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Animal Jam Cheats :

This page contains Animal Jam cheats list for PC version. Now we have 166 cheats in our list, which includes 115 cheats codes, 4 passwords, 3 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 31 glitches, 12 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Jam on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - GECKO GLITCH!!!!!!

by foxyroxy6666 Jan 06, 2012

all you have to do is enter the code gecko and login and click on the present more than once then when you go to another room you will get a gecko every time it's that simple hope it works 4 u REMEMBER IT IS A GLITCH SO MOST OF THE TIME IT WILL NOT WORK AGAIN HOPE IT WORKS kitcat1478


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Glitch - Glitchy

by honey78949 Feb 23, 2012

Found a glitch for Mt.shivver discovered it myself while trying to do Cocoa hut roof glitch with my bf! You transform animals(you try anyway :P) and you get on the door, my user is Honey78949,friend me and I'll show you the glitch you have trouble. It's hard too explain :D Comment if you have any questions or compliments! Please don't use trash talk. A lot of people trash talk! I hate it. Good luck!


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by coolgal4ever Apr 30, 2012

Trying to finish your journeybook? look for the username earthrocks and send a jam a gram or comment below. For rares go to her den and comment below about what you want.

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Code - Codes

by nobbie Oct 14, 2011

hope this helps ya ,and just comment for some questions :)

geckogreen gecko
coral reef1000
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Code - Animal Jam need Help? Find or ask here for the best answers

by TigersRmyLife Sep 05, 2011

just type in what u need help with or u can add me in animal jam my user is zwo and yes i was a member but not no more but i will be again good luck :)

Festival1000 Gems
AjBday1st Cake
Explore20121000 Gems
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Code - The nm member animal cheat (non members with expired member)

by Unregistered Dec 18, 2012

have you been seeing nm in member animals lately well i know the cheat the nm member animals :D.

the cheat is : when your membership runs out , you choose two animals, you sell both and get a turtle, go to bahari bay logoff then logon and then voila! one of your old member animal is right there in front of you!!! isnt that great!!??

there are some little side effects: 1* you cant reverse this glich until you get a new membership

2* you cant choose what member animal you want to be out of your old ones, so be sure for when membership almost up sell all but the member animal you want to be.(if you dont do this you will usually end up with fox) P.S: card animals are REALLY rare!

my user is kanzoo2002 hope you like it and hope it works for u too!

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Secret - Rainbow potion

by Unregistered Oct 01, 2012

this is how 2 get the rainbow potion in brady barr's lab hope it works

step 1: go 2 brady barr's lab

step 2: click on the potion game

step 3: click green , then blue, then red

step 4: repeat the last step 2 more times

step 5: click the fire 3 times

hope it works :) p.s my user is kidkoopakt buddy me :)

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Code - Phantom cotton candy

by Unregistered Jul 23, 2012

go to the summer carnival and click on the game icon above the cotton candy machine. click any cone. next click the black flavor. gather all the cotton candy. click the white flavor and do the same thing. then do it with black again. when the screen goes back your cotton candy will look like a phantom! hope you enjoy it bye!

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Code - Jamma glitch

by Unregistered Dec 18, 2012

ok everyone im not sure if this will work for you so please dont be rude. OK first go to the big statue in jamma then click the trees on the right there you go. you should be on top of the trees.

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Glitch - Animal jam lost temple of zios glitch

by MASROS May 18, 2012
  1. log in to your animal jam acount
  2. go to lost temple of zios
  3. stand beetween the window and the lab door
  4. click on the window and then click on the door(do it really quick)
  5. after doing that you will go on the lab wall(if it didnt work do it faster
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Code - Shrinking cake

by Unregistered Jun 04, 2013

first you enter code birthdaybash then you put it in your den then you click the blue frosting on the bottom the fourth from the left then your cake shrinks

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Glitch - Coral Canyons Glitch

by Unregistered Jul 17, 2012

1:stand by the water fall

2:click a name and then the game tag

3:click under the game best dressed

4:click a game then cancel quickly

5:you will move down to the stairs but stop when you get between the ground and top of steps

Thanks for reading please no bad comments

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Secret - How to make a underwater world pool

by PHARMACY5 Jun 20, 2012







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Glitch - Prize machine glitch

by Unregistered Feb 06, 2012

you've heard of the sol arcade right? it came out in febuary. well the prize claw machine has a glitch. go over to the prize claw machine closest to the door. do it until you win something. once you win something, click rapidly on the drop button while your prize is going up, then hit play again then the claw should still be in the same place of where you won it last time, if it is click rapidly on the drop button again, if it is not then there is something wrong. but then you should win again! you will most lickely win 2-5 times in a row on the machine. remember it may not work the first time. the claw machine in the movie theater works best!

