODGive HANK a LARGE group of SALT WATER ( FISHING at the BEACH or in the DEEP SEA TRIP ) Great for catching BIG FISH.
FLEXIBLE FISHING RODGive him a LARGE group of FRESH WATER FISH ( every where else ) Great for catching LITTLE FISH.
SALVAGING FISHING ROD ( A.K.A the ULTIMATE FISHING ROD)Get the FISH ENCYCLOPEDIA filled up and talk to HANK ( after getting the other too! ) Great for catching JUNK and TREASURE CHESTS.( Mostly TREASURE CHEST)
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Secret - Secret Quick Ending!

by Unregistered Mar 25, 2009

If you do not want to finish the Story element of the game quickly do not read any further!

There is a quick way to find out who is causing all the things in the Kingdom to disappear and capture the UFO!

After you have got to the part with Mecha dog and have found him in the zoo enter the enpty broken crocodiles cage
In the top right-hand corner there is a strange looking object go to it
You will realise your green sims diamond appear above your character Click on the strange object
You will find yourself in a secret underground lairNow go exploring and watch the WHOLE title sequence at the end!

Congratulations on solving the Mystery of My Sims Kingdom!

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Secret - Where to find the mecha dog that has the ufo peice

by ariver19 Feb 09, 2009

The dog is at the ski slope.Look very carefully.At night I went to my house on the ski slope,went to bed,woke up,and go outside to the river that is where i found my mecha dog. Then you will go directly to the labratory.

I BEAT THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Secret - Watching the gondola/deep sea fishing

by Unregistered Feb 09, 2009

when emily asks you to watch the gondola to go look for her star price you can move a little bit but you have to touch the gondola at al times or she will come back and you have to start over again.after you do this go see the fishermen and he will offer to take you deep sea fishing if he is beside the dock at any time.

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Secret - Heliport

by Angel5310 Sep 06, 2010

When Martin needs to pay back Dr. F , all he needs you to do is buy a lot of heliport markers for 5,000 and buy one for every place except for the zoo. Once you bought every one you need, Martin will say that he's finally paid back his bill. Then you need to help people and play games until you get your first heliport plans. Give them to the builder and you need to get essences to make one. You can only place a heliport if you bought a heliport marker. Every heliport you make has to have a heliport maker to go with it. Then you can fly as long as you have a heliport where you want to fly. Yay!

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Code - Mysims Kingdom cheats.

by titch Jul 22, 2011

These are some cheats for clothes, pause the game before you do so.

R, X, L, Y, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN.Cow Costume.
L, R, Y, X, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.Cow Headgear.
RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, L, R, L, R.Patchwork Clothes.
DOWN, L, LEFT, R, UP, Y, RIGHT, X.Patchwork Pants.
LEFT, R, L, RIGHT, Y, Y, X, X.Punk Bottom.
UP, X, DOWN, Y, LEFT, L, RIGHT, R.Punk Top.
Y, X, RIGHT, LEFT, L, R, DOWN, UP.Samurai Armor.
Y, X, R, L, Y, X, R, L.Samurai Helmet.
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Secret - Bridge

by Unregistered Jan 12, 2009

Go to the construction dude's house, and sa yes, i will watch your house. DO NOT LET ANYONE INSIDE! I would walk around the table, to observe the house. Some times he will ask you can i leave you to watch my house knucklehead? say yes. That tells you that you're doing something wrong. DO NOT STAY IN ONE SPOT THE WHLE TIME. He will test you: saying can i bring_________into the house. Say no. once he's done, you'll be outside. Go tell ellen about thr bridge.

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Code - Big Big Money

by Unregistered Aug 22, 2011

Go to Johnny (the ranger) and do snowball fight .Don't throw snowballs just let them hit blue rocks till he dies then you get about 5,500 sim dollars.

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Code - Perplexing paw

by awesome_cheats214 Apr 25, 2011

well, most of the questions are about the perplexing paw, so heres how to get it.

you have to get at least a bronze medal on kayaking,(from the woman with the gray hair,(mary)

after you have got a medal she will ask for your autograph and then she will give it to you.(try using your fingers or 2 styluses. hope this helps!!

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Secret - Help Lily With her fear!

by tyty003 Jul 07, 2010

After you get Roy and Sharon official suppliers for the king, ask Richard to take you across the sea, go to the zoo give Tim a picture of a hippo (if you already did you don't have to) Then go to the gondola go up then go to Margret and do what she asks you to do (if you already did then you don't have to) Then you must catch 2 multi-colored carps and sell them to sharon (even if you already did) then go tho your FIRST home THE NEXT MORNING then sleep till the noon then go to Lily's stores and she will start talking to you then click yes. when she says "can we stop now?" after keep telling her NO. the next day go to her store again you will do the same thing after a few times she will give you a fortune of money and items for free if it dosen't work start the process all over trust me it works!!!!!

