Pokemon Soul Silver Review

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Pokemon Soul Silver Review

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Pokemon Soul Silver Review :

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Aug 04, 2010

The review My thoughts about the game - Well, it's a good game overall. The general concept of the game, however, has been used many times. You start out by choosing one of three Pokemon, then you go out on your adventure battling wild Pokemon, trainers, and gym leaders. Battling in the game is turn-based. By that, the Pokemon with the highest speed goes first and does x damage depending on the attack of the Pokemon attacking, the Defense of the Pokemon being attacked, and the power of th...

Bramblefang's avatar

Sep 16, 2010

Pokemon Silver and Gold come back to life in their remakes, Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. This game takes place in the Johto and Kanto Regions meaning there's a lot to explore! The plot is the same, again. Catch a Pokemon, raise it, and battle the 8 Gym Leaders & Elite 4 of the region. Unlike the other generations, you are allowed to battle a total of 16 Gym Leaders and 2 Champions due to the accessibility to Kanto. Battles are all about your Pokemon battling another Pokemon. It&#...

skyp's avatar

Oct 05, 2010

Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold are based on the same story line. You can use the POKEWALKER to transfer Pokemon into it and take your favorite Pokemon with you every where. I, personally, like it when your at the Whirl Islands and I like it how Lugia comes out of the waterfall. Another thing I like is how the 1st Pokemon in your party follows you around. The thing that is difficult, is that you have to get all 493 Pokemon to complete the Pokedex. Without events you have to find peopl...


Feb 07, 2011

this game is 1 of the 2 best game remakes in history! Story:ok like every pokemon game you start in your home town you get a starter pokemon: Chickorita, Cyndiquil an Todidile. you get other starters along the way: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. also Treeko, Torchic and Mudkip. you can only get Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup by trading with the sinnoh version. Good: a Quicker way to get the other starters is by having firered, leafgreen, ruby,sapphire and emerald. to get all of them quicker y...

cab1214's avatar

Aug 05, 2010

This game was clearly carefully organized into a great revival of one of Nintendo's best Generations of Pokemon. Generation II, in my opinion, was a well thought out game, and it ties in perfectly with Generation I. Team Rocket returned to take over the Johto Region, and eventually fled to the Kanto Region. Nintendo/GameFreak really got into the specifics in the game, remaking about 99.9%-100% of everything in the original Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The addition of Generation IV Pokemon mad...


Sep 06, 2010

The base of the story line is the same as Heart Gold which i don't get because they are different games accept for you catch each legendary [Lugia and Ho-Oh] the other way if you know what I'm saying. At the beginning you pick 1 out of the 3 Pokemon in the incubator or what ever it is you then move on to different towns in the region battle gym leaders and sometimes battle your rival pretty much the same most other Pokemon games and the legendary Pokemon Lugia, Ho-Oh and Suicine are lo...

aryadrottningu's avatar

Oct 29, 2010

My Opinion One of the best games i've ever played! Basically the same as the older versions, but much more to explore and do. You can do sooooo much more than the old versions, and I think the pokewalker is very handy for gaining exp. Also, you can battle more gym leaders, battle 2 champions, all due to having to regions to explore. There are also many trainers to battle for exp. Big variety of pokemon, and I like alot of the features that I'm not sure if the older versions have, I thi...

Xenenes's avatar

May 25, 2012

The best and hardest battle in the game. Pokemon SS is a good game but it is just another remake it is herpy derpy in a way it is almost exactly the same as just Pokemon SIlver oh wait it is because it is a remake. There is a guy that makes almost every Pokemon game look good and it is GCPM11 his walkthroughs are amazing....

jsa's avatar

Aug 16, 2010

This game is a remake of the classic pokemon silver version its great game with very few bugs as long as you dont hack this game is much better then its predecessors pokemon platinum diamond and pearl also the fact you can travel to kanto gives much better game play as well and the wifi features are enhanced as well with plaza games and battle frontier battles with friends...

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