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Code - Epic wonders glitch!!!!!!!

by qwertyui23 Jul 02, 2012

all u need to do u is:

  • go to epic wonders
  • go up to the ege where the blue orb is
  • clike somewon name tag (someone have to be there)
  • click game
  • then click the door
  • and then click any games
  • and the cancle
  • and BOOM there u go.

please keep the bad comets to ur self

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Glitch - How to get over 10,000 coins

by Unregistered Apr 14, 2015

Hi jammers (this is a glitch for only ppl who dont have an account if u do then just make a new one lol :-) )

You get as many coins as you want by following these simple steps.

1. Make a new account and fill out your info.

2. Go through all the info the host has to say.

3. When the host gives you gems log out.

4. Log back in and go through what the host has to say again.

5. You should have 4,000 coins right now because it goes by 2s.

6. If you want more keep logging out and logging in.

Thanks Jammer


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Code - Coral canyons glitch

by Unregistered Dec 03, 2014

Ok so ere is a glitch to stand UNDER the bridge its really cool and it works unless the patched it! so first you go to the other side of the bridge opposite of the den store

and wait until you can see the bee hive on the other side then you clicke the beehive and wait until your in under the bridge then you change animals REALLY FAST! if you neeed some hand on hand help gram me and i'll help you as soon as i can!

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Glitch - Animal jam nm artic wolf glitch

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2014

first you recycle one animal next you become a water only animal recycle your other land animal (or one that can go on land) go to land log out log in then there (ps. member ship has to expire to work)

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Code - Muli-color Chemistry Potion

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2014

When you go to Bradly's Lab, click on the chemistry set. Click red, red, red.Then blue, blue, blue. Next, green, green, green. Now, fire, fire, fire.Click on the tube above the fire.You will get an achievement and your tube will change color! Hope you like it! My username an animal jam is ducklife1357. You can buddy me if you want. And I think I am wearing my costume.

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Secret - Rainbow poton

by Unregistered Jul 18, 2014

1. go to Dr.barrs lab

2. play the chemistry set

3. order: green , blue , red. repeat 2 more times

hope it works!!!


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Code - How to get the rainbow potion

by Unregistered Jan 15, 2014

go to zios and go into bradys lab

click the potion set

click red 3 times then click the fire (its under the round cup)

click green 3 times click fire

click blue 3 times

then click bottle

ur done!!!!

peskyphantomsinprisoned phantoms
drawing500 gems
chimbu500 gems
geckogecko plushie (might not work)
explorer1,000 gems
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Code - Secret Rainbow Potion

by Unregistered Jul 10, 2013

Hey guys its me, penguin98789. So the Secret Rainbow Potion cheat all ready on here doesn't work anymore so i though i would show you they way to do it now.

  1. Click blue three times
  2. Repeat step 1 with other the colors
  3. After that click the fire three times

And BOOM there you have it! Btw most people mess this up so don't yell at my just try and be more careful if it didn't work for you, k.

Please no trash talk or bad comments, thank you and be sure to buddy me! ^_^ :)

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Code - Egg hunt

by crownmecoolcats Mar 29, 2013

Ok there are only 7 places on aj i know and you have to find 8 eggs. One is close to corel crayons go to the lake there pass it then go to the corel crayon path and look at the top of the rock and you can find one of the eggs! You can get a birds nest if you find all the eggs! I found all of them. Trust me.

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Code - Whirlpool Secret

by Unregistered Jan 22, 2013

Okay, this is really simple.

  1. Go to the Atlantis party
  2. Go to a place where bubbles are going in a circle
  3. center yourself in the middle
  4. click "swirl" in the actions tab

Boom, a whirlpool should appear, if not, try getting in the center more and making sure you hit "swirl"

Thanks, my username is penguin98789. And PLEASE no bad comments. Comment in capitals (all) if you don't like this.

p.s. You HAVE to have a water animal to a attend the Atlantis party.

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Code - Rainbow Potion

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2013

Go to Brady Barr lab and click on the potion game click 3 red 3 green and 3 blue then click on the fire 3 times then click go and there u have it the rainbow potion.

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