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Pokemon Soul Silver Review :

GSP - Pokemon SS

by AlexGETsomePIE Aug 04, 2010

The review

My thoughts about the game - Well, it's a good game overall. The general concept of the game, however, has been used many times. You start out by choosing one of three Pokemon, then you go out on your adventure battling wild Pokemon, trainers, and gym leaders. Battling in the game is turn-based. By that, the Pokemon with the highest speed goes first and does x damage depending on the attack of the Pokemon attacking, the Defense of the Pokemon being attacked, and the power of the move. All of these "stats" are determined by the Pokemon itself, and what level it is. Your Pokemon gains levels by battling other Pokemon, either wild or by a trainer. Wild Pokemon are randomly encountered while walking through grass, which at times can be a pain. Pokemon fall under different types, where certain Pokemon have an advantage over other Pokemon. For example, a water-type Pokemon has an advantage over a fire-type Pokemon.

Battling is a huge aspect of the game. If you're not battling then you are traveling to the next town in search of of gym leaders. Every town has a gym, A Pokemon Center where you can heal your Pokemon of any damage they may have took while battling, and a PokeMart where you can buy items that will assist your Pokemon inside and outside of battle, such as HP healing items. A majority of the game is based around you going from town to town defeating gym leaders, and on occasion you'll have to deal with certain events such as defeating a team of bandits, also known as Team Rocket.

An interesting thing to be noted here is the Pokewalker that comes with the game. The Pokewalker is an accessory that trains your pokemon as you walk. The Pokewalker communicates with the game wirelessly so you can send your pokemon from your game over to your Walker, and then for every step you take your pokemon gets 1 exp along with Watts, which can be used to play minigames and send back your rewards to your game.

In summary, it's a good game. The graphics are nice and battles are balanced and fluid. The only real flaw to this game is that it's far too easy. Most players who have played a Pokemon game before probably won't lose once to any trainer in the game. Even if you haven't played many Pokemon games in the past, you'll only find yourself losing three or four times through the course of the whole game. In my opinion, this was a great remake of the classic game, and I am going to buy Pokemon games again in the future.

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6Story line
You battle gym leaders, and occasionally meat up with your rival/friend for a quick chat. The main objective of the game is to beat all of the gyms and eventually the elite four/Red. Sometimes you face Team Rocket, but that doesn't add much to the storyline.
Well, the game doesn't have very good graphics, but that doesn't take away from the quality of the game. I never really find yourself saying "Wow, the graphics in this game are really bad". A few 3d elements have been introduced from the last game, giving it slightly more visual appeal.
This remixes from the original Gold/Silver are amazing, and you have the option to listen to the classic tunes once you reach a certain part in the game. The sound in this game is exceptional, though some of the Pokemon cries may make your ears hurt.
Gameplay is what Pokemon is all about. The gameplay is amazing and battling is balanced, for the most part. It's extremely satisfying leveling up your Pokemon and traveling throughout Kanto and Johto beating all of the gym leaders. Wild Pokemon are appear a tad too much, but ti's not a problem.
7Lasting Appeal
The Replay Value of this game depends on what kind of person you are. If you are competitive, then you might battle other people online and get a lot of out of it. If you are like my friends, and stop playing after you beat Red, then you won't. It all depends who you
(Out of 10)


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