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Secret - Ghost Buster's

by marie808 Jul 07, 2009

Get a mini rare ghost on levels hard and normal. when you are killing some ghosts a brown rock will appear on the ground (usually behind gray rock.) shoot it a few times and a small ghost will appear. its cute(LOL)

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Secret - Fun Things To Do In The Game

by pupyluv Apr 01, 2013

No one ever posted a version of this for the ds version(except me but it was a list) so I decided to do it here. I haven't played the game for a while because it got deleted but I was a total expert at it and have some ideas on how to have fun. The stuff are not really fun but it gives you something to do. Minigame stuff and earning money stuff are not really in here. Note that if I put for example star 3 then some stuff, it means you have to be at that level or higher in order to do it.

Star 2-annoy people→basic(keep talking to them non-stop, go to them then run away, talk to them for nothing, go back and fourth non-stop→only with Emily, Amy, and that blonde dude,keep going to bed)

Star 3-none

Star 4-mess with people(getting peoples hopes up but not actually doing it, play a minigame with someone but quit as soon as you start playing→I think you can only do it with the blonde guy but maybe you can do it with others as well, make a house and kick all the sims out of it how move into it)),have a special relaxing place(get some stuff from roys, a t.v from lilys, and maybe a bigger house then set up your place to relax),have a big spending spree(save before you do this and don't save after you do this which includes taking pictures and designing with sharon. just buy a lot from everyone for a while)

Star 5-14 fulfillments in 1 sim day(think you can do that? you have to do a lot of planning before you start in order to get that much fulfillments)

If you have any more suggestions, just say it.

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Code - Mecha dog

by Lucycheats999 Oct 03, 2011

You find mecha dog at the zoowhen u walk in u automaticly go to the crocs cage and there the croc smashes the cage

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Secret - Secret Mini Game - Stargazing

by happydog900 Jun 14, 2010

Go to the Tennis Place And go to the Gondola. Ride it. You will be at that snowy place and Amy will be next to you. Wait for it to be night OR sleep. Then when its night talk to Amy. She'll tell you about the stars and stuff like that. You will play the game called Stargazing I think. You have to be I think level four to get this mini Game.
Good Luck! :)

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Secret - Carpenter's Plans 6

by ConnorMan May 07, 2012

At river in Mangrove Forest when you go kayaking and reach a certain record you will get the Carpenter's Plan 6.

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Secret - Neighborhoods

by Angel5310 Sep 06, 2010

To create a neighborhood, you'll need to make houses where nobody lives ( house with a question mark at the builder's) and place a lot of them around a place. Then, it will take at least one time change for people to move in. People will start walking around and staying in their houses. Sometimes they have problems, or great things to share with you. So you click the emotion that you think describes what they have to share, and if your right, they can give you blueprints or furniture items! Sometimes they'll just share something with you but you don't need to do the emotion thing. Be sure to place trees and other items around so the people will want to actually walk around! They'll be in different places and have different things to say every time change. So you can visit them whenever you want! (You can place neighborhoods in any area and however many areas you want, just not the zoo!)

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Secret - Another Way To Get Perplexing Paw

by Unregistered Jan 25, 2010

Here's what you do. You have to have already met Dean and Johnny for this to work. You go to Dean at the Ski Slope. He has blue hair and is wearing a blue tracksuit. You talk to him. Then you go to Johnny near your house in the mountains. He is the one who is obsessed with training. You talk to him and he will tell you to get a heater for Dean. Go Buy a wood stove for Dean and he will thank you. However, he might ask you for firewood but just walk away and then come back and he should be fine. You then go back to Johnny and he will thank you and tell you about the snowball fight game. Then he will give you the perplexing paw.
Hope This helped :D
Sorry if it didn't...must've only worked for me. Good Luck!! x)

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Secret - Finding Mecha-Dog the second time

by izayoui21 Apr 23, 2010

Okay since mecha-dog is a "dog" first you would probably want to go to the zoo. Look for the pen for the dogs and it will say that dogs can be found in the snow fields or at the shore around the morning and afternoon go to the snow fields and look around mecha dog hould be there.

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Unlockable - Every part for assembling (mostly)

by Unregistered Mar 17, 2009

Wazzup? This is angelic gamer (I'm not a member, I just feel like saying that). People ask questions like "Where do I get {blah, blah, blah}". To get them, just accomplish stuff in minigames. You can also help people if they are sad. Try to reach win a level in minigames! Ur welcome!:)

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