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may 19, 2009Adventure Quest [ PC ]   Submitted

At level 4 dragonslayer, (new), there is a list of things you need to obtain to start the next quest. Where do you get these items? Im a level 92 btw.

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Secret - DragonSlayer Quest level 4- Collecting materials:

1. Dragonbane ore- go to map and click south arrow and click Drgonbane quest there kill one dragon and you automatically get the sample or the ore.

2.Void Dragon Claw- go to map and click south arrow and then click Dragonspine quest and choose #3 and kill until you get to the first Void Dragon, kill it then click it's claw and TADAH you got the claw.

3.Acidrake Blood- this one might take awhile, cause i dont exactly know where it is but i suggest doing random battles till one comes up. D:

4.Nightshade- go to Obsidia's Lair and click on the bottom right grave, the far right gravestone.

5.Pure Water- go to Fairwind Spring and click the water.

(if you got anymore questions, pm me or e-mail me at and ill see what im capable of ^o^)